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  1. 35 minutes ago, valefan16 said:

    Want another win here, momentum counts and another win would keep that going.

    Liverpool have been hammered both their games so far conceding 8 scoring 1 so should get a positive result and progression in this.

    I don’t mind the extra games this brings as we’ve been able to give time to some good players who’ve been unable to get into the league XI at the time.

    Stone in goal

    Martin, Johnson and Legge

    Amos and Benning maybe full backs

    Taylor, Walker and Garrity in the middle

    Lloyd and Politic up front

    3-0 win

    I’d say you’re not far off with that side. Maybe Legge won’t be risked as starter but will come on as a sub though.

  2. 1 hour ago, PV1973 said:

    I thought he was unbelievably good in the second half, could have scored too. One of this best pieces of work was in defending the back post at times and getting clattered in the process.  Although criticising him for the ball going through his legs for their goal is a touch harsh.

    Yes harsh based on his overall performance but fair criticism, watch the replay, if he stands up and watches the ball that shot isn’t going through him as it did.  Perhaps nowadays there’s always a greater fear in a players mind of giving away a penalty for the slightest hint of a handball.

  3. Anybody mentioned Gibbo yet?  After we’d had a tough first half, where he got booked for a crunching tackle, he had their wide right player in his pocket. I can’t remember the guy beating him second half and his composure and execution to pick out Cass for the goal was excellent.  Maybe should’ve blocked the shot for their goal if I’m being critical.  It seemed to go straight through him giving Covolan no chance.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, Hoppers said:

    in fairness, one of the most balanced opposing manager interviews was by Kenny Jackett the other week - what a gent - could see him and Dazzer being best mates, sharing a pint after the game

    Interesting that in his comments before the game Coleman remarked he’d got a lot of time and respect for Clarke. I don’t think he’s such a bad guy, just hurting after the game, and, as others have said, there’s an element of deflecting blame to protect his players.

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  5. 1 minute ago, darren1810 said:

    Pell was like a giraffe on acid. His first dive was absolutely comical, made himself look a right idiot. Then he was clean through on goal, a brilliant piece of defending from either Smith or Jones left him rolling around crying. 

    I've not seen a bloke rolling around so pathetically since .........the bloke at Swindon who Rodders smashed 😂 

    Pell was an embarrassment to Accrington. 

    He’s always been the same when we’ve come up against him.

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  6. I don’t have much of a problem with Coleman’s comments.  In the heat of the moment, having watched his team go from being in complete control to total disarray, most of what he says is understandable coming straight after a 5-1 tonking.  Not every manager will pay respect to the opposition and I though he was getting more wound up as the interview wore on, culminating in his comments about us playing them next season.

    The game itself saw us start poorly, I felt maybe giving them a bit too much respect.  They missed their chances and we made them pay as we grew more into the game and pressed higher up the pitch as time went on.  Second half it looked like we could score almost every time we went up the pitch.

    The lad who got sent off was having a battle with Smith all game and my worry at the time was that both players might have seen red if the liner had seen Smith do something to cause their player to react.  Not sure if their was an elbow but the guys arm was definitely high.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, jjvale_03 said:


    I think the missing piece here is that they'd have to pay those players League 1 wages in order to keep them happy enough to forego a move to a 'bigger' club. Unfortunately for Crewe, they pile so much money into their academy to produce these players that there's not much left in the pot to play proper wages. So, when a Championship club comes and offers these lads 5k/week (or more), Crewe simply aren't inclined to compete on that front, even if doing so would long-term increase the value of their assets and give the club a better chance to reach the Championship. 

    I wonder what Artell thinks of it all. I know we give him lots of stick, but on paper he's done a decent job at Crewe and it must be demoralising having the rug pulled from under you after so much hard work. On one hand, he's never going to get sacked but if he has ambitions to manage higher up the pyramid surely he has to move on at some point?

    In fairness, without knowing the infrastructure down there, the hard work may well already have been done for Artell by those involved in the scouting, youth recruitment, and coaching set up, prior to any prospect being selected for the first team squad.

    Artell may not be hands on with the academy.  No pun intended.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Biddulph_PV said:

    Yes I saw that re Sarcevic, absolutely bonkers. So why would you swap L1 football with a big, well-supported club for non-league?? They must have thrown some serious coin at him.

