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  1. i would agree with all of your post, Joe... except the 'lightning fast' bit. Perhaps we just have slightly different ideas of 'lightning fast.' I tend to think of lightning fast wingers as players who take the ball to the full back/defender, knock it past them into the space, then simply outrun the defender and easily get to the ball first. Amoo tends to try and beat the defender by trickery. I struggle to think of our last, really quick winger... Paul Smith probably. ,
  2. ...Luke Varney out for 4-6 weeks following knee surgery a few days ago. Might do us a slight favour for both the cup and our league game on 21st Dec.
  3. ... just came across this on the Swindon's fans' website... "For those panicking about Grant and Doyle - apparently both the contracts stated they weren’t to play in the FA Cup when they joined, and this isn’t something that has been decided recently and due to form." This might be of some help to us should Swindon win the replay, as it suggests that neither Doyle nor Grant would be able to face us. I assume that if this is true, then neither club will be able to change the written contract until Jan 1st.
  4. ...presumably they also thought they could pass Macclesfield and Shrewsbury off the park. Remind me again, how did they get on in their other two games?
  5. While Peterboro or Kingstonian away would definitely fail to set the pulse running, at least with Oxford away (a difficult tie for us) there is the opportunity for a good weekend away. Looking through the list of teams in the 2nd round, there are actually lots of awful away draws we could get.
  6. just taken this from the FA website... "Rio Christopher - Striking - Violent Conduct - Law 12 S2 All Non First Team 29.10.2019 -16.11.2019 3 Games Kieran Agard Serious Foul Play - Law 12 S1 All First Team 02.11.2019 - 23.11.2019 3 Games" ....suggests Agard won't be featuring.
  7. Just came across this in one of our esteemed, red-top newspapers ; "Suspensions - Cautions are now specific to the competition but red cards apply across all competitions. ... don't know whether to believe it or not...!
  8. Indeed. However, their achievement still comes a long way second to Vale getting their game on and beating Oldham - in my sporting world anyway!!
  9. Extra incentive for Macc in that they will go above us if they win, but this is one of the away games that we should be looking to win. Getting on the front foot from the first whistle, possibly with both Pope and Bennett up front, should help Vale to return home with the 3 points.
  10. "I'd be tempted to throw Atkinson in at right back." (valefan16) ...and there was me thinking that he was a left winger when he played for us before!!! Perhaps age has affected my recall facilities.
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