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  1. Me too, Jean. Left Brindley Ford at 5.30 and hitched my way down, arriving about 1.30pm ish. Left the match fuming at Graham Hawkins for letting the ball go over his head, assuming it would run through to the keeper - it didn't. Lost 3-2. Only managed to get a lift up to Taunton, kipped under the M5 bridge and started hitching about 6.30 on Sunday morning! Got home about 4pm... needless to say, the wife wasn't a happy bunny! Having remembered all that, I hope we're talking about the same match !!!
  2. "Winnable this, Plymouth have had a similar start to us despite their pillaging of Bury." (valefan16) Indeed, it is a winnable game. Despite their position as one of the bookies' favorites for the title/promotion, if we do win we will actually go above Plymouth! Wonder if that would put us into the promotion race? Unlikely...
  3. ...I didn't bother, sorry. I gave up reading his posts ages ago.
  4. ...which would be relatively easy to arrange (time permitting) using the database info. What about those who travel independently for many games and pay at the turnstile/home club tkt office? Presumably they too would want to be catered for.
  5. ...i had this several times last season on the laptop, just closed down and started again. Not had it this summer/season - yet !!
  6. Agreed. No loan player should be signed if he is not good enough to go straight into the first team. No ifs, no buts. A waste of our limited financial resources if he is just going to sit on the bench or not even make the matchday squad. We already have enough "squad players" to do that.
  7. Unfortunately, it will take several weeks for Montano to get back to fitness and to make up for some of the pre-season work that he has missed. And then, I suspect it will only be a matter of (a short) time before he picks up yet another muscle injury.
  8. ...and Durrell, who has been mentioned by many on multiple occasions, is another in the small, busy, not good enough in the air category, so it won't bother me if he signs elsewhere. What we have needed for several years is a 6ft 2" physical presence in midfield to win it in the air and to stop the opposition having it all their way, and various, recent managers have failed (or not wanted ) to sign a player of this ilk.
  9. Indeed, The Titanic Stadium would be one of the more acceptable names.
  10. Am I thinking of the right person - was he the short, fat one in the Macc midfield who played okay against a Vale team who played as though they wanted Macc to stay up?
  11. Exactly. So why wouldn't he try it again? Let's hope Notts Co. can avoid this revolting character. Reading Black and Gold/Sentinel/OVF and all about his time at the Vale should give them a good idea of the type of character he is. However, this probably won't bother Hardy if the money is right - he won't be around to be affected.
  12. ...Isn't this just one of the things that the previous owner simply didn't bother doing because he knew he wouldn't be here next season? To**er.
  13. ... or perhaps he was giving Walsall a compliment for being inclusive....?
  14. If Burgess and Kennedy have been brought in to replace say Rawlinson and Whitfield (assuming Askey get rid of them)as squad players,then I can understand their signing. However, we desperately need 3/4 players with experience, pref aged 25-28, who are going to be first team regulars, providing they remain fit. I look forward to seeing who Askey signs who fit into this category.
  15. ...but I'd have wanted it given if it was for the Vale!!
  16. As a neutral tonight, thank goodness I didn't pay to watch that. Considering the status of the two teams and the football they have produced this season, that was utter garbage.
  17. .... 2000 peanuts a week apparently.
  18. According to their website, their budget for the forthcoming season will be £1m. That doesn't really allow them any room to be paying £2k per week to anyone, though I wouldn't like to guess what Akinfenwa is on!! They seem to think it will among the lowest, if not the lowest in that division, and are moaning that many League 2 and National League clubs will have larger budgets. Still, I guess we believe that or take it with a large pinch of salt.
  19. "i like whitfield BUT he has failed to deliver imo and don't understand the obsession with him." (werstayinup) ....I agree wholeheartedly with this. Far too many people seem to think that he is 'the answer' - if he is, then I haven't got a clue what the question was. Produced the goods about as often as Dan Turner did, and we all know that he wasn't good enough.
  20. I'd be much happier if we signed a couple of 6 foot+ players for our midfield - strong, can win it in the air and can physically dominate in midfield. At present we have Worrall, Joyce, Hannant, Conlon, Whitfield and we lack any height there... hence we have to play Kay at times.
  21. "I also very much hope that Sam Hornby extends his contract. He has been a model professional at Port Vale and I am convinced that he has a long successful career ahead of him. I would understand if he decided that trying to oust Scott Brown was a step too far and looked elsewhere, but I really hope he stays.! (Essex Vale ) I too, hope he stays with us, but unfortunately have heard a very strong rumour that he will choose to leave in his quest for regular 1st team football. He is certainly good enough for League 2 football.
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