    Apparently Sarcevic had a big fall out with Evatt according to some Bolton fans.  No idea how true this is but either way I’d guess he won’t be on less money at Stockport than he was at Bolton.

    There was some mention of another, unnamed, player also leaving Trotters.

  9. Full credit to DC and staff today, the change in formation was spot on.  No idea if this was to due to injuries and to accommodate certain players (Politic?), or to counteract the opposition, but it worked a treat.

  10. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but have to say well done again to the organisers of the fanzone.  Absolutely brilliant today with the German beers for the “Oktoberfest”.

    As the weather gets cooler/wetter it’d be nice to see another marquee for cover so that fans can continue to enjoy in their numbers.

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  11. We looked streets ahead of Colchester.  I’m going to put my Carl from Wolstanton negative hat on and say it was far too easy at times today to the point when our showboating almost cost us on a couple of occasions.  Yet another game where we took our foot off the gas second half instead of putting a very poor team to the sword.  Feel free to shoot at my tin hat.

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  12. Still way too early to form a solid opinion on either keeper, certainly Stone.  I agree with the No.1 / No.2 scenario but there has to be a point in time where your place is up for grabs, otherwise you can’t claim to have true competition for places and risk a player becoming dissatisfied with being a permanent bench warmer.

    Having said all that, criticism of Covolan has been fair in my view.  Of course praise in equal measure where it’s due.  Tuesday nights performance was worthy of praise in the main.

  13. 3 hours ago, LancyTony said:

    hmmm...not great when you choose to deny the truth! There's at least 2 examples on this thread alone. Scott Brown did a great job when he first joined us. By the end of last season his performances had clearly deteriorated.

    Wow, really two examples? Go and check how many games he played then google the formula to help you work out percentages.

  14. 2 hours ago, LancyTony said:

    Shocker! Conveniently forgotten by the St Scott Brigade, and you will find a good few more examples over the last 2 seasons...more so from last because his form dipped so dramatically it was poretty bloody obvious he wouldn't be retained on his performances.

    Pretty bloody obvious you've got a very short and very selective memory.

  15. 5 hours ago, Doha said:

    Yeah I looked this up earlier to double check. Oldham at home, immediately after the little debacle at Cheltenham below, he hadn't been dropped. If Covolan had done this instead of the venerated saint Scott Brown there'd be murder on social media. 



    If you’re trying to defend Covolan by knocking Brown, no way can you argue against the fact that when Brown came in he actually lived up to his reputation.  OK so there was a dip towards the end in a few games, but he was mostly excellent in his time for us, far more consistently good than the present incumbent.  From what I’ve witnessed, at his best he was way better than we’ve seen so far from Covolan, who you could also say is arguably having a far easier ride in this team than Brown ever did.

    Covolan got off to a bad start and it’ll  take some great performances from him to erase the memory of that in many fans minds.  Hopefully we’ll see that from him as the season progresses.

  16. Every player makes mistakes so a keeper is going to be no different in that regard. Put simply, the better players make fewer mistakes.

    I’ve no idea which camp Covolan, or Stone for that matter, will fall into, good, bad or indifferent, I’ve not seen enough of either yet to really form a solid opinion myself but I’ve seen enough good in both to think we’re fine in the goalkeeping department, without either player looking like setting the world on fire.


  17. 1 minute ago, Phil1965 said:

    It’s your resident Crewe fan here, looking bleak for us this season, we have lost all our best players that won us promotion two years ago - Ng, Kirk, Pickering, Dale, Wintle. Lowery doesn’t seem to want to play any more and we are relying on loan players.

    Looks like we could be passing you on the way down, but that, as they say, is football! Will be going to Wycombe next week as it’s a short drive for me, but can only see a defeat there.

    Hi Phil, that’s football for you.

  18. Not relating to Covolan in just this one game but more generally, is it possible, subconsciously maybe, that some fans have got a little bit carried away in thinking we’ve signed a goalkeeper who was destined to become a superstar club legend, when in reality it’s more likely that we’ve signed a decent League 2 level keeper, no better or worse than that?

    Ironically, we’ve seen already, the better players so far have been those where our expectations were lower.

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