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  1. Happy with that. Much better compared to some of the games recently. We look much better with Worrall and Monty playing.
  2. Might be my WiFi but anyone else ifollow freezing?
  3. Those dodgy back passes will be the death of me
  4. Unbelievable catch earlier. England are really gonna have to pull something off when they Bat
  5. Last day of the series. Been a enjoyable this one has. I've mentioned before I never really followed cricket before last year but absolutely enjoy it now.
  6. Cowley Brothers now in charge at Pompey. Apparently on a 12 game contract, which I've never heard of.
  7. Brilliant and very much needed win. Long way to go yet but that was definitely needed for all our sanity. Let's hope this gives the lads a boost and we can push on. Well Done Vale
  8. The one night I'm working late and we're winning and playing well. If we win tonight. I'm drinking all the booze I've got.
  9. 13.20 - Appreciate it 13.55 - Captain Guinness (who's doesn't love a Guinness?!) 15.05 - Honeysuckle
  10. Marvelous Marvin Hagler has passed away. RIP
  11. Jason Tindall favourite for the Sheffield United job
  12. Regarding Wilder. There was a poll for fans who wanted him to be sacked or not 6% said yes. Says it all really. This is modern day football in a nutshell though. All about the money nowadays
  13. I can see vale beating Grimsby and drawing with Crawley, Barrow and Morecambe. I hate being doom and gloom but I honestly think it's a massive task getting this season back on some sort of track right now. In my twenty years or so of supporting the vale this is bad as it's gets. Maybe the Glover season but even then I'm sure we finished 18th that season. Maybe that much needed win will spark something but I just can't see it. Hopefully we're lucky and Southend drop down with Grimsby and we'll survive by the skin of our teeth.
  14. Tough pill to swallow. Bit expected. I missed the last ten minutes did Crookes also get injured? These injuries are a massive worry. Call me negative but I can't anything but relegation at this point
  15. Not a problem. I apologise if it came across like that.
  16. Not at all. I just remember there being some heat towards him which resulted in him deleting his Facebook. Just a genuine question Again I wasn't looking for anything there and happy to admit I was wrong.
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