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  1. Is Agho still with the club? I saw a tweet from Vale about the youth team getting more match reports out which is well over due. Always enjoyed attending the FA youth Cup games. Chelsea game springs to mind.
  2. Honorable mention to Kris Taylor against Sheff weds in the league Cup. Anthony Kay goals against crewe&Yeovil were pretty decent too.
  3. Dodds goal against Fleetwood Popey at citeh O'Connor against Cardiff I'm sure it was Ian Armstrong who scored a over head bicycle kick against I Wigan I think ? Popey at Cheltenham for his hat trick during the promotion season.
  4. Absolutely love the Porthill Pirlo. I do fear we may lose him in the near distance future from a club in the higher leagues. Has to be up there with the most free kick goals in our history surely?
  5. Stoke bottling it as always. Crewe getting smashed every week and the mighty vale winning. The whiskey will be flowing tonight. Up the vale 💙
  6. Masterclass from Fury. Best heavyweight in the world without a doubt.
  7. Proctor first touch is fantastic. Best player on the pitch so far with Jones. Early days yet and while we have some shocking moments at the back. The difference between this squad and last season squad is night and day
  8. I was lucky enough to watch it live in person last night. Absolute nightmare getting back though! Thought the Gameplan for Joshua was all wrong. He got outboxed easily. He's never been the most technical but has the power but for some reason couldn't land anything significant. Brilliant boxing from Usyk. AJ loses the rematch and that's him done I think. We were never going to get Fury-AJ anyway. Just waffle from both promotions..
  9. Listened to bits and bobs of it. Sounds like Tom is hurting. Some of the stuff he said I disagree with , calling Monty unstable is one of them. Wrong term for someone dealing with mental health issues. Slating fans loyalty about releasing certain players, considering we watched that dross home and away every week. Loved Tom Pope the Player and will always be a legend. And that 2012 promotion/ man city game will forever last a memory However time has moved on and Port Vale has.
  10. Can confirm Irn Bru on tap is amazing. Tennents lager however...
  11. Was hoping it might have been available for streaming for us outside the area. Nevermind. Will make that first trip back to VP even more special. Enjoy the return and atmosphere to everyone going tonight. Its been a long time coming. Here's to a injury free night. Up the vale
  12. One of the biggest scumbags in football.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/former-professional-footballer-caught-11000-21145600.amp Oh dear.
  14. Still unsure on the kit. No doubt after a few beers I'll buy all three ! Up the vale x
  15. Chuffed with that. When's the promotion party?
  16. Was always going to happen. Canelo punches were just too powerful. GGG III trilogy next?
  17. Ruiz looks fantastic ahead of his fight
  18. Painful watching Parker fight. I get why he does it but as a viewer , Christ he could cure insomnia. Taylor-Jonas was a fantastic bout.
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