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  1. I see the moaning and groaning has commenced! 😂 Obviously warming up for when the real action starts. Moaning about the Manager, team selection, formation and performances coming to this forum soon. 😎
  2. Oops meant Brad Walker. 😊 I’m coming to terms with all these signings.
  3. I thought Martin was our stand out performer yesterday with Conlon not far behind. I also thought Benning had a good game and was pleasantly surprised by how well Bailey held the ball up and finished his goal off. Of the youth team Osman and McFarland looked the best prospects. All in all a good work out and some promising signs. Nice to see a few faces who I’ve not seen in months but roll on the first home game to see a few more.
  4. No but three clubs in L2 are. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57760968
  5. If you Google his wages (& believe the results) he’s on £5.5k/wk at Salford - their highest paid player.
  6. I believe you may be disappointed if you think we’ll make another 5 signings. The budget will start to run dry before then as we are paying higher wages than we were and rumour has it, much of what’s left will go on another forward. It’s more likely we will get another 2-3 in, then top up with a couple of loans in August. However, in general, the new arrivals are improvements on what we had - the only exceptions are the keeper and Pope position but I maybe pleasantly surprised.
  7. They’re hardly the other end of the country though, you can travel between the two in an hour. Perhaps he wants a promotion or two before he calls it a day. AFCF must be nailed on for one this season.
  8. I really think 4 CB’s is adequate. I’d rather put the remaining budget to another goalscorer.
  9. If we are challenging this season I think they should bring out a Carol wig. I can just see 3000 Vale fans, in the away end, in party mood last game of the season. 🤣😂🤣
  10. I met John Connaughton years later and he said although he played nigh on 200 games for Vale, he’s always remembered for letting a grubber through his legs at home to Walsall. 🙄
  11. Great footage! It’s like being 18 again. An incredibly young looking Phil Sproson. 👍
  12. All things must end but Tom has given the best part of a decade in service to his boyhood club. It would be fitting if he got one in my opinion especially as the fans have not had the opportunity to say farewell.
  13. As I said earlier, Clarke sees the players most days in training and if he thinks there’s a player in there (Hurst) I’m prepared to back him. However he looks too lightweight to me but perhaps I’m wrong. What we don’t need is Ryan Lloyd mk2 who had a number of seasons at the club and didn’t make it.
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