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  1. This has to be the busiest/craziest January vale have ever had. Every time i check my phone a new player has arrived or someone has left Guessing the line up tomorrow should be interesting
  2. https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/19881558.anthony-grant-appears-set-scunthorpe-united-move/ He's going to play a blinder against us again isn't he ?
  3. Gotta love twitter with its toxic like Trolls/bot accounts There's definitely a player in Rodney , just needs that fire back. Wonder if its long covid that's affected him fitness/stamina wise maybe ? If we didn't have so many injuries , I do think a loan deal would have benefited Rodders.
  4. Both teams might as well have played with no goalie today. Boring game That was a Aspin like performance with the lump it forward and hope it lands to a vale player. Hussey/Hall looked alright. No one really stood out though as the game was absolutely Danny Dyer Losing Conlon/Worrall and now Gibbo is a massive worry.
  5. Who are these weapons thyeve got on in the orient "studio" like they picked three random fans of the street. Better football team then us ? and comparing Harry Smith to Drogba ?! Southerners are weird
  6. Penalty all day long. No excuse though that was terrible. Really bad. Players should be ashamed DC needs to stop Chopping and changing every game. Need this win desperately to get out of the rut
  7. Zero patience and still thinking we're in the rudge days during the golden era. Football fans are most fickle kind sadly
  8. Quite surprised he didn't call up the youth keeper just in case. God help us if stone gets injured/sent off
  9. Probably didn't need make the bench with Wilson and Amoo being the attacking options.
  10. Good to see Gibbo starting. Hopefully this will help the paranoid folk who are adamant DC didn't play him because he was off. Losing Conlon is a blow. Good to see the two young lads getting a chance up top
  11. Slightly off topic from us but looks like Tyler walker is heading to Pompey. Rated him when he was here, Shame he got injured.
  12. Seen a few 200k/250k on the vale fan pages on FB. Probably absolute nonsense as always and people pretending to be in the know for some bizarre reason.
  13. Same ones that say it every time we lose but come back the following Saturday. Just frustration that's all, we've lost a game after being off for a nearly a month with more then 10 injuries to the squad. League 2 football sadly. Some people need to realise this is a rebuild and it's going to take time.
  14. Wheres this Gibbo going for 200k came from ? Or is it dodgy Dave from Tunstall sharing gossip on Facebook again. Saying that I'd take a fee now rather then he was to leave on a free in the summer. Think I'll log out of OVF for a few days especially if Gibbons does go and everyone starts the panic comments.
  15. Disagree there. Without being biased vale have some of the most passionate fans in the country. After all the issues and terrible owners over the years. Vale fans still travel in decent numbers away and have a healthy attendance at home games
  16. Some of these so called "fans" on social media slating DC for the politic decision. Madness , surely people understand the loan system by the now , not to mention how many times we've been burnt over the years with loving a loan player. I hate how social media brings out the idiots sometimes.
  17. Life is happening. Coaches and players don't stay at a club forever.
  18. I liked Burgess. Good player during the 19/20 season. He'll do well at Grimsby
  19. I almost forgot they knocked us out of the cup last season. Dark times
  20. I saw it on of those non reliable twitter pages that post rumours etc. I never take them seriously always fun interesting to see what pops up though
  21. Apparently Vale , Tranmere and Salford are interested in Burton Striker Kane Hemmings. Paper talk of course
  22. Having lived near there for a year. Can confirm that place is an absolute dive Although hunstanton and other places were nice.
  23. What if it's about Dennis Politic and his family? I'll see myself out...
  24. Anyone think Benning may head out on loan now ? If I was to be greedy signing Politic and new contracts to Gibbo and Wozza would really be the perfect icing on the cake. Baby steps though.
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