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  1. Who gives a flying clucck what weds. Fans think of p.v. and burslem? Always give your own supporters the better facilities. Let them moan their conkers off , no skin off our nose.
  2. I remember being on a boat on the norfolk broads years ago. A boat came past obviously crewed by vale fans with a makeshift H.M.S. BERNIE WRIGHT sign on it. [emoji16]
  3. I would have thought that the club would have made a statement by now regarding a possible move to the hamil for home fans. I know if we did have the hamil it would vastly improve the atmosphere in the ground. Sadly it looks like we are slumming it in the railway again. Wading through urine and water in the bogs.
  4. Wonder if norman pinched it? [emoji6]
  5. A lot of their stuff is black and white. Beanie hats always black ,with a black and white badge. How weird is that? Imagine vale beanie hats red and shhitte?
  6. At least joan whalley bought her season ticket for the lorne street.
  7. Wonder if a special guest may be AGENT McKIRDY.[emoji848][emoji6][emoji16]
  8. Had forgot what brilliant facilities there is in the hamill end. Spacious concourse, CLEAN toilets, bar and food areas. I know the weather was perfect thursday night but imagine vale fans in the railway if it was tipping it down. Half time comes you go for a drink or something to eat and you get soaked through. You may then go to the gents toilet b4 going back to your seat and wade through puddles of water/ urine. Imagine the carnage on hamil road after the game if swindon had been in the hamil. It would have turned into a bloodbath. It was a pleasure to walk down the hamil and not come across any warring fans. To me it makes perfect sense to put visitors in the bycars end. No need to have scores of police patroling down hamil road. I'd be very dissapointed if things go back to the usual way of putting OUR fans in areas with the crappest facilities.
  9. Try using one of those discarded dinghys the migrants keep streaming across the channel on.
  10. You are right about 200 away fans making more noise than the paddock. It does not help when the wind break at the side of the railway is only about 6 feet high. It needs to go right to the roof. I think it would significantly improve the noise levels generated by pv fans.
  11. Deffo chris pearce, shat hissen when fireworks were thrown. [emoji16]
  12. Seen their fans scoffing sausage butties in the bulls head pre match. [emoji16]
  13. We're getting the 7. 53 from sjoke, gets stafford at 8. 11. Half hour wait for the london train.
  14. Just a pity the money from the hugill sale was trousered by that barsteward smurthwaite. [emoji2959]
  15. Looking at saturdays fixture lists for english, scottish and welsh clubs it seems a bit odd that only english clubs are postponing games. Only 1 match in the whole of the scottish leagues postponed and none in wales. Does omicron stop at the borders between the countries? All seems a tad fishy to me.
  16. Brentford took 1500 odd fans to the lardie stadium in the league cup. And that was a night match.
  17. Probably being coached a tad better than he was with us.
  18. Please explain why you find the letters v.l.f embarrassing on a port vale flag?[emoji848] do you know what it stands for?
  19. What do you find offensive about a port vale flag with v.l.f on? Do you know what it stands for?
  20. Pinch the viva ronaldo chant off m.u. fans. Hail the vale, hail the vale, hear the vale sing wozzas on the wing, hail the vale. And so on.
  21. No decanting of beer in the railway stand. Lads standing by us swigging bottles of lager. [emoji1785][emoji2961]
  22. The advice says just reccomend. Entirely up to those attending what they wish to do.
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