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  1. I thought first half we were more than a match for Cambridge but their second goal - which came a little out of the blue - really knocked us back and they deserved to win overall. The lad who scored the hat trick looks a decent player and he seems on fire at the moment. it’s beginning to look like we will win games and lose games quite frequently whereas last season we drew a lot of games. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t make the playoffs though. the one thing we are missing at present is a box to box midfielder - the job Jake Taylor did last year. Hopefully we’ll be strengthened when Mann
  2. Rob I agree up to a point that anyone can make a mistake however if you listen back they went on & on & on about it. To me if you’re uncertain then keep your powder dry.
  3. It’s a pity the RS commentary team didn’t see it in the same way! The manner they kept yawping on about what a poor challenge it was and whether our player would receive a yellow or a red card was very disappointing. They later tried to say that it was quite a way from they - after Vale fans got in touch - but if this was the case just keep quiet!!!
  4. I think Rodney needs a rest tbh and I’d replace him with Robinson who did well when he came on. That’s our best back four so I’d leave that alone so the only other change I’d consider would be Burgess for Whitehead. if we get three or four points from the next two games it would be a good return.
  5. I’m an Askey fan but he made three big mistakes today in my view: 1. He changed the back four too much in only retaining Leon in it from the last game. I know one change was forced but it was the one area of the team that looked the part. Our defence looked like strangers at times with even Leon looking vulnerable. 2. Playing Burgess and Whitehead in a two meant we were overrun by Carlisle’s central thee. It also leaves us short on pace and creativity, we were crying out for Manny or Conlon. 3. If you’re going to play 442 then your wide midfielders need to deliver crosses into
  6. Fitzpatrick was not the reason we lost yesterday’s game whilst he was far from our worst performer. Four players who need to ask whether they did their best yesterday are Worrell, Burgess, Conlon and Cullen. All teams will lose games the important thing now is can we put it right on Saturday. We’ll know by the end of this month where we are at as we have upcoming games v Salford, Cambridge and Cheltenham and hopefully, we will be more creative in these games than yesterday.
  7. I’m not going to go over the top as it’s one defeat in 12 games however our goal threat over the last two games has been non-existent. Cullen and Worrell have been poor. It’s a squad game, time to use it!
  8. Correct. They have an awful lot of momentum, two defeatS in 23 games. I thought they worked very hard to close us down and deserved their point. Sometimes the opposition stop you from playing and this was one such occasion. Ironically I think Pope May have been more effective than Cullen today - had he been available.
  9. Got to say it was a fair result. We weren’t great but they worked really hard to close us down and kept it up for 75mins. No one wins em all. I would have taken 7/9 three weeks ago.
  10. Very scrappy game. Harrogate are very physical and are looking for free kicks all the time. We need to get it down.
  11. Legge did have a good game no one other than Conlon could be MOTM. He was the difference between scoring two goals and none.
  12. Surprised to hear of the issues some had. Personally it worked fine for me - totally glitch free.
  13. If he signed Rowe it would be a real coup and I don’t think there’d be too many complaints.
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