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  1. To be honest, while a tough decision, I suspect the league could’ve just extended the play off spots by 2 places... then played that out at a point in the future. But as some have said, could they really complete these games given what is going on, unless we get CVID cases and deaths down massively I can’t see it happening until end July earliest Do miss the buzz of the VALE VTID x
  2. I can see us upsetting their form today 1-0 to the Vale!
  3. 2 points dropped - I said it against Walsall after the 1st 20 minutes the team looked leggy! We win when we play pressing football for 75/80 mins, we don’t when we sit back and let them play. If Askey watch’s that game again, he’ll see it. Amoo needs a kick up that backside, such a lazy player. I thought Joyce was excellent yesterday, he was deservedly motm for me. Manny shouldn’t be anywhere near the team at present - he’s miles off the pace, we may as well play with 10 men, he’s barely been involved in the 2 cameo appearances. I agree with others on here, Jake T is a must before Manny surely!!!???? A play off place is in our hands!
  4. Attendance: 6,301 (2,307 away) today, what an effort!
  5. Even game, could’ve gone either way. The lads were flat out, lacked energy in the second half. Pope maybe should’ve come on much early, he occupied there centres half much better, before Pope entered the fray, they started most from the back 2. I think if we’d have gone out and out 442 earlier on in the 2nd half I think we’d have done better. When Manny came on, I don’t think he touched the ball for nearly 10 mins and you could see he was a country mile off the pace, both in his play and slowness decision making - more to come from him but good to see him get some game time. Next time out I’d bring Taylor back into the team, drop Browne (who looked short of fitness today!) I wonder how early the team got to the ground, because I thought a lot of the team looked really leggy. 2 defeats in 15 games in the league, that is class form and a massive improvement, 4 points out of the next 2 would be amazing.
  6. Their ground has a capacity of 11.300 and vale will be 2.200 quality that!
  7. It’ll sell out this one... only 300 left as at the start of today... more time tomorrow as well
  8. Gutted this one, old man went up to get 5 for our group.... sold out and getting no more, we are going to get in the home end. Madness they won’t/haven’t given us more... maybe the club could comment on this... maybe Walsall will, but we pay for what we don’t sell????
  9. Top class all round, going into the business end full of confidence and beating teams around us with relative ease, you can’t ask for anymore. You can see the hunger to get the ball back all over the pitch, no one wants to lose, we’ve got the but between our teeth and they all want it! UTV, play off bound
  10. Thought the same, but I then looked at L1 and in particular championship attendances and some were very poor, so ours didn’t look that bad. Hull just over 10k for example Wycombe 3.6k
  11. We’d be well in the play offs by now if we could hold a lead for the final 5 minutes of a game Positive signs again, they’ve got to follow this up! Next 2 games are going to be very interesting
  12. Jake Taylor aside, our lack of Jan transfer dealings have been deafening. For me, we are so close this season, they (and the manager) should be investing, instead we seem to be sitting tight, when looking around us most other teams are investing. Who’s to say we’ll get as close as this next season? You have to take your chances, don’t you? It’s a difficult one, but when we start talking up the playoffs (players and manager) and then nothing happens.... you’ve got to expect criticism.
  13. Sds dire form from Askey to set up like he did.... did they not have Morecambe watched?
  14. The lad scored again yesterday - get ironside in. Suspect they’d take an offer
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