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  1. Yeah sorry, agree with FM, yeah Brown has been pretty awful recently, but goes both ways too...defending has been terrible all season, how can you expect him to have any confidence in what's in front of him? He was absolute garbage today (albeit on a terrible pitch & that 3rd happens to every keeper at some point), but I'd say on the face of it there's been plenty of that happening in front of him week after week. Also who are we dropping him for if Visser is apparently out?
  2. So embarrassing & cringeworthy, my god. Sounds like some deranged drunken ramblings, reminiscent of our former.
  3. According to a few fans on FB (in the press too it seems), they'll play the first 3 home games or so at the Keepmoat, their pitch won't be done until mid-Oct.
  4. If we carry on playing well & they're still in that position by new year, I wouldn't be too upset about getting them 3rd round if we're still in it. I wouldn't really want any from their squad (although Gregory was decent for Millwall).
  5. Not a bad shout that, I've never been to Forest either. Might be out of luck though, doubt they'll last until the final day at this rate.
  6. Already turned it down few weeks ago apparently. Pulis said he wouldn't entertain the idea or talk about it whilst they still have a manager around the same time too. Not exactly a no, & now Jones is gone, maybe he will think about it.
  7. Shame he's MIA, I wonder who the new agent will be...
  8. I did enjoy the mention of their 'false position'. I mean, he's right, but we'll have to wait until May for confirmation of their true position back in League 1.
  9. Absolute gold, yet again. Even I was shocked to see the press conference. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49921189
  10. Don't see why anyone is irritated by the numbers given, it's been like that for a long time with many clubs. It's clear to see hardly anyone was there when you see the game on TV anyway, & it's not that difficult to guess relatively accurate figures each week once you're in the ground, we manage it ourselves most weeks at Vale. It's even more of an indication how bad they actually are anyway, the amount of tickets sold but going unused.
  11. As much as I love to see their current demise, that comment about them playing rugby is awfully outdated & belongs on a message board somewhere in 2009~. I don't believe their current squad is capable of playing any sport, never mind a style of football.
  12. Didn't realise this thread was still going! Just started listening to Nella Vita, new album by Grayscale, who I'm currently obsessed with.
  13. Shame they don't play Luton for a few months, would have been hilarious to see Jones' side get beaten by a mediocre Championship team he helped assemble. Unfortunately, chances are he won't be there by the time Stoke do play them.
  14. Also Rob, have been sorting through the video collection at home & do have the ones I was talking about previously, we were planning on getting them converted to DVD soon so if you wanted to lend them it's no problem.
  15. I've got quite a few VHS somewhere that were a collection of mine/grandmother's, she used to record them some well, got probably 4 or 5 seasons worth of goals of the season from early-mid 90s, the Stoke VHS which shows 10 of our derbies, also 4 or 5 full games, including the Everton FAC home fixture, & my brother was mascot for the 4-4 QPR game so we have that too. I can have a look around if you want Rob? Don't really want to give them away but if you're just uploading that's fine.
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