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  1. Spending 6 figures on a striker doesn't sit right with what the process is trying to achieve, considering the interview DC gave to the national newspapers saying they won't be paying anyone more than 1.8k. Telford/Beesley/whoever will want more than that if we're splashing out on them.
  2. Interesting from twitter, but why would he need to extend a loan that already goes to the end of the year? And why would we need an option to buy when he's already out of contract?
  3. I think someone posted above that he's got 2years left on his contract.
  4. Looks a better option than Lloyd on paper, but injured with Aberdeen and sent back in Jan, relegated with Northampton last year, sent back by Fleetwood this year. Still, the process hasn't been wrong on many of these signings so far this year, welcome Ryan.
  5. He was central to everything that was good about us last night. Led the press, scored the goals, never gave their defence a seconds peace.
  6. We're in for a rough ride till January now. Hopeless in the second half till the sending off. Ben Garrity's fan club officially has a new member, dragged us through that second half then.
  7. Silver medal ain't too bad I guess lads
  8. Proctor coming on was a desperate roll of the dice that's failed miserably. Thought we were poor today but they were shockingly bad. Johnson surprised me in a good way, hopefully he's turned a corner now after a shaky start. Garrity and Gibbo also good.
  9. Rodney and Martin out, politic/Lloyd and Smith in. I'd also be tempted to swap Garrity out for Taylor.
  10. Pathetic performance, but we can't win every game. Scary how reliant we seem to be on Smith now, if he gets injured I dread to think.
  11. Sproson probably just upset he can't get the current manager to dance to his tune.
  12. Looks as if the club have given up on the new twitter before it started. Vale went out of the staff senior Cup to Eccleshall as reported by Mike Baggerley in the sentinel. Also, one of our summer junior recruits, Josh Nunes, appears to have joined Sutton academy (not sure if it's permanent but seems likely).
  13. Garrity should be dropped for this one I reckon, we've perceived with him for a while now but since he won his award in September his performances have been no where near. Time to give Walker/Taylor a run of games. (cue him scoring two and making me look a plonker)
  14. James Plant is the name that seems to stand out from both of these games. Scored both last night and by all accounts was MoM against Smallsall
  15. It must be really difficult for RZ/Pops/ValePopey the last few months. Do they cheer when we score? When Daz got manager of the month it must have been a real tough time in their households.
  16. I haven't felt this positive about the club in 25 years I've been a supporter. UTFV
  17. He was given an extension to his youth scholarship at the end of last year as he was injured all year. Maybe he's injured again? There seemed to be quite a few missing (Agho, John Clarke, Ben Sangare, Josh Nunes, Taz Chibaya) maybe there is an age restriction on the competion and these lads are too old?
  18. Pope at man city has to be in the conversation. Honourable mention for O'Conners first goal for the club vs Cardiff - I can still remember thinking "surely he's not going to hit it from there"
  19. Pretty sure someone from the club has read this thread, as there is now an academy twitter account @pvfcacademy
  20. Good idea Rob, just something as simple as a match report on the vale twitter. Teams, subs, scorers etc just so we get an idea of who's playing well, who's looking likely to break through.
  21. That great, never realised it was there. Unfortunately I don't live in the UK so I have very limited access to programs,outside of the odd visit to Vale Park when I'm back.
  22. Does anyone know if there's a way of following how the u21s are getting on? I see a lot of post by the players themselves, but I can't seem to find who they are playing, how they went on etc. It's a shame the club don't run an academy twitter account similar to other clubs.
  23. An utter flogging and should have been 5 or 6. I was listening to the Not the top twenty podcast this morning and they tipped us to win, saying "I'm not sure who the second best team in league two is yet, Its probably Swindon but it could be vale" well I hope this weekend clarifies the point for them [emoji16]
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