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  1. And that’s big but in all of this. One thing we need to improve is the quality of our replacements. The likes of Mills, Whitehead, Burgess etc make the team weaker and this is a problem when you get injuries and suspensions. I like Manny but in his 9 seasons in football (non league and league) he’s barely averaging 17 games a season which is not enough.
  2. You think with all that money she’d have come up with something better than a toddler could do with Lego in 10mins. 🤣😂🤣 https://expressdigest.com/bet365-businesswoman-boss-irks-neighbours-by-offering-silly-money-to-buy-up-their-homes/
  3. I think Tuesday’s fixtures will have a big bearing: Southend v Walsall and Barrow v Grimsby. If the bottom two lose, they’ll need an incredible run to survive especially as they’ve consistently been unable to win back to back games all season.
  4. Correct. I always watch it on a 29” TV in the conservatory and have no issues. The other factor is your local internet speed and how many devices are active when you’re watching it.
  5. Jesus. Can the bloke play half a dozen games without getting injured?
  6. What does make me laugh is some of the OVFers who were crying out for change and a Manager who had no connections to the club are now berating the incumbent before he’s even had a transfer window or 10 games. 🙄 What’s important now is we get some wins this month and one needs to come in the next seven days! I’m tempted to get down to the ground and give some of the underperforming players a pep talk.
  7. Hopefully they can play up front or out wide! 😁
  8. Our last two away games look interesting: Barrow and Grimsby! 😵
  9. The last two away games should be interesting: Barrow and Grimsby. 🤔
  10. At this rate we’ll be the only club with a DOF in the National League!
  11. I’m struggling to recall a worse run and a worst set of performances for any Vale teams.
  12. I really hope Gibbo is fit for Saturday as Mills has been useless since Christmas. He just seems to stand off and let the opposition cross into our box.
  13. It demonstrates how poor a run we’ve been on recently when Stevenage can go level on points with us if they win their game in hand.
  14. I don’t disagree with most of your post but the facts of the matter are he’s in contract and that means if Morecambe don’t release him he can’t come. News of his interest in talking to Bradford was common knowledge all over the news feeds however, no such news has surfaced about Vale. I agree both sides maybe more tight lipped this round but if he was about to be appointed I’d be amazed if he took charge of Morecambe’s game today. Given our current predicament I just whoever is appointed is a success and there’s no guarantee of this regardless of the successful candidate.
  15. How can Adams be in pole position? He’s already in a job. It would cost money to release him from his contract and there’s nothing on any news feeds to say he’s even remotely interested. Added to this he got a reasonable chance of adding another promotion to his CV so money apart why would he want to go backwards in trying to resuscitate Vale? if he does come then credit to him as most wouldn’t.
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