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  1. Playing well but for me there are times when Peter Kay style "'Av it" is the correct approach under pressure in your own half rather than thinking we can tip tap it out....I know, I know sacrilege BUT who was it that said they can't score when the ball is in Row Z?
  2. Yep.....wot you said Fred! Still HATE it and it hurts when we lose but am old enough and supported this lot long enough to know we are not going to win every game.....whatever your expectations are as REAL Vale fans not "happy clappers"!!! I think we will click and somebody will get a pasting at some stage....don't know when obviously. I also enjoyed the discipline of the win at FGR....that entertained me in a different way.
  3. What a strange, strange performance! So many individual errors and wrong decisions on the pitch...difficult to believe it's the same club as last week. Defending was schoolboy.
  4. I love Birchy's description of him "ratting" .....absolutely on the money!
  5. Holy Moley....."It's just like watching Brazil"......how good was that? Apart from that bloody schoolboy/amateur piece of work from Johnson. Can we keep it up?
  6. I've had a season ticket since it started and the only real problems I've had have been payment wise when my card has expired etc etc. I have found it brilliant and it has enabled me to see every game, home and away, and I'm not sure I would have been able to do that in the UK! It has come a long way since that first season with no commentary......and I hope it continues indefinitely. I don't understand why UK based fans can't buy a ticket for away games if the money goes to the Vale....doubtless there must be some contractual/money issues somewhere along the line?
  7. Be some interesting comments on here tonight OR will it be very quiet???? I thought we were excellent from 1-11 (Old Skool me!) plus subs. I think Wilson will click at some time but he is a class act anyway, some of his touches were sublime, including setting up the first. Garrity was immense and you could go on and on. I absolutely love Smiffy getting into their forwards....a little pull here, a little shove there. He must be a nightmare to play against. That's the bar set Vale so you've got to maintain that....I'm off the first Leffe of the night is calling! On the Vale!
  8. Well, well, well........second half conner be any worse can it? Kerist, that was awful....
  9. We were......"sloppy". Poor first touches, one touch too many, poor turn whatever and they were all over us. I know it's early days and I certainly expect us to have a good season but at the mo we are definitely disjointed and DC has to sort it out. We are solid, which is a good base to start with, but the midfield has to link with the forwards and we have to start making chances...it all looks a bit hit and hope at the moment. Win at Stevenage now on Satdee....no bother!
  10. They look a decent outfit without creating any chances....but we all know what happens with that don't we children? We've got to get and keep possession much better......reckon DC will be ringing the changes this half.
  11. Thought it was a good game of football. Both teams will be up there in the end I think. We are obviously still gelling and getting to know systems and each other but I thought we looked like a team with potential. Thought Jones was excellent and Pett a little Duracell Bunny. Legge was dominant and Smiffy enjoyed his rumble with their CF I think. As everyone has said before, I too, am worried about the sharp end.....where are the goals coming from? Hopefully once it clicks they will start to arrive because Wilson looks class but is he up for the nitty gritty of Div 2? Thought Proctor has looked good when he's come on. Wozza......well can you say??? Covolan is going to be "entertaining" shall we say.......I missed the header because iFollow have decided they have a new toy and are constantly doing replays whilst the game is going on.....cannot lie, I swore at the screen a few times. Hopefully a good win Tuesday night as the journey progresses.....UTV
  12. Good half of football that.......even steven so i hope we can push on and get a win.
  13. Jeez...I'm in France and it only gives me the listen option.......
  14. Errrrm....daft question but is it on iFollow? I cannot find a definitive answer and I'm beginning to panic now!
  15. Yikes....presumed the deafening silence was leading up to something like this! Unfortunately, it lacks any kind of class at all. He would have been better not saying owt rather than this. As has been pointed out by a few he wasn't exactly pulling up any trees over the last two seasons. A sad ending.
  16. RIP Ernie......I follow his daughter on Twitter and he has been struggling a while with dementia. I loved him and Newt up front....it was that period when you really felt the opposition defence was frightened to death of our forwards. Another sad loss of an ex Valiant.
  17. Saw the heading and my heart sank......RIP Paul...class act!
  18. Aah wished I'd read your last post before paying....sorry!
  19. Apologies for the delay Rob......I have an ongoing problem with PayPal......but have managed to pay as a guest! I'll seriously go along with the majority wishes although Mad Jack the keeper is a good bet!
  20. Philosopher's Song...."Emmanuel Kant was a real pi$$ant who'd drink you under the table....." Beat me to it Yewth!😂
  21. Oh yes....I'm 63 and still get occasional flashbacks to that.......the stunned silence for about 3 seconds before the outpouring of grief and anger still lingers! Sad int it really.....should know better.
  22. Ah, Good old Eve Boswell......they called him Cinderella cos he kept missing the ball! He was good comedy value at times.....unfortunately he was our keeper...😂 gave me bloody nightmares every time he came for a cross, usually ones he shouldn't have. Those he should have come for he stayed where he was...
  23. Ouch....Cheers for that Rowd! Nurse....sedation needed again here.....
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