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  1. No surprise that we are moving up the 'death rankings' - Stoke on Trent has a major trauma hospital and I am informed that any positive-testing person who is admitted and dies within 28 days, is added to the Stoke death figures. I believe this includes people who live in Staffordshire, Newcastle u Lyme, Staffs Moorlands and even the ones 'coptered in from North Wales, from as far away as Anglesey. ,
  2. We're already without the spine of our 1st XI (?) in Legge, Joyce and Pope.... does anyone know if Mooooo and Conlon are fit and available for this game?
  3. 60 years watching Vale and after that, I wonder why I bother.
  4. "Not really many decent new shows out there at the minute I don’t think. Watched something called true detective recently that was excellent if you like crime programs." (valiant_593) Quite a few good, foreign detective/crime series on All4. Me and the Mrs are working through 'Walter Presents' series at the moment - Spanish, French, Belgian, Polish, Danish ones, all with English subtitles available, fortunately!
  5. You may well be right that we are in a "God awful division" but unfortunately we gave a perfect impression of a team in it - ie God awful !!
  6. Utter garbage, absolutely awful. That's the best I can say without descending into multiple swearwords and player 'assassination.'
  7. ...eventually came on for me as the half time whistle was about to go... then the second half was fine. After this many games, you would think they would have got all the problems sorted out and would be able to provide a good, gremlin-free stream. Unfortunately, my confidence in this happening is nil and I fully expect exactly the same problems next match. We'll see.
  8. Same for me. Started buffering during pre-match warm up and has continued buffering all the way through to half time.
  9. As has already been said, boring and hardly worth watching. Pretty-pretty passing across the back, to the keeper, back four again, midfield, back to defender again.... this sort of possession gets us nowhere, as shown today, and is sh**e to watch. Nothing created by midfield for the front men, who created nothing for themselves. £10 wasted and 2 hours I'll never get back..... You can probably tell I'm not a happy bunny !!
  10. mine just keeps buffering continuously... is that my laptop's fault (an old one)? my broadband's fault? or the fact we are still using windows 8 (not 10 as others seem to be using) . Got all the way there, paid etc. congratulations you have been successful etc. clicked on 'watch it live now' .... and it's still bl***y buffering !!!
  11. Is it absolutely certain that Pope is free to play in this game?
  12. ...... be great to get Mitch Clark in and let Monty play left mid/wing....!
  13. ... if we're having a third kit, why not have a black/gold one like the 1st team's keeper kit?
  14. ...fans may be gutted if he is out for a (long?) while. but would they be surprised?
  15. Indeed, it does look like he is destined to ply his trade elsewhere, but I'm sure he would be more than willing to play for us - if a better offer doesn't materialise!
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