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  1. We’d be well in the play offs by now if we could hold a lead for the final 5 minutes of a game Positive signs again, they’ve got to follow this up! Next 2 games are going to be very interesting
  2. Jake Taylor aside, our lack of Jan transfer dealings have been deafening. For me, we are so close this season, they (and the manager) should be investing, instead we seem to be sitting tight, when looking around us most other teams are investing. Who’s to say we’ll get as close as this next season? You have to take your chances, don’t you? It’s a difficult one, but when we start talking up the playoffs (players and manager) and then nothing happens.... you’ve got to expect criticism.
  3. Sds dire form from Askey to set up like he did.... did they not have Morecambe watched?
  4. The lad scored again yesterday - get ironside in. Suspect they’d take an offer
  5. Don’t disagree at all, thought Macc, for all their troubles played some excellent football, wouldn’t mind seeing a few of their players in our squad
  6. Completely agree think he’s be a very good addition, he gave them a very hard time... and also looks in the mould of a Tom Pope.
  7. We all need to start to believe we can cause an upset here!!! the talk of ‘keeping the score down’ and ‘it’ll be a great occasion regardless of the result’ are doing my Nut... Think Spurs, think Everton - we have to believe we can, the players need to believe they can... if we don’t we’ll be another Rochdale, I can’t see that happening. Genuinely I really think City will fear is, they’ve been on a bad run of form for them, a big bad run of form.. they are miles away from the prem title race this season, if Pep was to lose against us, as daft as this might sound, he could be fearing for his job! Up the vale, take a 1-1 draw and batter them 1-0 at a packed Vale park!
  8. Bennett was utter garbage, our lack of goals from our so called strikers is a big worry for me, positive that they are coming from other players within the squad, but if only we busted a gut to bring in a great centre forward, as they say... a good striker will win you games.... At the moment ours are not doing that as much as we need then too. The points dropped is something to be looked at, we can’t keep going to sleep during periods of a game or towards the very end of the game, it’s unacceptable and had the mentality and energy/desire been better, we’d be well inside the top 7. Someone on P&G said it... we seem to play to the opposition, meaning we get up for the ‘better’ teams and it’s true... like we have something to prove, that needs to be harnessed for the ‘lesser’ teams. Macc were good for a point today, they had some tidy players, I thought their number 9 looked a decent player, scored a good goals and gave as good as he got from smith all game... he’d do well in our side. Man City here we come, let’s hope they turn up for that one in the same way we have done against the top 7 in this league
  9. Everyone is playing for a place in ten squad for the Man City game, let’s hope the effort continues into the Macc game otherwise it will make this Swindon win (as good as it is) seem not that important. They could really kick in here and go into 2020 with some real momentum for the Top 7 places.
  10. 9 left behind the goal when I called at 5pm tonight! Behind the goal only.... looking forward to this one
  11. You’ll be eating those words after tonight’s showing
  12. Best footballing performance I’ve seen for a long time! Deserved win. Pope is going to have to put in some performance to shift Bennett from playing up top, excellent display. Worrall - what a performance never stopped running, if we had another 3 of him in the midfield!!!!
  13. Lack of concentration and organisation, too many players switching off towards the end of the half and full time. You should never feel relaxed unless your sat in the dressing room! For me I think our midfield is way to negative, they don’t use the ball positively enough, but having said that when your playing 1 up top, people have to make forward runs off the ball and that includes the midfield 5. Just hope we can set up positively tomorrow and collect 3 points, we can’t keep drawing, whilst we might be picking up points.... we may as well win and lose a couple.... same position points wise, but clearly no losing and being solid builds confidence and a platform to kick on..... really hope we can kick on!
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