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  1. Good move for both parties, wish him all the very best, couple of years security with a good contract, top draw player on his day and a great bloke!
  2. Too many passengers yet again, gutless performance... living in hope that Tom pope comes back into the side soon, to breed some true Vale fan fight into some of those spineless players. I really can’t believe that they can play like that, they are playing got their livelihoods and no player surely wants a ‘relegation to non-league’ on their CV? I wouldn’t pay any of them after yesterday. Why is the captain of the club, not playing his guts out? He was given the armband for the way he plays.... simply looks like he’s going through the motions, does not deserve the armband at present! Get
  3. Much more endeavour tonight in the sense of having more of the ball, more effort, but all it did for me was heighten the fact that our forward line is absolutely dross - Guthrie, Robinson, swan to a degree... but at least the lad has scored. Other than the Conlan shot at the very end, I can’t remember their keeper making a decent save? Shocking really!
  4. Browns good at coming off his line, he showed that yesterday... but was then like a rabbit or the headlights of a robin reliant....
  5. Did anyone see Guthrie or Robinson yesterday? I’ve watched the highlights back... hoping I’d get a glimpse of their striking prowess, not a jot! Defending (defenders) aside for a second, our desire from front to the midfield is woeful!!! Look at Joyce and taylor just before the cross comes in for the 2nd goal, then look at both of them for the 3rd goal..... I pick these pair out but they are all the same, there’s a complete lack of desire from players to stick with their man and/or get out to the ball and take some responsibility! They are all feeing very sorry for themselves and passing th
  6. For me there are too many excuses been thrown out by the club... injuries, just not dropping for us, better quality in the final 3rd, giving the effort blah blah blah Fact is we keep conceding, players are not working hard enough defensively to block crosses, to pick up men on attacking throw ins, to get out on the 25-30 yard mark to close down more quickly, stop teams playing We are utterly deluded at the moment, not enough all over the pitch! Never mind the final 3rd.... But let’s talk about the final 3rd... what has Guthrie and Robinson offered, they are both atrocious, they are striker
  7. Has Guthrie had another shot, other than the 1 on 1 game before last? Awful stuff... Robinson what has he offered... never noticed he played against Salford that’s how bad is was
  8. Free fall? It’s not looking anymore positive.... absolutely zero cutting edge again...
  9. Anyone fancy watching paint dry? Would be much better than the last 2 uneventful performances going forward
  10. Sounds great that we have a longer term plan, let’s see where it goes! We were all spitting when we thought we’d missed out on Flitcroft because we supposedly ‘couldn’t afford him’ He’s now got a key role at the club and some are spitting feathers.... can never win. I like the ambition of the talk track about being a Championship club.
  11. Hardly has what you would call a successful managerial career. If it were to be him, it shows a lack of ambition for me, the most important position at the club
  12. On the subject of desire - Where has the desire to defend everything gone? For all 3 of their goals and their countless attack, how slow were we to get out and close and man down and out marking was utterly rubbish.... It’s no wonder we keep conceding when you have a team of players that think it’s ok to jog out to close a player down, think it’s ok to stand back and let them run at you... or think it’s ok to try and defend a ball from 3 yards off your man! It’s shambolic!!!! But desire starts from all parts of the pitch, from the 1st 10 mins I thought the front 3 + Conlon closed down rea
  13. Personally I thought he put more crosses in than devante when he came on and had a lot more desire than a few on that pitch yesterday
  14. I can’t recall him having a shot on goal in any/many games... his only effort today, was a weak header
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