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  1. It’s easy to brush it off as no big deal when you’ve never been affected by homophobia. Especially if one lacks empathy. Your comments on this thread are no surprise to me.
  2. We judging people on how they dress now? Proper daily mail reader aren’t ya
  3. I love armchair clinical psychologists. I know his history on the pitch but have known him off the pitch for about 8 years too. But you were the one who mentioned demons based on ESPN lol. What the <ovf censored> you going on about?
  4. I’ll let him know you’ve psychologically analysed him from off the tele across the pond. Jesus.
  5. The lack of empathy in general in society is shocking. That’s what a decade of Tory rule will get you.
  6. I do actually know him though. His on pitch personality is quite different to his off pitch one. Still be giving it to him Thursday night though he knows that!
  7. Me neither. I don’t think many would now either. The bloke is a tool.
  8. Who was the kid we lost to Man City?
  9. From what I know of him he seems to have grown up a bit finally and is training harder than ever. A bit like when Pope did a proper pre season that didn’t involve drinking 6 cans every night and smoking outside the sneyd arms. Look what happened to him that year. I find the vitriol for McKirdy petty especially from a fan base who cheered on Lee Hughes and Gary Roberts not that long ago.
  10. You do realise the other team is trying to win as well don’t you?
  11. 5 out of 6? 6 games ago we beat Hartlepool. since then we have played two teams that have gone up automatically, the highest scoring team in the league away and a team we never beat who wanted to beat us for their cup final and for taking their gaffer off them. To say we bottled it is not fair.
  12. Came here through Golf club connections. Through John Rudge
  13. Were you expecting us to control the game away at Swindon who play possession football?
  14. Grown men calling him McTurdy is embarrassing.
  15. I have the one from the LDV win at home somewhere.
  16. Most nervous I have felt as a Vale fan.
  17. Come on Vale hold on to this point
  18. McKirdy scores again. Crap he is
  19. Players with 10 years service like every other club? Players who don't get paid to slag us off in the paper?
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