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    But Labour klaxon going off a lot on this thread too now I have voted labour the last 3 elections. I believe in helping out those less fortunate and making sure everyone succeeds. First thing we agree on I think LV
  2. Its not me saying it its there in black and white. Why do you have a problem with evidence?
  3. Boris Johnson popularity & fame | YouGov YOUGOV.CO.UK Not quite. Farage is even less popular than Boris. Hardly the man of the people you make him out to be 😂
  4. So 76% do not like him then.
  5. Why don't you ask Packmoor? They joined just after Sunny left, they both use the same grammar and have the same political views.
  6. WV


    On one hand you have got the head of the UK health service telling me that it is too early to know for sure how this is going to play out and on the other Ive got LeedsValiant telling me it's all going to be ok. How do I know who to believe?
  7. That is obvious to most but some just dig their heels in because they cannot handle being wrong. Anyone trying to argue that Brexit is an overwhelming success needs their bonce looking at.
  8. Many people voting in those elections? Humiliated? How many votes Jimmy lad?
  9. Quick change of subject. Deflection tactics as usual. Never a bad word said about your precious brexit boys. Shows you up
  10. Absolutely right. Same goes for those who constantly shouting about how masks don't work etc, get vaccinated and get your mask on and shut up. It isn't rocket science. If you choose not to then fine, don't spend all your spare time trying to persuade people to do the same based on pseudoscience and facebook epidemiologists. Don't tell me it is all SAGE's doing or Whitty when the rest of Europe is looking the same. Does Whitty tell France, Germany and Holland what to do as well? Get vaccinated people. It is the quickest way out.
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    I've not been to many meetings where the bosses wife and kid sit at the table. No laptops, no notepads, no pens or anything for taking notes. Yeah definitely a work meeting that one.
  12. Link doesn't work. Are we calling wetherspoons workers liars now then too? As I stated just before, there are plenty of reasons to dislike him without focusing too much on brexit. Aggressively squeezing small independent pubs out of every town centre, same with sizzlers and Greene King. Breaking electoral law by filling wetherspoons magazine with a pro brexit bias. Threatened to not pay staff before furlough Held a Brexit debate at spoons in Manc and kicked out anyone who didn't agree with brexit McDonalds of the pub world is the best description I have read on Spoons. Look up his business practices if you want to google any more about him!
  13. You love assumptions. We are talking about Wetherspoons not other companies. I haven't seen anywhere where it says the video message didn't happen. 43000 staff it went out to. I never said I didn't mean it. I said it wasn't because he was a millionaire, I have no problem with wealth creation. I do have issues with people who exploit others with low paying jobs and threatening to not pay people when they have the means to do so themselves. I will leave my mouth open for your next lot of words to put into it.
  14. You do love to put words into my mouth. No, because I said one guy was a scumbag doesn't mean that I think every millionaire is a scumbag
  15. Telling his furloughed workers via video message that the supermarkets were hiring and telling his staff that furlough pay would be slow and to hang in there, after turning over hundreds of millions in profit previously...for one.
  16. No not at all, of course not. Bit of a leap there! There are many reasons for Tim Martin being a scumbag without bringing Brexit into it but I guess because he voted Brexit he is your hero?
  17. The red wall turned blue because of false promises of delivering a Brexit of some sort. You know this. Pandemic or no pandemic things have gotten steadily worse in terms of pay, jobs, taxes and a lot more since 2010. Not everything can be blamed on the pandemic.
  18. Wetherspoons is proper council with a scumbag owner. Why would anyone drink there?
  19. It has changed though, that is the point you are blind to. Life for the working man has got progessively worse every year of this tory government
  20. WV


    It is a bit early to be wrong already today isn't it? The post from Eh up Nah has been removed, it was one of the more disgusting posts on this thread and was very personal abuse. I think you are right it wasn't insinuating the point it was a solid accusation that me, Fosse and Tommy Tunstall would be happy people are dying of or with (Seems important these days) cancer
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