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  1. I believe JAs performance in the Summer transfer market is a major reason why he’s not still Manager. Perhaps Rodney apart, none of our of these signings have improved us significantly.
  2. I think the Pope Rodney combo is working well. Just need Joyce to stay on the pitch!
  3. Surely you mean it’s twue, it’s twue!
  4. I actually feel for JA as it’s clear he wants to be successful at the club. Unfortunately, for whatever reason something has gone desperately wrong and in a quarter of the season (12 games) we’ve won once and are staring a relegation fight in the face. Action is needed in the next fortnight otherwise it’ll be too late!
  5. Everyone’s an expert with hindsight. I don’t remember anyone criticising either signing at the time but now there’s plenty who are. Neither has worked out so we need to move on.
  6. Whoever is the Manager in the next few months has real job on. This squad is a long way shy of having what it takes Pope, Legge, Brown, Joyce will need proper replacements finding as their best days are now behind them. It’s now reflection on them but old Father Time catches up with everyone unfortunately. Mills, Whitehead, Burgess, Cullen, Robinson, Crookes, McKirdy are not good enough. Oil leak cannot play enough games to be effective. Conlon, Worrell, Amoo, Gibbons are good enough and a team needs building around them. I include Smith here based on his overall level of
  7. I can’t understand why earlier in the season we were solid at the back and creative in midfield. For the last six weeks we’ve been awful. I’ve been prepared to give John time but today’s non performance has tipped to scales for me. Carol and Kevin need to start looking for a replacement.
  8. If we lost all our next three games we won’t be in the bottom two - there aren’t averaging even a point a game. Whilst I thought we played ok in the second half yesterday. The problem yesterday was abject defending. Smith and Legge were poor and Clark kept going AWOL. Fitzpatrick was our best defender yesterday and he got subbed off and the goal came from where he may have been! I do agree with you on one point, time is running out and things cannot continue as they are.
  9. Personally I still think it’s too early to consider changing the Manager however, Askey has got to turn around this current run of form. If we go another 3/4 games without winning I may change my mind. Failing to score regularly and not keeping clean sheets is not a recipe for success.
  10. I can’t believe how we have gone from looking like a Top 3 side ten days ago to looking like Bottom 3 now. Since Joyce was sent off v Tranmere, we’ve lost that game + the next three!
  11. I’m beginning to hope Stoke goes into Tier 3 so I don’t have to go to watch this! 😁
  12. I’ll keep pointing it out because it a fact. Your comment that it’s a worse start than last season is an opinion. There’s difference. Time will tell if we’ve improved this season as we either finish 7th or above or get more points than last season. My biggest disappointment is we didn’t recruit the quality striker that we lacked last season. If we had Vaughan from Tranmere, for example, it would turn the draws into wins and defeats into draws.
  13. That’s not a bad shout particularly when we are playing teams with only one up front.
  14. Reality check: Table at the same point last season. More defeats but more points than last season!
  15. Could be leading 2-0 or losing 3-0 or any score in between! It’s one of those games.
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