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  1. Exactly, Im not going to read through all these posts but it appears plenty of head wobbeling going on as much as on Face Ache. 42 points still to play for, at worse play offs but I hope automatic. Keep the faith and get behind the team in what has been the most difficult of times due to unforseen cercumstances out of the clubs control that I have witnessed in all the years i have been going.
  2. Agree with all the above, I would just add its all well and good to set up not to loose but eventually you have to start setting up to win and believe in yourselves, i.e Forest Green / Carlisle performances spring to mind.. ps. to cap the night off, the journey home apart from the loss took twice as long as to go with motorway closures etc.
  3. Bit of info for those traveling to the game tonight, Ive just rang Rochdale ticket office and tickets will be on sale from the porta cabin opposite the 5 aside / training pitches cash only, or by card from the main ticket office but expect to que @ main ticket office. See ya there. SVA
  4. I probs like most only expected a draw against FGR at that time, and in a strange way was dissapointed at the end of the game that we had only drawn, but not, if that makes sense. We are few games on now and playing better than we did against FGR. For me I only expect the 3 points.
  5. So glad I went last night it was an excellent team performance and joy to experience. Its performances like that, that make the 300 round trip well worth it. This team will continue to improve and mature and I for 1 can not wait for the next game and the next and so on. With the like of Proctor, Gibbons, Conlon & Jones to still return. Its been a long time since I felt like this (at long last).
  6. Totally agrre re the progress off and on the pitch, but IMO I dont think when we get promothion this season we will need a high turn over of players, maybe just a tweak, we have already proven this season with what we have, we have competed with higher placed clubs when we have played them.
  7. Bolton wanderers forum last post quoting Darcy to Vale gaining momentum
  8. Not just about been poor. Aptitude and mindset big part as well. I've said on more than once, unfortunately Rodney will always remain an unpolished diamond. Sad really because we did see glimpses of what he is capable of.
  9. Same could be said over how much or how little which ever the case may be in what we pay for a player. If the clubs have agreed an undisclosed fee (however much that may be) both clubs are happy or they wouldnt of agreed a fee.
  10. Harry Charsley is a Valiant - News - Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK
  11. I hope so for all the same reasons, age, ability, obviously valued now due to appreances / game time.
  12. Agent working overtime or wonder if any truth Port Vale loan man Lewis Cass wanted by other Football League clubs THE72.CO.UK
  13. Tend to agree, think he is the uncut diamond that can never be polished.
  14. I question whether it's a physical injury, never no update on how far off being fit again with Rodney.
  15. It was his 3rd match last night so should be available again
  16. Fantastic song by Marvin Gaye, Thats What's Going On
  17. Not a swap at all according to the article, 2 separate deals so it says
  18. Good read on Ryan Edmondson, how far we have come, and are heading can not help but feel a little exited. Leeds United starlet Edmondson backed to flourish at Port Vale - Whelan WWW.FOOTBALLINSIDER247.COM
  19. 19 outfield players now including Hussey, Harratt & Edmondson are 19 yrs old & 20 so don't count, so 3 more possible to bring in up to 22 plus keepers
  20. Certainly makes the 2nd half or the business end of the season a bit more spicy. Its a long time that I've been this hopeful / excited and maybe more to come. Bring it on. UTV
  21. Why is it a joke, IMO it is only a joke if you turn up 5-10 mins before KO on a game that the majority knew would be an increase on normal match day numbers. I got there at my normal time 20 - 25 mins before KO about 6 in front of me in the que. Normal service will be resumed next Sat.
  22. I can fully understand why some clubs are seriously thinking or taking the stance when recruiting players that are not vaccinated in the future I.e. not signing them. We all know that the vaccination doesn't stop you from getting the dreaded C, however if unvaccinated and you come into contact with somebody who is then regardless of any test you still have to isolate for 10 days. It's called looking after the interest of the club. It's a right mucking fuddly.
  23. not just a lack of beds also lack of staff, 130,000 NHS staff still un vaccinated is another stat that have to self isolate for 10 days if in contact with anybody that is +. Loads of different contributing factors.
  24. It was also Legge who gave away the needless freekick for the 3rd.
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