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  1. 9 left behind the goal when I called at 5pm tonight! Behind the goal only.... looking forward to this one
  2. You’ll be eating those words after tonight’s showing
  3. Best footballing performance I’ve seen for a long time! Deserved win. Pope is going to have to put in some performance to shift Bennett from playing up top, excellent display. Worrall - what a performance never stopped running, if we had another 3 of him in the midfield!!!!
  4. Lack of concentration and organisation, too many players switching off towards the end of the half and full time. You should never feel relaxed unless your sat in the dressing room! For me I think our midfield is way to negative, they don’t use the ball positively enough, but having said that when your playing 1 up top, people have to make forward runs off the ball and that includes the midfield 5. Just hope we can set up positively tomorrow and collect 3 points, we can’t keep drawing, whilst we might be picking up points.... we may as well win and lose a couple.... same position points wise, but clearly no losing and being solid builds confidence and a platform to kick on..... really hope we can kick on!
  5. Your initially post was bang on the money for me, people have to be prepared and granted they weren’t really, you have to ask why the broader team weren’t preparing, maybe they were but just couldn’t make headway - but DV is right selling season tickets early to those who’ve lost the love, need a reason to get off their seats and seeing a new owner and players with very little league experience is not enough for some who want something to shout about on the pitch... at present that has not happened, maybe they might think about extending the deadline? Oh and sign some decent players
  6. Dull as dish water is this close season... we’ll be playing Kidsgrove with the U16’s team at this rate
  7. I find it odd that this season beyond Lloyd, we are being linked with NO players at all....
  8. Shitatrade trophy - needs to be flushed down the loo
  9. [emoji1319]🥇
  10. There is more than one person who works at the club, are you lot seriously thinking that Smurf is sat there saying no, no, no.... come off it!
  11. Happy clappers brigade on this thread
  12. It’s not just this season, it’s every season, we all know it!
  13. Agreed he was miles better, as was conlan, Worrell, Legge, Smith, Manny.... just about everyone bar Brown! We’ve all seen the Clarke interview, they DID NOT want to play for Aspin, that simple.
  14. I have to say on this topic, someone at the club needs an absolute rocket up their.... every single season for as long as I can remember they’ve always got excuses!!! They know from the start of the season we need a new bloody kit for the next one and it’s always late!!! Shops plan for the next Xmas, straight after the current one.... sorry folks no Xmas trees this year Barbara missed our order in January, so we won’t have them until March.... It’s a loads of balls and so frustrating, the club is always so dis-organised in that department, think of the May and June birthdays they are missing out on.... not to mention Father’s Day!!! They need to get a grip - happy to take it all back if it lands before June 16th!
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