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  1. People are still going to be moaning about Rodney come 3pm on Saturday... In all seriousness I hope the ones who are positive make a quick and fast recovery and are healthy again without lasting damage
  2. Can't wait to watch Soccer Saturday Live with two games on...
  3. Not sure. I had a notice from Ifollow about five minutes ago saying the game was postponed though
  4. Everyone bring their boots Saturday just in case.
  5. Anyone have a preference? I quite enjoyed the Micky Adams one. I remember the Roy Keane being interesting to say the least. I've yet read to the Mark Bright one believe there's a good mention on the vale In there.
  6. Cov-sjoke also likely to be called off this weekend. Maybe a two week break might be needed?
  7. Watched this yesterday. Really fascinating program. The game against Congleton with pope and savage arguing was interesting to say the least.
  8. Dominating performance from Lomachenko. Great night of boxing all round
  9. Dominating performance by Benn tonight with a lovely 1-2 for the KO. Now 20-0 and needs to step up with a big fight in America possibly ? Love watching Benn fight. Moves and fights just like his old man
  10. Garrity 💙 Stick another two defenders on and park the bus.
  11. Good to see young Bailey back. This is gonna be a very difficult game Mon the Vale
  12. Not the greatest starts 🤦‍♂️
  13. Surely vale are allowed an emergency loaning at this point ?
  14. Dirty team managed by a scumbag manager. Justice done Well done vale 👏 I'm sure I've got my gold total 90s boots in the house somewhere if they need a striker
  15. Is that two goals in a minute ? Garrity you beautiful man !
  16. Christ Glen whelan has dropped down hasn't he ? Hope we smash these lot tonight. Hate Barton with a passion.
  17. Stuff it. We'll do them. 2-1 Vale. Smith with a header and Conlon with a worldie free kick and big Cov saving a penalty in the 90th minute. Up the Vale
  18. Damn was hoping for another decent away day out. Premier league team I suppose. No chance of it being on telly compared to Liverpool/Shrewsbury and Chelsea/Chesterfield though. Wonder if they will bring many for it
  19. I'm not one for being a suspicious type of guy. But we're having some bad juju as of late ! 4 strikers out. This month is certainly going to test DC and the management team. Roll on January
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