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  1. What a horrible performance.....looked like we didn't know each other! Proccy has had an absolute mare!
  2. Reet.....off bed now as it's 11.10 here in France. Not sure how much kip I'll get as I mull over tomorrow's possibilities but at least when I wake up it's GAME DAY, BABY! Deep breathing exercises tomorrow because having already won at thir place I'm superstitious enough to think we won't win....a draw will be the best possibility.......why, oh why do I torture myself like this. Conner wait hear that roar on ifollow as we get going...COME ON VALE!!! E I E I E I O.........
  3. Not clicking but the small - ish pitch isn't helping. Not sure Edmondson is working as it is...he's working hard but ....still think we can win with a bit more composure. Come on Lads!
  4. Jammy bugger......2005 Colchester away at the old Layer Road was my last live game.....been working around the world since then. I have had an iFollow season pass since they started though, which has eased the pain!
  5. Jeezus....I'm not crying, you are! Wow, what a great post post Valesouth.......we are... DARREL CLARKE'S BLACK AND WHITE ARMY!!! PVFC
  6. Jeezus wept...me heart! I am over in UK visiting wife's posh relatives in South Wales. During "dinner" (posh tea) I set the laptop up on the window ledge I could see from the dining table in silent mode. Every time I glanced across I could see eyes watching me...."Whats wrong?"...."Nothing, why?".....🤣......how I managed to not jump up and shout when we scored! I do not know! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!
  7. Somebody is peeling onions in our house, I'm sure! Great to have you back DC and ....WHAT a Club run by our owners! Darrell Clarke's Black and White Army....PVFC
  8. Aye was wondering where the "non Happy Clappers" were"...?
  9. I saw that at the time and cracked up...it was like he was "Oh no, are you serious......bugger, we'll never hear the end of this!"
  10. Utter Pub team....when we talk about sh1tehousery they are up there on their own. I fear for someone either being injured or sent off for Vale. They are horrible to watch.
  11. Team talk done for today........ Eyeball every player in that stripping room with these simple words...."We owe these....remember them celebrating in front of our fans? WE OWE THEM....." and walk out. Come on Vale!
  12. Yep...bob on. Wilson's goal was a perfect example. How many refs would have pulled up Proctor and their centre half but would have then been guessing as to what had happened? Probably given a free kick to the defender? No, he said get on with it, it hasn't influenced the flight of the ball or the game, 6 of one etc....great decision and I was pleasantly surprised by it.
  13. Dunno if anybody else has commented but I'm liking the way this ref is letting them play.....good blood and thunder challenges from both sides on a firm pitch. Only booked someone when needed to and hasn't blown up for silly little pushes etc...... Famous last words!
  14. Seasons over.....should have won 4-1 again....😉.......played well......as someone said every game is a cup final with 3 points at the end of each agme!
  15. One thing that has impressed me throughout this horrible time for DC is the lack of info/speculation/leaks coming out of the club. That says to me that we are a tight knit, professionally run club. Can you imagine the rumour mill during the last ownership? Kerist the internet would have been awash. If, we as fans need to know any details, I'm sure the club will let us know, at the correct time. NOW is not the correct time and perhaps we will never know, who knows?
  16. Eeeee....sad news.Growing up with that promotion team I thought all games ended 1-0! I was devastated when he was enticed away and thought it would end the Vale. Did a brilliant job for Vale. RIP Gordon.
  17. Well that's 45 minutes of my life I'll ever get back......what a truly awful game.....saw better games at Blythe Matthey behind Cobridge Stadium! No threat from us at all but that happens when you can't find a team mate with a pass! We look so lethargic too.....I'm all for keeping the ball but this constant sidewards and backwards stuff ending in a hit and hope forward is doing my head in! Second half WILL be better......he says through gritted teeth....
  18. Wonder if that 907 includes those of us who have season tickets with iFollow for Vale? Think there's a fair few of us, too. Interesting.
  19. Sums me up as well that....am I disappointed? Yep but not as depressingly so as some people. Something will click, I'm sure, and that probably makes me a "happy clapper". One of these other teams in the mix will have a hiccup I'm sure. we have to keep going and I know we're not playing with any fluency at the moment but we're still dredging out points. Can't remember who said it but I think it is bob on....."When you think things are going badly they're not as bad as you think and when things are going well they're never going as well as you think".....sound advice and sums it up for Vale at the moment, I think. Go'arrrn You Happy Clappers!
  20. We wouldn't have scored their goal.....why can't we attack with pace like that? It is beyond me because pace in any game at any level frightens defenders to death but we continue to play at such a slow pace they can see it all in front of them......hope we can change second half but I somehow don't see it.
  21. So sorry to hear this Rob. RIP Gerry.
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