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  1. Indecision or couldnt be ar*ed. IF he is not happy off the pitch. He is nowhere near the same player as last year
  2. Lack of effort for all three goals. Terrible performance, againHis form alone does tell me that something is wrong within the club.
  3. Truthful ? He said the team put great effort into it today. ? He sounded plaesed with the performance.
  4. Hope Carol reads this post. Then answers it. What is happening within our club.
  5. Agree. Hope we didnt have a flash in the pan 4 month from Taylor. His performance today was poor. Hope he needs match fitness/sharpness but he needs to hit the ground running a.s.a.p. Left back - Monty but only going forward. he is not the best defensively but terrific going forward, most games. Still need ti sign a left back. Centre half - A must. Certainly a stopper and maybe even a second one who can pass a ball. Must replace Joyce
  6. If true and i dont doubt you, then it is a disgrace. We need an official comment from the club. Someone has to take responsibility and sort it. Rodney injured from that. Sinclair something about a stomach problem that only appeared in the last training session. If one of them tests positive Monday, do they then all have to isolate ? Might do us a favour
  7. We have to end this 433. To me its 451 but even then we are not successful at that. Two up front is a must. Currently it would be Guthrie and Rodney
  8. Too true. The defence needs to be strong at the back but also capable of starting the forward moves. By that i mean they need to be able to PASS a ball
  9. Taylor is a strange one. The club could be signing him. Like i say strange but he does have history to the Vale. If we sign any more than Guthrie until end of season then how strange is that. It could be a life saver and keep us from relegation or a complete waste of money if we then appoint a new manager who has a different style etc etc. { hope we do by the way } The manager should sign players, end of. The position that Vale are in where we have several senior players nearing the end of their contracts / careers and the club needs a rebuild , then it is even more important to have
  10. Happy with that providing we sign a center back now. Oh and he has to improve what we have now. Shouldnt be too difficult but !!!
  11. Spot on Our mistakes are school boy stuff all over the pitch AND OFF IT. Ton Conlon our only true and good footballer. Guthrie needs to play every gane before we comment but HE NEEDS SERVICE. I thought he did o.k. today with effort buit did miss the one sniff of a chance with the header he never got to. Hope Gibbons plays every game from now on. WE CANNOT PLAY MILLS AGAIN Hope Legge leaves and we are able to sign a center back. If not we are stuck with Smith and Brisley ?? Dont believe we can expect the owners to do any other than wait until the summer with an app
  12. TylerB Dont like your choice of words or your style but BUT i do agree in almost all the above. Smith, Burgess keep as squad players and i am a big critic of Smith. Guthrie has to be given ten games before any comments can be made. Our service to the FRONT MAN must be the worst in the football league but i would still play him before the others we have available. *** Leave the owners out of it. Dread to think where we would be now and that worries me. I am not one who will run off up to Anfield or wherever. WE NEED THEM MORE THAN EVER NOW. What a job they have on th
  13. CD I am grateful for everything we get but need to highlight that " Conlons superb goal " needs to be grouped with Walsall's three goals " will not score an easier goal " Agree entirely on the set up from Walsall management team. Work hard, effort, go for goal with three goal threats. Defence they have to work extra hard because i feel that is their weakness. Two full backs more like big donkeys, very little skill going forward but did stop our attacks. Then again it was the Vale against them today. Its EASY.
  14. Correct. We probably panicked and signed up all players that we could from last season. We were all happy with that but we needed 3 or 4 players to strengthen last seasons first 11. Instead we signed several squad players, no where near good enough and we have gone backwards this season. Add to that Brown,Legge,Joyce,Pope all 12 months further down the line to their end of career season. We have messed up big style this season, thats for sure.
  15. To see youre name is enough Ray, i get the picture 🤣🤣
  16. Sorry Osp have to disagree. Their two full backs looked like big donkeys. Jules and White. Walsall are very good going forward with Adeybayor, Gordon, McDonald etc but their defence lets them down. Dont forget that their defence today played against our wide men , midfield men and two fullbacks. We are poor. Me and you could play full back against the Vale. What also helped them was the workrate and effort from the whole team but above all we are shocking going forward and dont offer enough threat on opposition goal. Conlon excepted.
  17. We have signed Taylor, massive signing for us to get him. Guthrie, desperate for a center forward. Our owners have done more than expected for Jan. I do agree though that we must get a new manager. He will need to start again in the summer.
  18. Agree At best squad players. We may have been unlucky with Gibbons and his injury. Usually his cover would be a couple of suspension and the odd game or so. Not left back though. If we were playing monty then his cover would be playing 15 games minimum and Fitz is nowhere near good enough. Again probably unlucky that both have played a dozen or so games but it has showed up how poor they are.
  19. Taylor been rubbish this afternoon. Hope he improves. Cant get any worse. Needs to put effort in too
  20. Would still be happier with two up front and only 1 wide. Three in middle inc. Conlon and Taylor will give us the extra forward player when we break.
  21. Make youre mind up. We are an awful team you say and now you say the game was there to be won against a top seven team without doubt at end of season. Maybe a draw is all we should expect today. We are not the strongest team when first 11 all fit, today a draw is a great result and we still have five players in starting 11 that we all know are not good enough
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