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  1. Yeah sorry, agree with FM, yeah Brown has been pretty awful recently, but goes both ways too...defending has been terrible all season, how can you expect him to have any confidence in what's in front of him? He was absolute garbage today (albeit on a terrible pitch & that 3rd happens to every keeper at some point), but I'd say on the face of it there's been plenty of that happening in front of him week after week. Also who are we dropping him for if Visser is apparently out?
  2. So embarrassing & cringeworthy, my god. Sounds like some deranged drunken ramblings, reminiscent of our former.
  3. According to a few fans on FB (in the press too it seems), they'll play the first 3 home games or so at the Keepmoat, their pitch won't be done until mid-Oct.
  4. At least 7 or 8 from this lot: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41818849
  5. Off a quick search, it appears that there are at least 15-20 pubs with this name throughout the country (including Bury), strange.
  6. Not really surprised though, if anything it just shows that Askey has no plans to start playing 2 up front, which was kind of obvious anyway, despite people suggesting it all season. 1 place to play for, 2 decent strikers & a back up if needed is plenty at this stage in the season. Imagine we'll get rid of Archer in the summer too.
  7. Tomo

    Leon Legge

    Strange one as between the 4 clubs he's been at, he's played 10 complete (or mostly complete) seasons, 30+ apps etc, plus even 12/13 when he was loaned out he played nearly all of it between his parent club & the loaned (eventually signed to) one. Obviously rated at every club but not stayed anywhere longer than a few years, doesn't look like he ever fell out of favour completely, was just let go/released at end of contracts.
  8. Not complaining at all as I'm happy to wait for 2nd priority, but I just don't think the way they've done it really rewards 'fan loyalty' that much. Given there's thousands of people who bought a ticket for 23 games up front in the summer regardless of how we could have done (& some of these have likely gone to a lot of away games consistently throughout the season, like me), they're instead rewarding those people who are only now deciding to go to the last few away games, knowing that we're doing well. I know it's unavoidable & given no proper system is in place, it's diff
  9. Little disappointed not to get first priority, will have been every single home game & 16(?) away games by the time Plymouth comes around but won't get it as I'm away for Carlisle. Hopefully the group of people that manage all 3 will be quite small though, so should be able to get 2nd. Imagine what they're implementing for next season will take into account all tickets bought etc, if they're going with some sort of points system.
  10. Tomo

    Run In

    There's been constant talk of how our big issue is that we don't score enough, however stats just don't lie & I've never agreed, it simply isn't true. We look (& are) miles better going forward than last season. I think by the start of last month we'd already scored more than last season's total. We're top 4 in the league for games where both teams have scored, & our total shows we clearly can score, just can't outscore the opponent. This is not a purely offensive issue, it's defensive too. We're very much draw merchants, joint highest in the league. Yes, a 20+ a season s
  11. Tomo

    Run In

    Not beyond the realms of possibility. Providing we keep up the performance level, Crewe is the only fixture I'm slightly worried about in terms of a loss. No reason we can't challenge the best home form I've ever seen us in, 03/04 (W15 D6 L2).
  12. It is pretty close for me, both players have been great, but when it comes to playing lower half teams we struggle to break them down sometimes & I think Taylor is one of the few we have that can produce something special out of nowhere. I'm easy with either though, wouldn't bother me to see one or the other on the sheet on Sat.
  13. Gotta be Smith in for me. Move back to our best defence as it's now available. Brown - Gibbo Legge Smith Monty - Taylor Joyce Burgess - Amoo Cullen Worrall Subs - Madison Conlon Brisley Manny Bennett Browne Pope
  14. If we carry on playing well & they're still in that position by new year, I wouldn't be too upset about getting them 3rd round if we're still in it. I wouldn't really want any from their squad (although Gregory was decent for Millwall).
  15. Not a bad shout that, I've never been to Forest either. Might be out of luck though, doubt they'll last until the final day at this rate.
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