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  1. A bit of a stretch. Our home games: Drew & scored Won & scored 2 Won & scored Won & scored Drew & scored 2 Won & scored 3 Drew & scored Drew 0-0 Won & scored 2 Lost 0-1 Drew & scored Won & scored 2 Drew & scored 2 Pretty good record, & failed to score in 2/13 games. W6, D6, L1. Scored 18 in 13 games so not that bad. We've only failed to score total in 5 out of our 27 games. We've also scored more than some currently in the playoffs, the issue is goals conceded (most in the top 11 teams). Last season scoring was more the problem. It took us until April to get how many goals we currently have.
  2. Due back in training this week according to Askey few days back. Now he's actually had the surgery, I'd give him one last chance, but then if he's injured again any time soon, think we're gonna have to drop him. Can't be carrying players whatever their wage if they aren't in contention long term (for any reason, skill, injury etc). Prior to Worrall getting his place/form back Manny was easily our best midfielder, these days though it'd just be a bonus to have him & I'm not too worried if he doesn't make it back in the side permanently. His position is one of the least concerning in the team right now.
  3. Only caught about half of it whilst parents were watching, but seems pretty good. Worth a watch anyway. I would have tried to view it all but I have so much on my list to see it's probably going to take some getting around to & didn't really have time.
  4. Yeah I imagine it's either something online he's posted, or more likely a technical area/tunnel incident (what happened at Bradford?). Bennett starting with Cullen to come on 2nd half if needed, not too bad still.
  5. Yeah there is that, but it just shows the fine margins of what could have been though, even at this stage. At least we have the entertainment value if not the points in every game, having only failed to score 3 times in 23 games so far. We failed to score in 22 fixtures last season, somehow I don't think we're going to reach that this time around.
  6. Not a bad player at all, got crucified by some fans earlier on in the season for a few of his performances, which I didn't really think was deserved. Every defence needs a decent midfield in front of them to take the pressure off sometimes, & we have been caught slightly lightweight there from time to time. Midfield is recently much more solid though, which gives Monty a lot more opportunity to get forward from the back. No doubt he will struggle at times with injury so we will definitely still need Crookes. LB has been a problem position for us for a while. I personally prefer Monty, but we should definitely be looking for more solid in the summer with him maybe as 2nd choice.
  7. Shame really, as we've also dropped a whopping 16 points from winning positions already: 2 against Colchester (late on 1st half) 2 against Northampton (late on 1st half) 2 against Salford (late on 2nd half) 2 against Orient (late on 2nd half) 2 against Stevenage 3 against Grimsby 3 against Macc Yes I am pretty bored before anyone asks. I guess there's no point really thinking about it now, but cut out 2 or 3 mistakes late on & we're top of the league. Not a bad job by JA at all given you'd expect at least some wobbles after the last few years.
  8. Use this if you ever need, you can find the state of any league table at any previous date: https://www.11v11.com/league-tables/ Last season P18/W6/D4/L8/-5GD, Points 22/16th. This season P18/W7/D7/L4/+1GD, Points 28/8th.
  9. Not sure if cup games are taken into account but they also had Villa at home which was over 7K for them.
  10. I think the argument over the strikers is going to be there all season, & don't think it's worth thinking that much about at the moment. Until one of them sets the world alight (unlikely), there's always going to be this debate. Who cares when we've lost 1 out of 11 & are up against one of the bottom clubs, any should do (should!). Can always switch it up later on like usual, & Cullen could be worth a half I reckon too. We tend to know 10 of the lineup for definite now anyway, let's just hope for a performance from them reflecting the last few away games, rather than some of those at home.
  11. Despite it not being a great away day, I'm pretty excited for it, going but not sure if by train or car yet. Just hope the performance is the kind of the Bradford/Crewe games, rather than the Macc/Oldham ones.
  12. Just gone through them all & I'm pretty much 100% sure. Due to me only supporting since 2001, couldn't recall games against one or two, but checked on 11v11 & we have records against them so yeah, pretty certain it's all of them.
  13. If we carry on playing well & they're still in that position by new year, I wouldn't be too upset about getting them 3rd round if we're still in it. I wouldn't really want any from their squad (although Gregory was decent for Millwall).
  14. Not a bad shout that, I've never been to Forest either. Might be out of luck though, doubt they'll last until the final day at this rate.
  15. Much more reliable using Transfrmarkt or Soccerbase for stats rather than that. Wikipedia is nearly always completely out of date at the worst, or slightly incorrect at best. Until recently it showed Amoo as having played 0 games last season for Cambridge. Aspin correct stats P78 W24 D23 L31 as per Soccerbase, your 31% was correct. Those games figures (draws?) must have been messed up in your previous post if copied from WP maybe. However, stats only show half the story IMO. Surely it's clear for anyone who has been to the majority of games these season that we're a lot better than last season. Few garbage performances/results aside (Stevenage/Macc/Oldham/Grimsby), we look a decent side. Wobbles are to be expected, & given the last few years under NS, people would have to be insane to expect everything to go all smooth straight away & automatic promotion.
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