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Carlisle Away - Travel 21/8

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Just putting this out there in case anybody may be able to help (will move it to travel section/delete after, just wanted to get as much attention as possible first). I want to go to Carlisle away next Tues but chances are I'll only be able to finish work at 3 (at best), so getting to any of the coaches in time is very unlikely. Trains aren't really an option either due to prices/timings.


Wondering if anyone going would be able to offer a lift there/back, I'm happy to pay for the favour. I guess coaches would be around £15 so I'd gladly pay that. Won't be too much trouble, promise! :smile:


If anything comes up in the meantime I'll delete the post!

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Ask Paul Dicko Dickinson on Facebook mate. (He doesn't come on here), as they'll run a minibus from the Crown and may be a time to suit.


Yeah I'll check with him, think they usually still go pretty early as we did Morecambe in a minibus last year but I'll ask anyway, cheers.

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