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  1. Hoping for a win, main thing is a good performance to proof we can compete at a higher level.
  2. Patched up team able to compete with a team up their in league was great, shows we do have depth to the squad, hopefully we can reproduce this Saturday with a bit better finishing.
  3. As long as we can stay in the promotion mix until after then the hard work starts to get that automatic place.
  4. Not the result I was hoping for as it was my first away game, heading back to Devon. Just one of those days for me disappointing but onto the next game.
  5. This team just seems to get better every week, well done to the lads, manager, back room staff and the owners.
  6. Looks like this is going to finish as one of those infuriating results, we should have won, bad luck, lapses in concentration, lots to learn from and I am sure DC will analyse the hell out of the game and back to work on Monday to prepare for the next match. We are not going to win every game, it will be the character of the team that will take us through the bad results and hopefully promotion at the end of the road.
  7. What’s going on in the world with DC naming an unchanged team?
  8. Disappointing result but I think we have the making of a decent team, just need more consistent quality of lay and eradicate the errors. Proctor and Wilson upfront looks a promising partnership.
  9. Way too early for panic but Clarke needs to find the formation to make the most of our front men which we are not doing, I stand by my formation earlier 4-2-3-1.
  10. Still need more understanding going forward and I am still not convinced of this system for the players we have and the more I hear the more certain I become.
  11. It is very harsh on Jones as he has been brilliant, I just think against Carlisle we need a litttle more going forward and Benning has a little bit more in that dept, to be honest I makes a difference having two good players for that left side for once.
  12. My team would be Covalan Cass. Smith. Legge. Benning Garrett. Pett Worral. Wilson. Rodney Proctor
  13. For Hurst was ok last season, has lots of potential to be a good player, it is just a question of if that talent can be accessed, if not DC will probably release him at the end of his contract. You cannot expect young players to just come into the team a be match winners they need time time develops and mature mentally and physically.
  14. I would feel a lot more comfortable when we have a goal keeper.
  15. Happy with the James Wilson signing could go either way, if he is fully over his injuries a good lad that used to have the right attitude a few years ago when I knew him, hopefully DC can get him back scoring goals.
  16. No real surprises for me, we just need to get rid of Whitehead now and it has been a good clear out of the deadwood.
  17. Not worried about the score more Clarke looking at the fringe players with retained list in mind.
  18. Despite being a very poor season we are five or six wins off automatic promotion which shows how close this league is; hopefully next season we can get those extra wins.
  19. Tough game on paper but winnable especially with our current form.
  20. Wow Robinson and now Guthrie Clarke is working miracles it seems.
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