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  1. I would rather have a shirt without any logo/sponsor's name on it. If the shirt costs £40, I would rather pay £30 for a plain shirt (Club badge only) and donate £10 to the sponsors!
  2. "The players he (Sinnott) signed in our pre season were: John McCombe, Rob Taylor, Anthony Griffith, Sam Stockley, Lee Collins, Louis Dodds, Steve Thompson." (Essex Vale) If the players Sinnot signed in his pre-season are/were considered 'sub-quality' then God help us now! Surely we would have welcomed most of those into this years team with open arms.
  3. ...and if Barnet do win it, they are at home to Chesterfield on the final day, while Morecambe are away at Coventry
  4. ...online presumably, as the Vale official website says the office only opens on Saturdays when Vale are at home.
  5. Or perhaps NS is just floating the idea of him selling the football side whilst keeping the ground to himself, so as to judge how much of an adverse reaction that would cause. Many fans have thought that renting the ground back to the Club was Smurthwaite's eventual intention all along. It wouldn't be hard for NS to set up a company as a front for himself. They could then 'buy' the football business and pay NS the rent. ...And yes, I do believe in conspiracy theories!
  6. ... I suspect both will be here next season. Personally, if I had to keep one it would be Pugh, but would prefer it if both disappeared into the ether.
  7. ...Anyone know if Lainton is fit? Not that I think he should play, as I think he is awful, but if he isn't who will be the sub keeper? Or will we not bother with one?
  8. ... and then Garcia keeps repeating the same mistake and ends up with a 13 !! I find it difficult to believe even a club high handicapper would be that stupid. Repeatedly putting spin on the ball to get it to come back towards the hole was ridiculous... just get it over the pond and worry about the next shot later!! Or do these top golfers think they are too good to play the 'simple' shot?
  9. Please don't get the wrong idea - I have no dislike of you at all. I'm sure you would be great guy to chat football/Vale with over a pint. Though, as the country song says... "the sleeve ain't no place for the heart."
  10. Yes, I would include Atherton in the same category and have banned him. Perhaps had earlier cheats been banned for life, then others may not have followed in their footsteps... although sadly, there will always be those who think the risk is worth taking and that they will get away with it.
  11. In reality, they may or may not be tough. What we do know is that they are cheating bar stewards. What ever happened to 'sine die' bans? They would be most appropriate in these cases.
  12. ... so would I - at least he seemed to win/come out on top every week.
  13. ...well if he did get through it, he's a better man than me! Sorry, VF in A, but I've given up reading your posts - what with the lack of punctuation, text speak, odd words missed out and their general 'way-out' ideas, it takes me too long to make sense of them!!!
  14. ...and is due back in court on April 30th, charged with assaulting a police officer.
  15. A disgraceful effort from the England batsmen. Wasn't it only a year or so ago that our middle order of Stokes, Bairstow and Ali was being lauded as the best in the world?
  16. Unfortunately, we have a nasty habit over the last few years of playing teams back into form. Would love to break this habit at Wycombe, but I don't have the confidence in these players to think this will happen.
  17. "On a lot of the other teams fans Forums they think we are the most likely to be caught by the bottom two and that we are the worst team they have seen!" (JSValiant) ...Sadly JS, they may well be right.
  18. .... or even the fifth! Even crazier.
  19. Of course he wants a run of games in the team - the vast majority of players at any club want to play. He has ability and can stick the ball in the net, but is he the sort of player to put himself about, give defenders a really hard time, play as the lone striker and give 100% effort when we haven't got the ball (a la Pope)? If he is, then Vale fans will love him - sadly, this doesn't appear to be the type of player/person he is or wants to be.
  20. Sadly I'm not sure we have the pace anywhere in the team to catch teams on the break.
  21. "Lot more twists and turns and injury time goals. Look at the trainspotters with a 97th minute goal, we never seem to get late goals, time for a change of luck." (darren 1810) Lack of late/injury time goals for us may well be down to the fact that we never seem to be in all-out attacking mode towards the end of games. Usually, we seem to be hanging on while the opposition attack us!!
  22. Of course Barnet wanted it played as soon as possible, 'cause at the moment we are playing s**t - with or without Pope. Barnet have simply followed the rules: If both clubs agree on a date, the EFL leave them to it. If not, the EFL will decide, and they followed their rule which says it should be played at the earliest date available to both clubs. We may not like it but c'est la vie.
  23. Thanks very much, Rob. All sorted at this end now. Cheers.
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