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  1. possibly.... though we did have both Pett and Garrity sitting in midfield that day to help us along.
  2. ... must be, but I haven't heard anything. Couldn't have been injured in training surely? Perhaps a covid victim...?
  3. With Conlon and Pett already ruled out, the last one we could afford to lose was Garrity. If he was injured in training, what on Earth is going on.... that is all of our (probable) best midfield three missing now. He should have been wrapped in cotton wool all week.
  4. Suspect that will happen, but I'm not sure Wilson up top is contributing enough. He has plenty of skill, but needs to improve his work rate and pressing for me. On the other hand, if he scored every game I would probably forgive him !!
  5. Exactly this..... Wasn't it Winston Churchill (!!) who said "Never in the history of football has a goal been scored without the ball going into the penalty area." Maybe not, but the sentiment remains true. Get it in the box !
  6. I agree with this. Let's hope he doesn't play last night's role again this season... 'cause he was ****ing hopeless last night. IMO of course.
  7. No he hasn't. Get your facts right rather than relying on Wiki and making a judgment My 'judgement' is about the Club paying a fee for an inexperienced player, rather than about the player. As Wiki is inaccurate and not to be relied on, I would be grateful if you could let me know - in order for me to be more accurate - which source you use. Many thanks.
  8. Okay , my mistake.... what happened to last season's stats on Wiki??
  9. ... he's 25, has only made 10 league appearances in his whole career, and Mansfield do not consider him good enough to get in their side on a regular basis.... and we paid a fee for him..!?! Let's just say I'm surprised.
  10. .... sometimes, I sit and watch the ads without the sound on and pass the time trying to guess what the (new) ad is for . Often, the ad has nothing to do with the product, though of course they are very woke, diverse, childish and seemingly have to include some element of dance ! I'd love to be the company owner who, when shown the preview of the ad, says "and which bunch of puerile idiots thought that this load of f***ing garbage would be a good ad for our product?"
  11. ... always happens, Rob. And to compound the matter, they don't bother to wait for a break in the play when they return!!
  12. ...and that is exactly why we didn't sell our full ticket allocation.
  13. .... could always hijack the deal if our management team feel he is worth it. It would give Loft a choice to make....struggling Colchester or on-the-up vale.
  14. Totally agree with this. And I couldn't give a flying **** whether Sproson is happy or not. He is not running our Club in any aspect ; it is Vale's management team who will decide who comes and goes.
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