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  1. Did anyone see/hear ole mad party sesh Boris johnson say up the Vale on TV? Made my skin crawl and now I need to scrub myself to wash the Tory off.
  2. Incredible come back for citeh to win the league. Burnley back down to the championship
  3. Citeh currently losing to villa and Liverpool drawing with wolves. Looks like Burnley might be facing the drop at the moment.
  4. Devastating for Neal and his family. From personal experience, losing a baby is the worst pain in the world and it never gets better. Thoughts are with him and his loved ones
  5. Tickets , travel and accommodation all sorted. Easy and quick I hate London but can't miss this. Hopefully celebrating while watching the champions league final also
  6. This has to be a wind up merchant? Kicked out the league because of some idiots. Which every club has Get a grip
  7. Probably the best I've seen at VP in my lifetime. Non stop singing and behind the lads all night. Granted there was a few idiots but Vale Park was a fortress tonight and I couldn't be prouder to be Vale We've seen some bad times in the last few years, but tonight was absolutely incredible. So chuffed Carol and Co got the love they deserve. Whatever happens in the final so be it. But tonight we rocked up in our numbers and really made the difference I'd like to think. Incredible night and one that will stick in the memory for years to come
  8. I refuse to let the media and some z lost footballers like sjoke player potato head Parkin ruin my buzz. However attacking footballers is never okay and I hope bans are immediately put in place. But mckirdy playing the victim when he's been riling vale fans up all week on social media. What did he expect? When hes going over and having a cheeky smirk egging the fans on , people emotions are going to get high. Again no excuse whatsoever. But I garentee if they would have won tonight he would be all over instagram stories with that stupid gun pose he does and the fishing emoji he puts every post
  9. I feel absolutely Emotional after that. What a roller coaster that was. Mckirdy is a p1ck who bottled it. Sweet sweet karma Stone is a god We're going to Wembley Up the f**King vale
  10. Feeling nervous for this one. Really hope the lads start off great from kick off. Is it too early for a pint ?! Asking for a friend..
  11. I imagine the game being on sky sports is a massive factor. 10k , 8k or even 4k. As long as we get the win that's all that matters. However Vale and the juju of turning up infront of big crowds and bottling it is always a factor. Hopefully we finally break the duck
  12. Thought the Beach Boys sung that ?
  13. Is he not sunning it up with Becks in Miami ?
  14. You might not give a damn but many others do as this is a massive deal. No one is forcing anything on you , everyone is commending the young for being brave. The only way people can learn is education. So with Jake Daniel coming out hopefully this will normalise it in some manner and then people coming out won't be a such a big deal Or even saves someone's life who's on the edge. It's progress and a positive step.
  15. Why do people give a damn about what colour skin a person has or what gender they are. Sadly idiots do Football fans ( not all , but a lot ) have been stuck in the past times for years. In an ideal world no one would back an eye lid but the sad reality is , people get mocked , taunted and attacked for being who they are. A women can't go to a game without being wolf whistled or groped by a creepo, anyone who isn't white has had some sort of racial abuse thrown at them. A gay man/women would have been called a homophobic slur for no reason whatsoever. This is a big deal because it's incourages more people to be who they are and not to feel like they cant be themselves because of some bigots. I can't imagine how that can affect someone mental state where they are ashamed to be themselves. Its not healthy and its time to get with the modern world. Homophobia is still rife in the UK especially football.
  16. Well done to the young man for being brave and courageous. Football is for everyone and anyone
  17. Pope the player will always be remembered and honoured as the legend. Pope the person has always been a plank and weapon. When he said the comment about vale finishing midtable , just showed his bitterness sadly. Bringing in Proctor and Wilson over an ageing Pope , an injury prone Cullen and Donkey Robinson is DC best bit of business.
  18. The vale social media pages are full of swindon fans slating the club and the ticket allocation. Have these mutants always thought they were a big club ? I don't believe in karma , but the satisfaction of seeing that gobsh*te mckirdy face if we beat and knock them out the play offs. While he is talented I'm genuinely surprised someone hasn't done a Cantona special to his face yet
  19. I'd imagine Wrexham will be heavily favourites. Would be nice to see Notts County or chesterfield back up. Hopefully we're not playing any of them next season
  20. Won 2-0 today to win the National League trophy.
  21. Stockport promoted after today's win
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