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  1. I know it’s the Crewe model but surely they didn’t need to part with all those players in one close season. All L1 & L2 clubs will lose their better players at some point but losing 5/6 is footballing suicide. Vale are a long way from being promoted and it could all yet end in disappointment but I’m yet to see a team better than us in the league so we have a chance. Not bad saying we didn’t win until our 5th league game.
  2. You can’t ask more than a home tie. It’ll be on the day. Great if we win but not the end of the world if we bow out.
  3. That way is longer but can be shorter in time especially if there are roadworks on the A38. I’ll just ask the sat nav for the quickest use.
  4. Spot on. I saw Sutton a couple of times on BT Sport last season and they get men behind the ball and attack with pace on the break. I can also see it being a draw which would be a decent result. I believe the Quest EFL show is coming from there so I expect them to be bang up for this game. I hope we are too! Providing we can match their workrate we may have a chance to sneak it by the odd goal.
  5. It’s human nature. People are far more likely to complain than to praise. Just ask anyone who’s worked with the public.
  6. I can’t remember the last time we won at Scunthorpe in the league. It’s got to be well over 40 years ago so for that reason I’ll go for 1-1.
  7. Good luck to the lad!! I really hope he’s a success!! 👏👏👏
  8. I agree with most your post but not this part. We hardly played a back four this season so the jury’s out on this one as is who would be our best CB pairing if we played this system. The only time we been ‘murdered’ this season was in the first half yesterday and we were playing three centre halves then.
  9. Strange how some of the people on here who wanted a clear out are some of those who are now saying we shouldn’t have made so many changes in the Summer. 🤣 As for the guy on RS who wanted Pope back. 🙄 Popey was a great servant to the club but his time had come what’s important now is we replace his hold up play and goals. Personally I think Proctor can do some of the former but no one looks like doing the latter. Hopefully DC can unearth someone before the end of the month as it would turn the 0-0’s to 1-0’s and the 0-1’s to 1-1’s. We’ll know where we are in another 8-10 games.
  10. This is something that needs addressing as it certainly affects the matchday experience. I was lucky in that I got in the queue for the paddock at 2.30pm and got in the ground at two minutes to ko however many were not so lucky. Had they not opened the big gate matters would have been even worse. I know the owners have made a great effort with the extra food and drink offers but most didn’t have the time to use them. Additionally the wait for HT refreshments was so long, most didn’t bother, which must be costing the club money. Why don’t the have an app ordering system so you can just collect at HT instead of having the extra delay of payment etc. Plenty of room for improvement I’m afraid.
  11. We desperately need a forward who can hold the ball up. I can’t see Wilson, Rodney or Proctor doing this enough. Legge had a good game as did Wozzer.
  12. Major congestion in the Paddock - 45min wait. I’ll be amazed if this kicks off in time!! 😡
  13. We played 3-5-2 in all those games No we didn’t!! Look up the match reports we played 4-3-3 in seven of those games and 3-4-3 in another.
  14. Perhaps he should consider going back to 4-3-3 as he did have some success with it.
  15. Utter rubbish - I’ve just looked up all nine games and we only played 3-5-2 once in those games. In seven we played 4-3-3 and in the other 3-4-3. You need to do your research marra!
  16. I do think we’ll concede quite a few goals if he persists with 3-5-2 as there’s always a lot of space for opponents in the full back positions. You rarely see Premier League teams playing 3-5-2 for this reason.
  17. I see the moaning and groaning has commenced! 😂 Obviously warming up for when the real action starts. Moaning about the Manager, team selection, formation and performances coming to this forum soon. 😎
  18. Oops meant Brad Walker. 😊 I’m coming to terms with all these signings.
  19. I thought Martin was our stand out performer yesterday with Conlon not far behind. I also thought Benning had a good game and was pleasantly surprised by how well Bailey held the ball up and finished his goal off. Of the youth team Osman and McFarland looked the best prospects. All in all a good work out and some promising signs. Nice to see a few faces who I’ve not seen in months but roll on the first home game to see a few more.
  20. No but three clubs in L2 are. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57760968
  21. If you Google his wages (& believe the results) he’s on £5.5k/wk at Salford - their highest paid player.
  22. I believe you may be disappointed if you think we’ll make another 5 signings. The budget will start to run dry before then as we are paying higher wages than we were and rumour has it, much of what’s left will go on another forward. It’s more likely we will get another 2-3 in, then top up with a couple of loans in August. However, in general, the new arrivals are improvements on what we had - the only exceptions are the keeper and Pope position but I maybe pleasantly surprised.
  23. They’re hardly the other end of the country though, you can travel between the two in an hour. Perhaps he wants a promotion or two before he calls it a day. AFCF must be nailed on for one this season.
  24. I really think 4 CB’s is adequate. I’d rather put the remaining budget to another goalscorer.
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