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  1. ...not sure that Forest or Swan would view Vale as a team where he would get enough game time and minutes on the pitch. Especially if he came as the fourth striker, as some posters feel he would be.
  2. After taking the lead and then sitting back and inviting pressure, the Italians obliged and poured forward. For 80+% of the game there was only one team that looked like they wanted to score.... and it wasn't England ! Mind you, I've seen plenty of Vale games over the years where Vale have done that, and the usual outcome was that the opposition scored an equaliser/winner !!
  3. Donation done, Rob. Wife will soon find out !!
  4. .... used, untraceable fivers okay, Rob? I'm sure I've got a pile of old, white ones in a box up in the attic !! Count me in please.
  5. Can't say I have any particular affection for Crawley FC , but it does afford a great weekend away ......in Brighton. On that basis, I'm glad they will not be going down, and I hope away fans will be allowed in by the time our next fixture there is played. Otherwise it may just have to be Brighton with the wife but no match!
  6. ... i would imagine the majority of Gibbons' absences have been due to the one major injury he suffered early in the season, and from which he has only recently recovered, whereas Montano's absences have been caused by multiple hamstring/muscle injuries - thus earning him the 'injury prone' tag.
  7. ... was it just me or did anyone else think that Tom Pope was carrying a bit too much timber? Perhaps it's my old eyes, or maybe the wide-screen TV making players look wider than they actually are, but....
  8. Brown needs to help his defenders out as much as he can with these long throws into the 6 yard box.
  9. Thing should be a lot clearer for them after Colchester's next 3 games.... Home to Barrow, away at Oldham and home to Walsall. If they are not 'clear' of Southend by then, their next game is the tasty little matter of Colchester v Southend. Of course, there are other teams down there (where we were!} that still need points.... fortunately we aren't one of them now.
  10. ...all the answers... it's like asking the manager which bits he agrees with. Worst interviewer I've ever heard.
  11. ... totally agree with this. McGarry is the worst at it. his questions contain
  12. ... I noticed in the Crawley game that he came and took a cross beyond the penalty spot. Can't remember him doing that before!!
  13. Exactamundo, said Bart ! Precisely why we don't even bother trying to sign people like him. Would we like him, ability wise? Of course. Would/should we pay out this sort of money for a player of his ability? Definitely not.
  14. Our uncertainty over the team/formation is probably enhanced due to our lack of information regarding injuries/fitness of various players, something the manager is reluctant to give us.
  15. He should have been dropped ages ago, when Visser was still fit. He does not command his 6 yd box/the pen area and gives me kittens every time a cross comes in - he leaves it for the defenders to win every one... and that is highly unlikely. He often redeems himself with excellent/spectacular saves, but I don't think he has been as consistent and as good as last season. Perhaps replacing him with Visser much earlier, though maybe not on a permanent basis, would have been a much more acceptable decision than replacing him now with a complete, young rookie.
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