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  1. Aye my Owd Fellah would say..."you can take a horse to water but a pencil must be lead..." Dad's hey?
  2. Not going to lie....that smarts a bit....but hey ho, move on. Good luck Gibbo except against us obviously! Complete trust in the management to replace him. Next........
  3. Could have finished that sentence after the first two words of the second sentence to be honest Howjy!
  4. Dunner think it's water Joe......😂.....but know what you mean!
  5. Job done...I'm going for a lie down....when I've finished this bottle of bubbles.....oh and the bottle of red after that...... Thank you and goodnight L2....may your God go with you! (Some of the oldies on here will recognise that!) WE ARE GOING UP SING WE ARE GOING UP..... Season's over....oh wait a min.....
  6. Theyt a trooper Lad! Proper support that is....dunner jump and down TOO much when we score/win....! Good on yer!
  7. Had to check the date to see if someone was pulling my pi$$er......brilliant news!
  8. No worries....I had thought about it but both Missus and dog were not impressed! 😂
  9. I'm a fair drive away from that unfortunately.....about 10 hours.
  10. Try using one of those discarded dinghys the migrants keep streaming across the channel on. I dunner fancy Rwanda at this time of year......😂
  11. Has anybody wondered about McKirdy's reaction to that penno? I just didn't get it....was he so embarrassed like a naughty kid that he laughed to hide it? Did he still think they'd win? I just don't understand a pro sportsman reacting like that to an absolutely awful attempt? Anyrode, oh dear, what a shame, how sad, never mind........
  12. Jeez...just looked at flights over.....45 euros from Toulouse to Heathrow Satdee morning......brilliant BUT returning next day is 392 euros....Gulp...think I might be swimming!
  13. Get that out of your eye Conroy, Williams, McKirdy et al.........Wemberlee! Brilliant boys and played well.
  14. Bloody Hell.....that must be the first time Alexander Pope has been quoted on OVF!!! 🤣 No, it's not Tom's Dad!
  15. Siiigh......conner make it from France today but already looking at flights for the next step, hopefully! Safe travels to all Valiants getting to VP for tonight. I will be watching on some dodgy stream hoping and praying...not praying really but might do if it goes to pennos!
  16. Theyt leaving it a bit late aren't thee? Could be cutting that a bit fine.....????🤣
  17. It's going to be a LOOOONG day isn't it? All this talk of the seasons been a waste, we were 5 points ahead blah blah blah means nowt. What's done is done! All I want from tonight is we give it our best shot, every man does their job and we take what bits of luck/bounce of the ball/refs decisions we get! If we do that but Swindle still win then that's the way it is. I don't want to sit and watch a re-run of Bristol, Walsall and Newport whatever happens. Swindle haven't covered themselves in glory since Sunday in my opinion and I hope we can tap into that but keep a lid on it until/if we beat them...then let them have it in spades. Fire in the belly but ice in the brains, hey!
  18. After 68 minutes you had offered me 2-1 I'd have snapped your hand off..... I just don't get where all this criticism is coming from....Yes, we weren't as good as we can be but are still in there scrapping. We actually look look quite weak technically when the ball is pinging about in midfield but they are L2 players for a reason. I just can't stand any type of sportsman who plays the game like McKirdy, any game....end of for me.
  19. You can have all the sh1tehousery you want but that last minute from McTurdy was pure and simple cheating....how has he not been booked???? And before anybody says it...NO I wouldn't want Vale players doing that. We've hardly been in danger but Smiffy messes up for a corner and then Gibbo loses that little scumbag. 1st quarter done.....we'll se how we are at the end of the game.
  20. Christ...just read that as Vale fans IN Dartmoor.....thought bliddy hell what have they been up to already!!! Hope it's a great day lads! Gooooooarrnnn the Vale!
  21. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse!!! By the cringe this is eye wateringly bad....what has happened???
  22. I was in Florida with my ex wife, my Mum and Dad and my two kids. We were looking at places for dinner one night and suddenly My lad, aged about 7/8 chimes up very loudly..."I'm not going in there Dad!" "Why?" was the obvious question...."Because all the waiters are wearing red and white stripes!" We didn't go into TGI Fridays much to my wife's dismay....."Look at what you're teaching him!", I was told. That's My Boy! Like a lot of my generation we would go Stoke one week and Vale next but I hated them laughing and jeering when the results were given out at the end of the game if Vale had lost. Vale became my true club and I'd go and watch Blythe Matthey play behind Cobridge Stadium when Vale were away rather than go Stoke.
  23. Thems the Good Old Days when they had Len Weir in goals.....🤣
  24. Steady on Chaps.....there will be volleys of "Happy Clappers" coming our way....... NZ Valiant spot on.
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