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  1. Can't stand ours, wish we'd get rid. Personally like the Welsh one, the ending is great to get atmosphere going too.
  2. So embarrassing & cringeworthy, my god. Sounds like some deranged drunken ramblings, reminiscent of our former.
  3. Tomo


    Both Olympiakos & Arsenal players/staff all tested negative, not sure how it makes sense to postpone, unless it's a general postponement for the sake of the crowds rather than the clubs themselves travelling with it. If it is for that reason, then surely you'd postpone all games as the risk is the same throughout the country.
  4. Only caught about half of it whilst parents were watching, but seems pretty good. Worth a watch anyway. I would have tried to view it all but I have so much on my list to see it's probably going to take some getting around to & didn't really have time.
  5. Tomo

    Stoke Speedway

    To be honest I'd agree with promotion being poor, I'd never even heard of the place or knew its purpose until the news about it being sold. It's not as if I live under a rock when it comes to reading about sport too.
  6. Didn't realise this thread was still going! Just started listening to Nella Vita, new album by Grayscale, who I'm currently obsessed with.
  7. Also Rob, have been sorting through the video collection at home & do have the ones I was talking about previously, we were planning on getting them converted to DVD soon so if you wanted to lend them it's no problem.
  8. I've got quite a few VHS somewhere that were a collection of mine/grandmother's, she used to record them some well, got probably 4 or 5 seasons worth of goals of the season from early-mid 90s, the Stoke VHS which shows 10 of our derbies, also 4 or 5 full games, including the Everton FAC home fixture, & my brother was mascot for the 4-4 QPR game so we have that too. I can have a look around if you want Rob? Don't really want to give them away but if you're just uploading that's fine.
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