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  1. ... not that this will strike a chord with many (if any!) other Vale fans, but following on from Miranda Lambert, I'm well into the Pistol Annies and they are regularly on my CD player (I'm old!)
  2. i would suggest that this season is completed as and when it is possible, and that it is next season where the number of games is reduced. I'm sure we can forget this summer's Euros, as cancellation/postponement is inevitable.
  3. ... I was under the impression that most contracts ran to the end of June, though I may be completely wrong - but am totally unsure of when loan players' contracts run to - do Taylor's/Clark's deals include the play-offs for example.... should we make them?
  4. ... I take it that we do actually qualify as a "charitable institution" then?
  5. While I agree with the sentiment of your post and the mathematics' involved, I can't see the majority of the fans chucking a fiver/tenner into the collection buckets. Wishful thinking perhaps, though I too would love to see this happen and for me to be proved completely wrong - as I usually am!!
  6. "The parachute payment clearly has a reason, viz the vast difference in tv income between the prem and the championship. If it wasn't for the parachute payment most relegated clubs would be bankrupt within 18 months." (philmpv) ...presumably if they put suitable and adequate 'pay cut' clauses (in the event of relegation) in their players' contracts, bankruptcy would be very unlikely. I can only presume that this is rare because the players they want to sign/keep would not sign if the clubs did this.
  7. ... I'm sure they can, but will they? Lady in tkt office seemed to think not.
  8. sold out by 3.45, when I got there. Lady said there would be no more coming and no pay on the day. Guaranteed Vale fans in the home sections now, but what do they expect?
  9. .... perhaps Askey is half expecting Monty to pick up an injury in the next few games... let's face it, looking at his recent history, he is due one. Let's hope it doesn't happen.
  10. Teams that end up in the play-offs, or even higher, will more than likely win at both Stevenage and Morecambe. I would be very surprised - but highly delighted - if we manage to complete this double over the two bottom clubs. It would just be so un-vale like !!
  11. Personally, I would be amazed if he was on that little at Forest. Remember Jordan Slew who we took on loan from Blackburn, and who we will come up against at Morecambe (perhaps}? Wasn't he on something ridiculous like £10,000 a week as a Blackburn reserve?
  12. £50,000 would be a 'massive' fee for many League 2 clubs (prob including us) and would be the absolute max i think we should offer/pay for an inexperienced, young lad who Forest don't want to keep. Perhaps they have another youngster in their u-21 team that they would like us to improve for them? If not, then 'other Championship teams are available' as they say - let's have a look around.
  13. i would agree with all of your post, Joe... except the 'lightning fast' bit. Perhaps we just have slightly different ideas of 'lightning fast.' I tend to think of lightning fast wingers as players who take the ball to the full back/defender, knock it past them into the space, then simply outrun the defender and easily get to the ball first. Amoo tends to try and beat the defender by trickery. I struggle to think of our last, really quick winger... Paul Smith probably. ,
  14. ...Luke Varney out for 4-6 weeks following knee surgery a few days ago. Might do us a slight favour for both the cup and our league game on 21st Dec.
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