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  1. Tough game on paper but winnable especially with our current form.
  2. Wow Robinson and now Guthrie Clarke is working miracles it seems.
  3. If we play the same as the last 5 games we should win this one.
  4. Can somebody check on Tyler as I am worried we have not heard from him in a couple of games ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  5. I think today will be a bit of a scrap between two poor teams, hopefully nick the win.
  6. We donโ€™t get any closer to the opposition goal so we have to shoot from that far out.
  7. I am expecting a tough game as Bolton are on the up and we have yet to turn the corner, if we can create chances like we did against Oldham and be a bit more ruthless who knows, one thing is for certain that any team can be beaten just hope our luck changes.
  8. Good effort but in by the boys tonight, just lacking that quality in the final third to get the ball over the line. I hope Clarke can find a solution fast.
  9. I really can not see where any goals are going to come from for the rest of the season, I can only say Clarke needs to figure out his best strikers and stick with them, not easy with the rubbish we have.
  10. Looks like another game without a shot on target, how many is that now?
  11. Another defeat for the stats, national league here we come.
  12. I think we have no choice but to play hoof ball with the players we have so my team would be Brown Smith. Legge. Brisley. Crookes Conlon. Joyce. Hurst Swann. Guthrie. Rodney not a pretty footballing team but hopeful Swann or Rodney can pick up a loss ball from a Guthrie knock down, can not see any other way we will score at the minute.
  13. We are definitely in deep s**t unless we find some clean sheets and goals from somebody. We should all start praying for Devine intervention.
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