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  1. 12 minutes ago, JohnJames said:

    Politic back to Bolton?

    They’re different players, Politic is more of a wide player.  Burgess central.  2016-17 Burgess played 16 games in League 1 so, even if off the bench, he must have something.

  2. Some great suggestions on here but we need something that’ll take off.  The singing is 5h1te.  We’re second and we should be far more vocal at home.

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  3. Full credit to Burgess, he’s obviously impressed the staff so his attitude to the situation he found himself in must have been exemplary.  For me he was good enough but lacked the goal threat of Jake Taylor.

  4. With regards to the Politic v Rodney debate, Politic seemed the obvious choice to come on but if we’re to see the best of Rodney he needs game time.  DC tries to give every player some minutes and Rod had some today.  Politic has been very effective when he’s come on, Rodney less so, but that doesn’t make Rod a bad player.

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  5. 33 minutes ago, Bob Newtonian said:

    Cass is a good prospect who didn’t have his best game today… but he s been great for vale this year. Our problem was Wilson going off it made us use a third sub in s forward position rather than doing our normal switch of bringing Martin’s on for his extra height

    Wilson going off wasn’t ideal but I think the real problem was our lack of quality with the ball, too many soft turnovers. It’s ifs and ands but if Smithy clears that ball into touch there’s no cross coming in to defend.  I’ll repeat what I said earlier that most of their attacks came from a sloppy pass from one of our players.

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  6. There’s some mention of Cass on here who, in my view, is the best ball playing CH in this division, the compromise is he’s not the best defender.  Where else do you see a central defender overlapping your wingback on a regular basis.  Where else do you see your central defender going on surging runs on a regular basis. It’s fantastic to watch.  The flip side is that he needs to be a bit tougher when defending balls in the air and I’m sure as he matures this side of his game will improve.  He should’ve been much tighter to Angol today.  No need to win the ball but just compete to stop the free header.

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  7. Whilst we were miles off being at our best I’d say we had the better chances overall.  Their better chances came from our bad play, frequently giving the ball away, rather than good play on their part.  Our passing today was as bad as I’ve seen it this season.  1-1 was probably just about fair.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Wyke-9 said:

    We are regularly gash correct, but our team reads out that we shouldn't be. At last we finally have got a few of the insane injury list returning to at least give us a few players worthy of L2 on the bench. Eisa is finally fit for Saturday but for how long is anyones guess, he's not played a single minute in the League for us as yet, injury prone Angol also back which is good as he looked very impressive early season, Andy Cook injured is a huge blow obviously. Difficult prediction this one, form wise there's only one winner without doubt, but on paper team wise we have a team that should be more than good enough for this level and should be capable of beating most L2 sides, but we certainly haven't shown this so far, we could whinge about our crazy injuries already this season but all teams get them so it's a case of shut up and get on with it. My prediction/guess is we will somehow win this 2-0

    The beauty of football is that you can be gash and still somehow win a game, we’ve all seen it. Equally, certainly at this level, a team can play great and lose.  If you take your chances and we don’t then you’ll win and vice versa.

    In this particular game our worry seems to be that a perfect storm of circumstances will conspire against us, DC Manager of the Month, TV cameras, former player returning to haunt his old club etc. rather than factors within our control out on the pitch.  So if we do lose, which will be a setback rather than a disaster, it’ll obviously be down to one of the above rather than any great play on the part of the Bantams. 😉

    Let’s hope both teams put on a great display, a showcase for League 2 football. UTV.

  9. This team is nowhere near as free flowing as the team we had back then.  I don’t think you could play that way today, flat out, and because of how the game has changed in the interim it’s virtually impossible to make a comparison, as it is with any era, however certain players from that squad would without doubt easily walk into our current squad, and probably first team, and vice versa.

  10. On 09/11/2021 at 12:24, NellyTheValiant said:

    Appreciate that Ray but it's far better when there's good away support.  Not wanting to restrict clubs from being promoted but it doesn't half annoy me when we have decent clubs with good sized followings getting relegated and replaced with the 'upstarts' like Salford.  You can add Harrogate, Stevenage and Crawley to that list amongst others.

    I think we fans of the traditionally established league clubs better get used to it.  More teams than ever lower down the pyramid have wealthy benefactors.  Of course after our promotion it’ll matter far less. 😉

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  11. 1 hour ago, Doha said:

    I have a mad feeling he's going to start Benning for this game. 


    You cant feel that way if you went to the game last night.  Benning just average, no more than that.  Unless one of either Gibbo or Wozz  aren’t fully fit there’s no way on earth will they not play.

  12. 11 hours ago, NellyTheValiant said:

    Pretty poor effort that and we have them on Boxing Day too and no doubt another poor effort.

    It won’t matter though because if things carry on as they are our Boxing Day crowd will be massive with or without them.  👊🏻UTV 💪🏻

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  13. 2 hours ago, Rudgiesflatcap said:

    Where does the opinion Dazzer isn’t a nice bloke come from?
    I was waiting in the reception at Vale park just after the Bolton game waiting to collect something. 
    DC came walking through and asked if I was being looked after.

    He then went on to spend a good 15. Minutes talking to me about his thoughts on how he wanted the team to play, his ambitions for the club and thanking myself and all the supporters for their brilliant support during the games. 
    He had no reason to do this, I’m just one of the thousands of fans.It was in the morning while the players were passing through for training. He obviously had a busy day ahead preparing for the next game, but he spent his valuable time thanking myself and all the supporters for attending. 
    what’s not to like about him?


    It comes pretty much entirely from his interview technique of cutting off the interviewer mid question, which I must admit I dislike intensely.  Let’s remember that initially DC didn’t exactly get off to a dream start so his saltiness was somewhat more apparent than in more recent times.  Add this to the fact that it was in complete contrast to the previous managers manner which helped people to form an opinion that JC is a nasty man.

    I think most fans have seen and heard enough to know that DC is actually not so bad after all.  I’d guess most couldn’t give a stuff either way as long as we’re successful.

    I think the fact he spent 15 minutes with you says it all really.  If he can’t spend at least half an hour why bother.  Terrible attitude DC.  Shocking in fact.  😂😂😂

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  14. 2 hours ago, PV1973 said:

    Disagree, the balls gone with pace through whoever it was that has slid in in front of the ball and then through gibbos legs, it looks like he tries to close them but not quickly enough. I wouldn’t say he’s just standing there. On another day it hits the lad sliding in or it hits gibbo’s leg. We’re clutching at straws in someone’s performance if they get critisiced for not being able to shut their legs in time when a ball is fired at them 

    It was Taylor trying to close the shot down and we’re not talking about another day are we, this is the match thread from yesterday.  My opinion is that if Gibbo stands still the shot hits him.

    Don’t take it out of context, Gibbo was outstanding in the game as I said in my original post.

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