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  1. Less than a year ago, and with two survivors this season form that starting line up, and a couple on the bench. Seems like another lifetime! Lets hope the better squad of players this season can get another home win.
  2. "Thank God I haven't lost my sense of taste and smell, as the beers are going to taste so good tonight! UTV!" Oh yes. Oh definitely yes they will. Already on the first one. Thank you Vale, you just made my weekend.
  3. Play nicely guys - we won! Fair enough to be fed up when they went 2-1 up, but what a fightback. Really chuffed for the team, the manager, the owners and the fans. Get in!
  4. Frustrating. Very frustrating. Wonder why this happens?
  5. "Just don't cry". Brilliant, you excel yourself. Boo hoo hoo Beech.
  6. I criticise players when I think they are hiding or robbing a wage. Wilson is neither of those. Good of you to say "you do you" though Beech, I'll look that one up to see if I can surmise what the foggiest you are on about. It's just an opinion.
  7. So the comment "Wilson is garbage" was just for the first 45 minutes then, not for his overall quality of the player? Good of you to specify that. Not frowning on, just wish you would be a bit more positive about a Vale player who is clearly struggling. Slagging him off obviously does it for you, but it isn't the way forward. As I said, get behind him - it might work.
  8. Some of the comments on here about Wilson are laughable. He just needs encouragement. Why slag him off if he is one of ours? He is clearly a fine player, but just not firing - calling him gash isn't going to do much for his self esteem is it? Get behind him.
  9. Is it me or has every game this season had a comment along the lines of "They are getting in down our left hand side" or "their right back is bombing on, we need to double up on him" etc? Are teams seeing this part of our team as a weakness then? I'm surprised, given the comments about Benning, Jones and Johnson - thought we had sorted the left hand side out.
  10. ...and he stands 6.06 feet tall. Praise be.
  11. 6 yellow cards and a red - Covolan's obvious enough, but has it been a dirty game?
  12. I'll console myself by thinking Covolan won't do that again all season....especially if he can't get back in to the side...
  13. One for the stattos - when was the last time we got 10,000 plus for a league game?
  14. Had us down for promotion last season...wonder how many punters thought likewise, based on the season before? Funny old game...
  15. Absolutely nothing wrong with what you have posted. My point is that the coaching team are probably able to see what we see, and are aware, as trained professionals, of how to advise the player. I find the problem is with players who have played a few games and been watched is that the oppo know their game, know he is greased lightning, and build that into the game plan. But please don't take my post as being critical of you - it just makes me smile that everyone has their own take on how Rodders can improve. I wonder if he reads this site and smiles at the same thing?
  16. So there you have it Rodders - just follow all the advice above simultaneously, and you will become a world class player. Simples. Or, as John Barnes might have said: You've got to hold or give, but do it at the right time, You can be slow or fast, but you must get to the line, They'll always hit you and hurt you, defend and attack, There's only one way to beat them, get round the back. Oh, and don't forget to score 20 plus goals, and provide a similar number of assists for Wilson and Proctor to do the same. No pressure lad. Good job we're here really, you might not have worked it out on your own..
  17. It seems to me the squad is stronger than this time last season, and I guess the point was to lower the age of the squad, as well as improving the quality of player. Some of last year's team were reaching their twilight, and we have recruited players who are leaders from what I can see. But I agree that mid table would disappoint a lot of people, who seem to think that massive overhaul = obvious promotion. I think Wilson is key to pushing up the league - if he starts firing, gets a few goals early on, and goes on to have an upper teens total at the end of the season, we ought to be close to the playoffs. If he is seen as our danger man by other teams and double marked, it takes the pressure off Rodney as well. And I think being in with a shout of the playoffs with 5 games left will be viewed as a success. The final striker to be signed will be interesting - championship loanee, or experienced warhorse that no-one else has taken up yet? It's one of the more intriguing questions about next season - do we have enough goals in the team or not? I hoping we do, and can make the playoffs.
  18. Is it a formation thing, or are they just crash hot down the wings?
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