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  1. What a player. If true so so sad.
  2. As an attacking player and a front three player he does need to score more goals. His record as a goalscorer is shocking. He misses easy chances. I have always said Worral is one of first names on team sheet but with our other wingers and our midfield we rely on the one man up front to score 25 goals for the play offs. ALL the other forwards and midfield need to score more goals
  3. Dont forget Joe B on the list too. Cause some problems you do ha ha
  4. No more so than Neil Aspin. He is a legend as a player but it meand nothing
  5. I think everyone is beating Bolton since we did
  6. The manager is poor The players, majority of them, are awful
  7. Only two. What a shame. Crookes no loss believe me.
  8. Smith is having his worst spell for us. He has played better but he has too many mistakes, big mistakes, every season. He is a league two, mid table player at best. Always has been and always will be.
  9. Fair enough. Didnt lack effort but even on a poor pitch thought he did very little
  10. When we get around to needing to win games !! we need better ball out from the back than tonights three can offer.
  11. You are joking ? Surely A point won by a team fighting at the bottom of the league.Good point but an awful performance. Burgess and Whitehead put some effort in but were poor, very poor. Joyce is near the end of his career too. Hurst is a good squad player.Fitzpatrick is a good squad player. Brisley is worse than Smith and Legge when in possession of the ball. Good defensively and a needed point won. Thats it.
  12. Our budget will never be top 3, never has been, possibly not even top 7 but good management is worth far more than a huge budget. Spending the budget is the skill. Do we need 22 players of so called league experience ? It does seem a lot. Admittedly injuries are so unpredictable but i believe a couple more young, untried players and cheap, should be included in the squad. We dont have our own youth players ready to fill some of these positions, other clubs seem to do this. This season we kept hold of a lot of players, some on very good money for us and i believe Askey then spent the
  13. Manny ? Pay him £10 a game but if he is not fit, he is a waste of a squad place. Our team has no spark, no pace and not enough fitness in them. We usually start off well but second half we seem to disappear and die. I include Conlon in this. He is most definately our true ' footballer ' but this is his problem i believe. Too many players need to be changed for one pre season but we need to start now. Should have already started but Askey failed miserably. Only backing i will give to Askey is that maybe his budget was loser than most would like to think. Now having seen his playe
  14. How can we hang them out to dry. What little football they have played, they have been garbage. They dont deserve a place in the 11. Only hope is to get rid at as little cost to us as possible.
  15. You are having a go at many people being upset and even angry, i am not angry by the way, but dont you think that these comments are needed. People do feel better for them and they do feel they need to vent their opinions. I am sure Carol will have her views on all things Port Vale and will not even be aware, let alone take any notice, of any fans comments on here. Dont forget there are probably less than 100 / 150 at most who make comments on here, good or bad, calm or angry. If people feel they need to let their emotions go then leave them to it. I fully understand the finances at
  16. In Jan its easier to get one new manager than six new players. New manager , new ideas, who knows ?
  17. Dont worry. Sit back and enjoy the football lads. I.C. knows all will be fine, we don t need to get upset.
  18. Having Paul next to you is one thing but doesnt mean the final result will be good.
  19. Took his goal last week very well. Yes he is at the end of his career with us. You would only keep him next season on a very low wage. If you want someone to put it about then Quigley would do better i am afraid.
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