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  1. I know that, think my frustration was that we looked like we’d just rocked up with zero game plan. JA should’ve swapped Cullen and Rodney early doors or gave the team a right Rocket to play into Cullens feet, he’s at his best when he can bring players into the forward play and spin off. We had plenty of rest before today’s game and we just did not look like we were at the races today. Clean sheet and a point and we go again. The positive is... those that played below par will be dropped in favour of the broader squad.
  2. Thought our overall play today was poor, too many long balls, up and unders, too many players had a very poor 1st touch, there were a few players who lacked energy today. One shining light again was Rodney when we went up to the middle of the front 3, Manny is a class act and he’s only going to get better as he gets fitter. LB and RB didn’t really get forward and I thought that stifled/isolated Rodney and Worrell for much of the game. Joyce was absent for the last 30 mins before he was subbed. Browns distribution could’ve been better, he contributed to the long ball game. Cullen looked lik
  3. This is an interesting one to keep and eye on... https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/league-two/
  4. Terrible again last night wasted 15 mins watching the loading circled arrow of doom!!
  5. Good overall performance from a completely changed team from the weekend. Pros: Manny getting a good 70 mins - played very well... Visser another solid performance - needs to work on his distribution and decision making when the ball is played back to him Thought Mckirdy showed great pace and desire... that cross for the goal! [emoji1319][emoji1319] We looked generally like we had the game up to 70th minute, Vales changes turned the game in their favour, we really need to make sure players warn up effectively before coming on! Cons: The subs coming on at game pace, I thought Askey should
  6. No Manny again... has the lad left the club... does anyone know what’s up with him?
  7. Underwhelming to say the least...
  8. I think you’re partly wrong, that’s what football is all about. He’s 33, this will likely be maybe his last contract, so he’s got to look after himself and family. At the end of the day, if you were offered a similar job from 2 companies... 1 offering more money... the temptation would be fairly favoured to the 1 paying you more and if you could you play the game of bat and ball to get as much as you could. That’s life! He’d be a great signing and I think we’ll do way better than Mansfield, their issue is buying big name players and forgetting about togetherness and spirit to win as one. Va
  9. Give him a 2-3 year deal! And a free weekly oatcake delivery
  10. Against Walsall away I thought Browne was excellent and Amoo needs to up his game to play consistently this season. I think Browne’s work rate will count for more thank Amoo might think
  11. Club are doing them £9.99
  12. Great strip, popped up to get my lad both the home and keeper top, he’s over the moon with them. I also popped into the stadium to see the seats! OMG, what an amazing job to see, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, they are definitely leaving a legacy at the club, Carol and Clare welcomed me into the stadium, talked about what was going on, the shop was very busy midday!!! It must be one of the best selling kits so far and great to see so much stock... remember the days where standard sizes would run out with days.... Massive thanks to all at the club, we are going places!
  13. Away at Walsall thought he was class tbh
  14. I think we’d easily fill that, if it was indeed the case. First proper game back is going to a significant crowd me thinks, although that’s like to be season after next if you ask me.... unless the government insist on masks...
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