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  1. That defence is worrying. Is Covolan carrying a knock ?
  2. Canelo deserves all the praise. However the GGG result /drug test I can't get past but the man definitely deserves respect. Apparently his next fight is due in England in early March. Only fighter I can think of is John Ryder maybe ? He's beaten the best of what the UK can offer at this point.
  3. Still gutted the series got cancelled in September due to covid which I had tickets for. The only highlight from 2020/lockdown was my new love/appreciation for cricket. Beautiful sport when done right. Shout out to Danielle Wyatt in the women's team also. Great player and massive vale fan and overall a nice person.
  4. I always get worried playing in these meaningless Cup games in case a key player gets injured. Soon the trophy goes back to its old way or scrapped completey the better. I always preferred dominos over papa johns anyway
  5. He's like that mad family member on Facebook that shares all those conspiracy videos and quotes from fake news sites
  6. Some decent scraps lately in Crawford/Porter and Lopez/Kambosos Meanwhile Brook and Khan finally announced over here. A few years late in my opinion and definitely not a box office fight. Typical greedy sky though
  7. I see Popey has been ranting about covid/vaccine on twitter again. Doesn't help himself does he ?
  8. Key players missing but we've still come away with a win and a clean sheet. Well done Vale ! Always good see the lardy neighbours bottling it at home too Fair play to everyone who went today. Looks a cold one! UTV
  9. Awful result that is. Losing away to Oldham is a pi55 poor result. With Wilson & Proctor out. I fear we're gonna struggle massively now especially with that terrible defence.
  10. Massive blow for us. Not a big fan of Lloyd and Rodney really needs to step up. I'd imagine DC will start Amoo up top on Saturday. Sooner Proctor & Wilson are back the better.
  11. Beat Bolton tonight in what seems a cracking game. Ex Vale player Quigley got a couple goals too
  12. Terrible news. Hope he makes a full recovery. His goals against Leeds to draw 3-3 at home is a favourite of mine
  13. Lloyd is Bambi on ice. Jones needs to be dropped after that performance. Not a bad point against a tough side who will definitely be up there this season. Soon as Amoo and Wilson went off we just didn't look the same. Wonder if anyone will make an offer for Conlon in January.
  14. Was that over 7k for attendance they said ? Absolutely fantastic
  15. Surpised they took Amoo off knowing Wilson had taken a knock.
  16. Crap L2 ref on show yet again. How many times is this ? Awful decision and a second yellow all day. Feel like we're crying out for Proctor today. Wilson and Amoo need more. Cass , Jones and Garrity have been poor for me. Gibbons and conlon look great. Can imagine there's a few championship clubs watching Conlon today
  17. Currently isolating with covid in the cold Highlands, Scotland. Hoping to see the mighty vale carry on momentum today despite the MOTM Juju. Come on Vale !
  18. Didn't he play in the euro 2016 for them also ? I rated him when he was here. Good FB especially for L1
  19. DC, you're the one, you still turn me on Promotion coming home again 🎵😍
  20. Unfortunately the lads lost in the end 3-2 to Salford. Unlucky lads
  21. Meh. Winnable tie and no doubt we'll sell out the away end. Perhaps it's just me but I can't get excited for cup draws unless it's 3rd round and beyond. Least it wasn't Sunderland again...
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