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  1. No you need to read the Guardian and the Mail then make your own mind up. Having read both I’ve decided Johnson is a knob.
  2. That’s the Daily Express - marginally to the right of Attila the Hun.
  3. I never said you did!!!!
  4. Is it a passenger one - I thought it had closed??
  5. There is no chance of Turkey joining in the near future because the country is nowhere near meeting the EU’s eligibility criteria.
  6. So the changes you want are to do with control of our borders which Brexit was supposed to have sorted?!!!
  7. The Turkey threat was a complete red herring.
  8. Which sections of the Human Rights Act do you wish to change?
  9. The Human Rights Act is a piece of UK legislation - do you mean the ECHR?
  10. Agree absolutely. We are all allowed an opinion.
  11. Her book is full of it, including some interesting stories about the man himself.
  12. Read Catherine Belton's book "Putin's People".
  13. Of course London has more Russian oligarchs than Moscow!!
  14. This is a very interesting and rather depressing read on why Stoke voted Brexit. Stoke, the city that Britain forgot - UnHerd UNHERD.COM
  15. Incorrect use of a superlative there, Phil!!!
  16. Your first sentence saying most people had no idea about the ins and outs of the EU is exactly why having a binary referendum on the matter was madness.
  17. Clearly not those who voted to leave.
  18. Remainers knew what they were voting for because we already had it.
  19. There are many on here who will be delighted with that.
  20. There may be some benefits to Brexit but even the most hardened Brexiteers have to admit that it is far from the promised land we were lead to believe would emerge.
  21. What position did he play Jean? RWB or RCB? Pretty much in the middle.
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