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  1. You ever been Barrow, Jacko? That's entertainment up there....at the end of Britain's biggest cul-de-sac!
  2. What an utter shower of twots they were.....horrible, horrible "football" team. Well done Vale for totally bossing them and not lying down. I've given Scott Quigley a little reminder on twitter about his "classy" tweet after they won at VP. Christ, I'd liek to see us put 6 past that pub team next season at home.
  3. Same....if I was in the UK I'd be at VP and away games.......if the Mamsahib allowed it, of course! Interesting Toyahw, your thoughts are very similar to mine. In fact, I often say to the Missus...."Are they watching the same game as me? That was for a foul on Gibbo or whatever...." Anyrode......I'll be on it tonight...lets hope for 3 points although I wonder how these changes will affect the run! UTV
  4. I'm an exiled Valiant and I've had a season ticket with iFollow since its inception. The opening season it had no commentary and I quite liked it but it has grown and matured and I couldn't be without it. There is a form of checking if you are overseas or not based on ip addresses I think? If I have inadvertently left my VPN on I cannot access the game, (until this year, that is). when I think of the years I have lived abroad, 15, and following Vale on BBC text.....iFollow is a Godsend and I still feel like a proper supporter......especially when I come on here and can comment on what I've seen.
  5. Haven't been through the whole thread so dont know if this has been said but......that was a PROPER win. They were no mugs. We battled and grafted, kept our shape and that ball in for Smudgers goal from TC......Jeez, been a Brazilian doing that and everyone would have been in awe. I loved Clarkey's fist pump and yell at the end. Things are looking up Ladies and Gentlemen....are we ready for take off over the next few years? I hope so.....but it is Vale I support! Well done Lads brilliant!
  6. Wicket will be doing a bit after this delay.....get the heavy roller on it......oh wait a minute wrong game.....get on with it now FFS!
  7. Oh Jeez that's a bummer Barry....hope you're okay otherwise and keep your pecker up Pal. You are an incredible asset to this site. Good on yer!
  8. I've got neck ache......what a bloody horrible game. We've got to dig in here second half, try and get it down on that bloody sand pit and pass it as best we can against this pub team. It's like watching Stoke a few years ago.
  9. Great idea Darren....thank you.
  10. Used to love watching Tarty go on the rampage......you never knew how it might end apart from the fact it probably wasn't going to be in the stadium! God forbid any opposition who got between him and the ball. Didn't he start off in midfield and got converted to full back by someone...can't remember who? Goooooaaarrrrrn Tarty!
  11. Combs his hair and washes behind his ears......or else!
  12. Unbelievable.....so, so sad. RIP Lee.
  13. Standing on the Bycars singing/shouting tunelessly to the tune of Dambusters, "We all hate Stoke and Stoke and Stoke, Stoke and Stoke and Stoke, and Stoke and Stoke, we all f@£&ing hate Stoke AND WALSALL"......sums it up really. Went Fellows Park one Tuesday night game...we were our normal crap against them, could have just sent a set of shirts out really, lost 2-0 and then got chased around the dark streets not knowing where we were going, got separated from my mates and it was only some kind older Yam Yams that saw me and got me back to the coaches.....I was about 15, I think! Bricking it and that is why I hate Walsall even without the results we had against them.....we couldn't buy a win against them anywhere!
  14. Really enjoying their commentary....like proper commetators!
  15. Good half that....how the hell did Robinson miss that cut back? Should be 2-0 BUT playing well. I just hope we don't go into our shell cos they will have to come at us if they want anything out of the game which should leave them even more vulnerable. Come on Vale, finish it off!
  16. Brilliant....I was at Joes with Sandsy, played rugby together and we opened the batting in a very strong cricket team. Then we both went to the same PE college and he went straight back to Joes to teach PE. I was at a school in Macclesfield and we used to play Joes after I made contact with him. Nick Goacher was exactly the same too.
  17. Sup with him? He's swinging the lead now the Lad is....get him on that bloody bench! 😂
  18. Did they get him playing rugby? I'm an ex Joe an all and you had no chance if you were a footballer, although some lads did play on Sunday. I remember talking to Kevin Kent at one of the Open Days Vale used to have and he said the same.
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