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  1. If that is Stone then we have made a poor choice for a number two. Would have expected a cover goalkeeper to be similar to what we need in the first 11
  2. With players queing up for the bench and IF D.C. sees anything in Amoo then Rodney might be lucky to see the bench. The replacement striker is crucial for us this season. Proctor is a good signing and yes far far better than Pope has been for last two years. Just hope he remains fit. Not sure if he plays many games due to injury or due to not scoring enough goals but so far he looks the part of a decent no. 9. The problem is the forward up front with him. Wilson has not scored goals regularly but to be fair he has played in a higher level of football for most of his career. He did score last year, 10 i think and i would settle for that this year. Problem is he doesnt look like scoring goals. He may score the 20 yarder top corner but so far he has missed several chances in and around the box and they are the ones that get you up to 15 + goals @ season. The other bigger issue is that he only ever seems to last just past half time and so we will always be looking for a substitution. He does work hard off the ball up front but not to the extent of only lasting for an hour ! He looks a skilful footballer but he is also lightweight and when the winter arrives and he has big center backs closer to him, on heavier pitches, he may go missing for me. So who will replace him. Rodney, Lloyd, Amoo !!! Oh dear. God forbid Proctor gets injured or the goals dry up. Yes we have scored goals recently but scoring GOALS will still be our major problem this season
  3. You have let him off a few times the Rob !!
  4. Agree it was from the first kick today. Cannot argue though he has been poor. We looked less effective once Rodney came on the pitch and he never works hard to help defend. Once he did when he made a complete mess and he chased back a little. Poor form or not, hard work should and needs to come as standard from all players. It is only September but weve played a few games by now and he has shown very little to justify a starting place. What makes it worse is that we need him. Wilson only ever lasts 60 mins and Rodney should come on and give us pace to push forward, plus wirk hard for the team
  5. Agree there. Mid table is where we will find ourselves but it only takes a good spell, last year 8 wins out of 8 and we could be there or thereabouts. Have faith ???
  6. Has been poor all season to be fair. We lost our way when Wilson went off. Having said that its annoying that Wilson cannot last more than an hour.
  7. I noticed in todays game and previous home games, we dont play with a high press and this allows the away team so much more time. Is this in just a home performance ? In reports i am sure we offer much more of a high press in away games. The number 9 is only as good as his service. We need to stop the crosses going in. That said the defending in the box was terrible. First Martin then Smith then Benning
  8. I said at 2 - 2 the teams that win these games 3 - 2 go on to finish in the top positions. I agree with you Rochdale were very good. For 25 mins out of 90 we looked very good too but would expect Rochdale to finish higher than us.
  9. Agree Walker, Conlon Pett was my thoughts. Pett did play ok at the back of the three but he is not as solid a defensive player as Walker
  10. The only way to judge him is performances for the Vale. Forget appearances etc etc Today he was poor. Not too good at Northampton and he was dropped. Replaced by Legge and set to remain on the bench for a while. So far the main failures in recruitment have been the center backs Martin and Johnson. Legge needed to be replaced, we all thought and try we did but so far we have not seen anyone better. Two months might be a long time without Legge
  11. Spot on with all comments. Forgot to mention the fanzone. Brilliant. Hope it is raising good money for the club. Is there any talk of some cover for the winter months. Plenty of kids at the Vale again. Shows priority for ground improvements must be Lorne street Family stand.
  12. Totally agree about the subs. Wilson never lasts 60 mins and that is a major problem. He works hard and runs around but if he cannot see out a game now , at the start of a season, then we have a problem. Who is there to replace him ? Think we needed to leave him on longer today. I would bring a wheel chair on for him to use before Rodney is brought on. He is terrible. Seriously we need to find a solution to Wilson being taken off every week. Good partnership there with Proctor even if Proctor has to score all the goals. Wilson did miss a sitter. If a tactical switch caused Jones to be taken off, why not put him left back and take off Benning. Benning looks poor to me in the games i have seen. As for div 1 clubs after him ? not now. Someone on here said never listen to fans of a previous players club, Oldham / Garrity. Well lets ignore Mansfield fans comments too. Make our own minds up and for me Benning is as bad defensively as Monty was and not as good going forward either. Back to Rodney. Can all those dozens of fans from last season come back on here and tell me again that he is our next £ million plus sale. I need convincing he is a div 2 footballer first. Shocking performance today and all season so far. Dont forget he is our main striker replacement ?? If he gets another chance that is. Wouldnt be surprised in he spends a while on the bench, at best, now. Terrific crowd, great expectations, great start. Shame what followed. Do think Clarke tinkers too much with systems / players. Having said that formations mean nothing to me, its how well players play. Back to Martin, Benning, Rodney being poor today. Excellent return by Conlon by the way.
  13. Are you really making a comment on what you have seen or heard commentry or are these just flippant remarks aimed at supporters who have opinions that this is rubbish
  14. Lets hope Bristol Rovers come looking for a manager. Not impressed at all by D.C. Why do i need to give it 10 games or until Christmas. We are not playing like a top ten team at all. We look to have a ' better squad ' on paper but D.C. cannot put it together. Surely it cant all be down to missing Tom Conlon ? He has to change something at half time. He is the man who is happy to change systems during games. Fine but lets change one for the better. We are, i believe, a defensively set up team but dont appear to be very good at that. Has every team we have played so far been better than us ?. Is it a tough start or are we poor ? After those comments - 3 1 to the Vale
  15. There is no one" bigger " at the vale than D.C. Not now anyway
  16. Yes He went after his leg and deserves the sending off. Hope he learns. Quickly
  17. Just dont see enough goals. Walker Pett Worrall 10 or so between them Conlan has to be magic again for 10 ? That leaves Wilson n Rodney for 25 to 30 both BIG questions ?
  18. Play Worrall where? He'd have to bin this daft system. That is the problem. I dont see our midfield three AND Worrall in the same team. D C will not change the midfield three for a few games yet i dont think Not enough exciting play created and plenty of goals need to come from the two up front.
  19. What do we need a left winger for? so we can change the system for the last twenty mins when we are losing.
  20. Not sure about Gibbons, full back and Worrall wide right. Clarke has signed what people on here , many people on here, are calling the ' best midfield three in the league ' Walker, Pett , Conlon. No room for Gibbons and Worrall in their usual roles and even if we did play this way then the front two would need to score 30 plus between them. We have a big squad, full of options but we need a balanced first 11 for the majority of games to do well this season. Dont see where many of the new signings will fit in. I would be happier with seeing a good , well balanced first 11. Yes lets wait for another striker and a left winger to join us but then where do they play and who drops out. 23 players, all capable of starting the game but do we have a balanced team ? D C needs to earn his money from now on. He will not change players and systems after one game, that i am sure. We need to bounce back, SOON
  21. Lets hope we dont " bottle it " too many times hey.
  22. Thats what i would expect too. In the dressing room is another matter but Stone has three games to win that shirt now. If he does then that will hurt Covolan more
  23. Only listening on radio but we have not created much at all. Todays system / players has failed to create enough to win a game
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