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  1. Away fans are mostly housed in one side of the covered east terrace with about 200 seats available in the south stand.
  2. We onna doing too brilliant either fella. Hopefully that will change next season with a smaller squad of better quality.
  3. Our dear leader was nearly exterminated by a taxi driver on hamil road, not suggesting of course that the driver was a vale fan. [emoji848][emoji6]
  4. Good on him, i say.[emoji109][emoji851]
  5. Yes i remember that. It was a night game at pv and pompey were leading vale 1 0 i think. Near the end of the game pompeys keeper alan knight was taking too much time over a goal kick. My mate , having consumed 5 pints of bass charged onto the pitch and smacked the slowcoach keeper. He was heavily fined for that and desevedly so.
  6. There was i thinking you were residing at the HARPLANDS.
  7. Are you his son in law by any chance ? Mr johhny come lately. [emoji6]
  8. Fans going by train for this game should go via tamworth to nottingham. There is engineering work going on the sjoke to blythe bridge line with a bus from sjoke to blythe bridge. Its about 14 quid 70 pence from sjoke to nottingham via tamworth.
  9. I think, sir , you will find my maths do add up . As a side note my dear departed namesake was aquitted of all tax charges. Whilst your other hero robbie earle was sacked from the itv panel for floggiing tickets meant for family. [emoji6]
  10. I think that we as supporters have provided the budget. Nowt to do with the leech.
  11. I'll bet tranmere had probably sold around 700 + tickets for tomorrow. No doubt now a lot of them will be after refunds as they can' t or won' t attend a night game. So vale ( or the dear leader .) Will lose a considerable amount of dosh. I'd send those bloody covers back., they are useless.
  12. The 'chairman' has money, loads of it apparently but keeps it to himself.
  13. Going on the rattler from stoke, boozing in stockport, loads of pubs in town and no getting turned away from pubs which will happen in macc.
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