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  1. Jump on the train at Crewe, less than £50 return including your tube tickets, gives you plenty of pub options then around London
  2. £50 open return, including your tube tickets 🥳
  3. Completely agree with this, be great to pack out the park with just 10% of their fans and the rest Vale!!!
  4. For the home tie, why couldn’t we give them the current/open section of the Lorne street and let Vale fans have the hamil end???
  5. So excited…. Come on the lads! 110%, let’s smash this one today!
  6. Gate of near on 11k…. Suspect they’re maybe a few Vale making up the welsh numbers
  7. All in our own hands now, we can do it! Monday is our biggest game in years!!!
  8. Does not make sense, be good for the club to a) clarify the current capacity and b) count absent season ticket holders like every other club
  9. Don’t play players that have niggles, need people to 100% honest that they are 100% fit, the last few games and there are too many that just don’t look at the races….. Is it fitness? It is mindset? Do they not have the steel for the big games? Too concerned about losing? Some playing out their contracts and now not wanting to get injured? Who knows…. But something has to change, not just for the next 2 games, but we need momentum going into any likely play off battle. We need to tighten our shape when we don’t have the ball, it’s too easy for teams to cross a ball, knock the ball around the back 3/5…. We have to be hungry to stop a team getting into the final 3rd and all over the pitch! Where’s the rally cry, where’s the heart? Come on…. UTV
  10. Too many players playing through injury and shouldn’t be playing
  11. Won and lost in the middle of the park, we were dreadful, too many passive players for much of the game…. I also thought we played way to many big punts of the ball from the goalkeeper and we gave possession of the ball away too quickly as a result. 3 games to go, it’s all in our hands what more could you ask for, you’d much prefer to be us knowing we have it in our hands, than he 2 points away from 3rd place, knowing you need someone to slip up. Onwards and upwards - UTV
  12. Bang on and love the 1st few lines of this post!
  13. Looking for a Salford ticket if anyone has one! Thanks in advance!
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