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  1. I have just been medically retired from the NHS for I'll health. There I had increments from payrises 1 and 2 percent and increments for more experienced which stop after year 9. However with each increment in base rates and with promotion up the band's (porter (1) hospital hcsw (2) and to COVID community vaccinator (4)) comes an increase in basic pay but a decrease in the overtime and enhancements percentages to the point that if a person joined as a porter and made it through training to be a senior nurse or even junior ward manager there's no incentive for overtime. At my last level before being finished Sunday work was worth £22 per hour. I am now working p/t in a supermarket on a flate rate of £9.60 pH, we voted against our proposed 20p pay rise. Await a new response. I feel a general strike is a must but too many Karen's would complain of being inconvienced because they've seen some garbage propaganda on Facebook so no one dare call one. It's got to happen.
  2. My father returned to VP with my young nephew in tow on Saturday. His first time since rudge, his first ever season ticket following on from my returning at Christmas. Years ago when I asked him why he stopped going he said "I can't sit in those seats". Now no such complaints and both said how much they enjoyed it. However an issue is that I renewed my seat in Lorne street but no other seats were showing as available in my row or even nearby. He ended up buying in the end block by the disabled stand because he needed 2 seats together. On Saturday there must of been 6 seats all in a continuous row in my row not sold and with no season ticket sticker on. Why? Until the club can answer this we will continue to look tinpot with a shrinking stadium saying we are "sold to allowed capacity" with rows of empty seats. You wouldn't see this in a cinema, theatre or concert venue.
  3. Has BBC radio Stoke ditched sport at 6 and dumbed down praise and grumble? I wasn't impressed with Fridays, Saturdays was inevitably log jammed by stokies calling for Mon to go and it wasn't announced on Monday night? BBC getting rid in favour of nothing shows repeating same content every hour like the breakfast shows?
  4. I used to stand in the railway and then the bycars as a lad. I used to look and wonder why the roof of the bycars only covered the back half of the stand. We used to be able to stand near the front but if it rained everyone could normally move back and get under the cover. The corner stand roof is the last remaining remnants of that strange affair. Even my 1988 road atlas of Stoke has the plan view of vale park drawn with half a roof for the corner and bycars. I think it was condemned when we beat Bristol rovers in the play offs and the non maintenance of the ground bit the club on the arse. The roofed area was boarded off with hoardings whilst it was demolished and yellow seats put in on the terrace in the open to comply with seating rules. All home games at that time were made all ticket until it was sorted which stopped me attending as I couldn't get tickets due to work and my dad stopped going because he couldn't sit in the seats.
  5. Where do vales female side play?
  6. I took a selfie as well but it was about 15 mins before kick off. I thought the stand would fill up but it didn't. In fact I don't remember ever seeing so many empty seats around me.
  7. Even with my eyesight it's plain to see the rust in the steelwork of the corner stand and it can't be a coincidence that it's that end of the railway stand and paddock that don't get sold. A reduced capacity must be in place in that area due to safety concerns of the steelwork. Also from last year's discussions on capacity I read that the allowable capacity is based on how quickly someone can get too and from there seat to/from turnstiles and exit gates including pinch points. I am sure there will be a plan. There were lots of empty seats in the ls stand on Saturday.
  8. I went up for my season ticket on Thursday (club shop closed) and a teenager in front of me was wearing the new away goalie top and I thought It looked damn good.
  9. Given the state of progress in the club at the moment and that the players gym has now been moved I am sure this will happen soon. Carol will be aware of the seat situation.
  10. Why was beer not being flung in the box park? Disappointed [emoji2]
  11. A substitute because of a booking. I would like to see that in the men's game. Keep 11 on the pitch, keep discipline. If your booked you get subbed. I like it.
  12. The notthetop20 pod team (recorded last week) had us 23rd with Lincoln below and fgr above. I stopped listening with disgust at this point. I already felt we would be safe and if this team gels and performs then who knows?
  13. Do the valiantesses have their own forum page?
  14. Great game. I might be converted. It's so nice to watch. They are so niave, there's no malice, no gamesmanship.
  15. Why are the women not playing like the men? (Harrasing the ref, diving, being unsporting!) [emoji848] Me thinks the men's game can learn a lot!
  16. I just wanted to say. I wasn't worried. I still am not. I've really enjoyed today. Thank you vale. I've got a big smile on my face.
  17. If you look back on wikipedia at vales season highlights for 1990-s to present day you'll see that even when we were in the championship average crowds were very low considering the calibre of teams visiting and vales performances. Why? Our average for last season is close to those. We've almost sold a record number of season tickets. Why? Why do most seats in the Lorne street (out of those available) end up filled? Why do we want Hamil as a home end instead of bycars? Is it because Hamil and Lorne street have had the most recent investment whereas the rest of the ground is non league standard? Supporters want facilities, investment brings success.
  18. I can understand you saying this but as someone who stood on the bycars season after season until the play off final Vs Bristol rovers and still remembers the Earle goal that took us up....no money had been spent on the ground. Capacity was cut. Championship games were all ticket because bycars was condemned and because I worked in the week and sat mornings I couldn't get a ticket. It broke my link with the club. I didn't go then from that point until December 21. How many people now moan about the pa, bogs in railway and bycars, turnstiles, why the Lorne street isn't finished and open, booze, etc. Do you want improvements, progression? It has to be a twin track approach. You need a stable base and like it or not vale park and it's training pitches has been starved of investment and milked of all profit since rudge went and until carol and Kevin took over. And frankly as someone who stayed away during mold, nil paid shares, smurth and piegate that fact it was allowed to go on should be embarrassing. Choose your investment. It has to be both. End of.
  19. I am getting well bored of this now. I've wasted 20 mins of my time wading through arguement Vs counter argument and personal abuse. It's not nice folks. Anyway. Here's my take on it. A team that was successful in league 2 has kept its best bits and got rid of its fringes. It's still the same togetherness. McDermott and ojo look like winners. Do we need more? Of course we do but I won't be one shouting for more now or the managers head! Why? Because read back on your history of pvfc (Wikipedia) and if you can't work out that this current group from the board to the youth team are a different breed than what's gone before then you need time off! Under bell, mold and smurth teams were ripped up, best assets sold to fund costs and the manager had to deal with it. Imo this led to panic recruitment. I've in the past been glued to rs or web for vale signings, recent years aside the most excited I was when the foreign experiment started with all the new imported players, I always wanted our business to be done early so players could bond and every season we were cack. We were light in areas last season, people playing out of position because of injuries, we got promoted. It's clear to me, especially if you reflect on seasons where we "nearly did it" that most important of all is a good dressing room. Togetherness brings with it a fight to the death. We will win games we thought we would lose, we will lose games we should of won. I am convinced we will be fine. Carol and family have funded the improvements, players that left went for ££, we can't play Russian roulette with wages, it ends up in heartache. One last thing, before I finish my beer, a lot of criticism for hussey on here, I've looked at his body, watched the interviews and given him the chickensteve once over. If he is a "donkey" or a "poor signing" next season with that level of personal fitness then it really is time to pack it in. There's nothing more to say on it. I can't wait for Saturday. UTV.
  20. I think people forget that CG held the club together against the work of smurth to keep us as a football club and was instrumental in carol and Kevin's negotiations with smurth and the takeover. Are you saying that after the misery he had to work through, with a skeleton staff and under resourced that he can't have a working holiday with carol and the team? I think he's worth it.
  21. My thoughts on seeing the same tweet were that it seemed like a plan to save legs and also test the shape and formation under a 10 man situation which if true is simply astounding planning that you would deliberately play 10 against 11 to test whether you can hold out.
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