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  1. Transfer announcement incoming on twitter!
  2. Then why sign them? I guess that's the difference between then and now. Askey signed squad filler and prayed the old guard brought in by Aspin could still do the business. DC/DF are constantly looking to improve the starting 11.
  3. Fair play to him, he'll be comfortably good enough for that level. It's a shame in a way for players like him, Evans, Kennedy. They were hopeless but it was Askey's fault for throwing them in the deep end and convincing us and them they were L2 players.
  4. This Hall rumour looks like it has legs. I know nothing about him in fairness but hopefully he's more mobile than Martin
  5. I was thinking that when listening he must be on about another mbuemo cause he's been playing very regularly
  6. We might actually get the first half decent corner delivery in 10 years.
  7. Surely he's due a loan move this window.
  8. To think when we hired DF way back when people thought that DoF's were ridiculous at League 2 and Carol was having the wool pulled over her eyes.
  9. Is Woz out of contract in the summer? Maybe it's also an insurance against Gibbo/Worrall/Both leaving on a free in the summer.
  10. He's an alright backup, but I agree with Joe, if we want to have a good go in the second half of the season we need a gamechanger off the bench. Whether that's Worrall or Hussey.
  11. The thought of us swapping Hussey/Worrall over at 60 minutes would have opposing fullbacks shaking in their boots.
  12. Fair point, I guess its just a question of keeping everyone happy when they're all fit. Interesting to see if Benning ships out this month, we must be shelling out a fair chunk of the budget on those 3/4.
  13. I would be absolutely gobsmacked if we brought in another keeper.
  14. I like this, agree that Jones is the most dropable of the three. Can't see us changing formation at this stage. It does strike me as strange however if this is what we do, you've got someone who's played his whole career (and all of this season) at LWB. We bring him in and change his position. Maybe age is catching up with him and he's happy enough dropping back, however he's still performing at LWB in the league above, why would we want to mess about with that.
  15. I mean I have no more inside info than the next man, but the Cheltenham reporter who broke the original story is now saying its all but done and will be confirmed this week. So, maybe it is premature, but it looks 95% of the way done.
  16. As fantastic a signing/player Hussey may be, I just don't understand how we get him into this team at the minute. You're either dropping Gibbo, Worrall or maybe Jones if he's thinking of putting him at LCB. They've arguably been 3 of our best players this year. If you don't do that then you're potentially changing formation, but 3-5-2 got us to 2nd in the league before the covid break. Unless there's pieces moving behind the scenes we aren't aware of (gibbo leaving for example). It strikes me as a peculiar but positive signing.
  17. I got there at 2.40 and was stood on hamil road in a huge queue that seemed to move at glacial pace. Really not good enough if we want to grow the club. Luckily the people in front of me sent someone ahead and noticed the tiny queue at the season ticket turnstile so I managed to get in on time.
  18. What a legend Harratt comes across as in that interview.
  19. Pretty gutted your leaving Stu!
  20. Covolan, Smith, Gibbo, Worrall, Pett & Conlon I think could play L1 comfortably. Potentially add Cass and Wilson to that list, and Hussey if he signs.
  21. The Dean Campbell link is a strange one. Our center midfield is pretty stacked with good players (Garrity, Walker, Pett, Taylor, Conlon). Looks an exciting prospect if he is to come in. I wonder if there could be movement outwards with Taylor, Burgess or (god forbid) Conlon.
  22. This guys usually pretty spot on when it comes it twitter rumours
  23. Agree with Joe. To sign a player for nothing, hardly play him and sell him for a profit is absolutely miraculous. All credit to Flitcroft. Good luck Ryan, won't lose any sleep about him leaving as he's looked hopeless everytime I've seen him play.
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