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  1. If we had signed John Trollope back in the day ...... Tartt, Hussey and Trollope. Shades of Lilo Lil in Bread (which dates me, I know).
  2. No sympathy. Can't have your cake and eat it. Having gobbed off about what he thought on vaccination, he encountered a country that disagreed. Now he's squealing "it's not fair". Tough. The Aussies think differently.
  3. Good luck Ryan, work hard and the Vale fans will appreciate you. I hope you read in the small print that promotion this season is part of the deal - no pressure, but a double figure goals return between now and May would be useful. Cheers fella.
  4. Or have they revived the staggeringly popular pen/shirt deal in the shop? I know I was tempted....
  5. Still early days, just after the Bank Holiday. If the backroom team have been doing their homework as we have been told, hopefully there will be something finalised in a few days time. Some player's agents will have only sobered up this morning.......
  6. Premiership survival is EVERYTHING to Brentford, (and who can blame them really) so although they are well placed the moment, they will know that injuries and suspension can weaken their team and send them on a downward spiral pretty quickly. Their squad depth isn't great, though even their reserves will be a big test. This is a free hit - if we play out of our skins with fresh legs against a weakened team, we are in with a shout. If they pick a strong team and we are rusty, we will lose, but at least we will have given players "time on the grass", and since our priority is getting players fit for the forthcoming fixture pile up, that will be part of the job done. If I were DC, I would be fielding the best team we have got, telling them to go for it, and hoping none of our fit players get a knock. Whatever the result, there are positives for Vale. Does that make me a happy clapper???
  7. Another slow news week then....
  8. I can see you are not. Thanks for pointing it out so lucidly. you are clearly operating at a different level intellectually. Not faux shock exactly, just surprise that professional athletes make these calls. But hey, we're all human, after all.
  9. "Not really shocking at all. They don’t have to have it if they don’t want to. But one of the reasons why games are off is because those that haven’t had the jabs have got to isolate if a teammate has tested positive." I understand the "don't have to if they don't want to argument", but I find it very surprising in an industry where physical well being and lung capacity are crucial. I thought the figure would be much lower than roughly one in three. All those last minute corner kicks with players breathing all over each other as they tug each other's shirts and tread on each others toes....
  10. Another trinket and bauble for pic people seeking publicity to play with until they get bored, realise they are losing money and no-one likes them, and they transfer their money elsewhere. Good luck Bradford and Bedford.
  11. I seem to remember Bobby Thomson, the former Wolves and England player who played for us in the mid seventies scoring an absolutely bizarre own goal (against Rotherham I think? - not sure) when he was defending a cross whilst running back to the goal, and went to clear the ball in to row Z with a well placed hoof. Instead, he absolutely smashed it in to the top corner of our net - brilliant finish. No TV cameras to record it, but it stuck in my mind, because of the shock on everyone's face after he'd done it - he really hammered it, and it was unstoppable.
  12. Context SH - we are down key players, against a team on the up away from home - so yes, a tough ask. I don't think many on this forum have said we've played well today - beaten by a better side overall. I prefer to accept the positives, rather than the negatives you mention re sustaining attacks. Helps to have attackers on the pitch who can hold it up - Proctor, Wilson, Lloyd, Rodney and Amoo all injured meant it was unlikely to stick up top, putting more pressure on the defence. Seems to me this was a game where we were stretched and struggled without our usual attacking options. I'm okay with us being poor, given the circumstances. We're still third.
  13. Have to stay positive - for a team with limited striking options for a few games now, the fact that we are still third speaks volumes. That win at Bristol was a reflection of the squad spirit. Just couldn't keep it going today.
  14. Someone needs to nick his Sanatogen when he isn't looking.....
  15. What was the second red for? Another player carrying out Barton's instructions?
  16. But no-one will resign, because this lot are utterly shameless. And people still keep voting for them.
  17. Such an impressive week - not beaten over 90 minutes by the top team in League 1, and now coming back from a goal down against another League 1 team to get to the third round. Gutsy lads, very gutsy - well done Vale.
  18. I think DC is aware we are vulnerable in the air - I would imagine he is looking to sort that out in January - seems to be a recurring theme.
  19. Small crowd that day I recall, because it was before Christmas? Something like 2,743 I think - but the comeback is seared across my brain forever! Wonderful stuff.
  20. "Careful, you're not allowed to say that round here. You're not allowed to be more than content with 3 points but not over the moon with the performance from everybody this afternoon and rate the entire team as anything else other than 10/10." There is such a thing as a reasoned middle ground Beech. That's all - it's fine to criticise, without going to extremes.
  21. Not sure this was Darrell's first big test at the club, as some on here are saying. His first major task was to stop us getting relegated out of the league. Job done. Then he had to rebuild the squad from a pretty low base. Job done. Then he had to get us playing attractive football and pushing for promotion. Job done. We lost tonight after a complete manure show from the sound of it. Move on, knowing that Darrell will hate what just happened, and hopefully learn from it. We are still 5th, but in a trough with our most effective strike force injured. That will change. No need to starting throwing the dummies out just yet, even though it was Walsall - flipping Walsall - again. Disappointing - roll on Saturday.
  22. Still time. Let's hope they can turn it around. Frustrating when it's a key game, but as others have said on here, it's only November.
  23. I think both sides are looking for issues to be honest Quebec. Sproson loves talking about his players, it's his job. Journalists loves to stir it when nothing much else is going on, so they lob in a leading question knowing exactly what headline making quote they are fishing for. Not helpful to the to the club to be honest. But I accept it's all part of the game. Bit predictable though.
  24. It's a detritus stirring question though isn't it? "I know, I'll ask his agent how he feels about not playing". Wonder what he'll say......
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