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  1. mine just keeps buffering continuously... is that my laptop's fault (an old one)? my broadband's fault? or the fact we are still using windows 8 (not 10 as others seem to be using) . Got all the way there, paid etc. congratulations you have been successful etc. clicked on 'watch it live now' .... and it's still bl***y buffering !!!
  2. Is it absolutely certain that Pope is free to play in this game?
  3. ...... be great to get Mitch Clark in and let Monty play left mid/wing....!
  4. ... if we're having a third kit, why not have a black/gold one like the 1st team's keeper kit?
  5. ...fans may be gutted if he is out for a (long?) while. but would they be surprised?
  6. Indeed, it does look like he is destined to ply his trade elsewhere, but I'm sure he would be more than willing to play for us - if a better offer doesn't materialise!
  7. A classic what, Jean? We may differ on the answer to this question !!! I can never understand why fans, most of which are too young too have seen the aforementioned To55er play, still sing this 'song.' My least favourite song/chant by a long way, sorry.
  8. I totally agree that it is next season that should be curtailed/shortened rather than this one. Nothing is arranged fixture-wise yet and the Checkatrade, League Cup and the FA Cup should be postponed for one season. Finish this season off 'properly' before even thinking about the next one. If each division was split into two sections, perhaps the winners of each section could play off for the title? Top 2 in each section to be promoted? Bottom club in each section to go down? However, instead of 'regionalising' the sections, I would use this seasons finishing positions to decide - eg t
  9. More than likely. Personally, I can't stand him and think he is utterly talentless. IMO of course. No doubt others will disagree, but differing opinions make for a more lively forum!
  10. One for the oldies..... Lee Jenkins ! Only played 1 game for us - Boxing Day 1980. Deservedly never appeared again ! Made 3 sub appearances for Villa, 1 app for us and 1 app for B'ham city, which he didn't complete as he broke his ankle on debut (all courtesy of Wiki, ta).
  11. ... not that this will strike a chord with many (if any!) other Vale fans, but following on from Miranda Lambert, I'm well into the Pistol Annies and they are regularly on my CD player (I'm old!)
  12. i would suggest that this season is completed as and when it is possible, and that it is next season where the number of games is reduced. I'm sure we can forget this summer's Euros, as cancellation/postponement is inevitable.
  13. ... I was under the impression that most contracts ran to the end of June, though I may be completely wrong - but am totally unsure of when loan players' contracts run to - do Taylor's/Clark's deals include the play-offs for example.... should we make them?
  14. ... I take it that we do actually qualify as a "charitable institution" then?
  15. While I agree with the sentiment of your post and the mathematics' involved, I can't see the majority of the fans chucking a fiver/tenner into the collection buckets. Wishful thinking perhaps, though I too would love to see this happen and for me to be proved completely wrong - as I usually am!!
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