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  1. Good players don’t Always equal a good team.
  2. He was but he’s been signed by Bolton.
  3. Doesn’t seem long ago when they were battling to stay up in L2.
  4. People keep going on about Smith not being Championship quality but watching the defending for Boro’s goals yesterday he’s better than Stoke’s current donkeys.
  5. Great location For a game if you want a weekend in the South Lakes - Coniston, Ambleside or Windermere.
  6. Bostwick is a midfielder who sometimes plays at the back. He’s also 32 with his best days behind him. I’d look elsewhere.
  7. Great letter. I’m fortunate financially and don’t need the money and I love the club so they can keep the rebate. Just bought next season’s - UTV we go again!
  8. Used the online ST renewal form for the first time and it was seamless. I just want to show my support to the club and don’t want any refunds for either this season or next season for games which are unplayed or behind closed doors.
  9. IMHO starting a season before finishing the last would be like starting the second book or episode in a series without finishing the first. What’s the point? Football will return at some point and when it does they need to find away of finishing the 19/20 season before starting another.
  10. With all the major events cancelled I’m very surprised that the Midlands Grand National hasn’t been cancelled today. 13,000 expected for that one.
  11. I totally agree that it’s personal choice and I respect the view that people may have other priorities, particularly if their incomes fall in the coming weeks. I just put it out there as some people could consider it if their personal circumstances allow.
  12. With the distinct possibility of the club having a big hole in their finances or at least a cash flow interruption, should the fans try to assist in bridging the gap? Things like renewing ST early have been mentioned at other clubs. Thoughts?
  13. Stockport are 5 points adrift of the playoff places and have played a game more.
  14. soothsayer

    Run In

    A draw would have been better but we have to get the points ourselves regardless of others.
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