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  1. Whilst there will always be a bit of head scratching when a new system is set up in a club, Flitcroft as DOF seems to tick the boxes for me. If that makes me that ridiculous phrase "a happy clapper", then fine, I am optimistic by nature. 1 - As stated above, proof that we are investing in a long term plan to improve the football side of the club long term,not just plucking another manager in to try and juggle all the plates. No-one can accuse the owners of lacking ambition with 2 salaries being paid to get the football side right. If it puts some managers off applying, so be it - this model isn't for them, let them apply to a club which asks them to get results every week on the pitch whilst taking care of everything else to do with the football side of things. Plenty of jobs like that still around, surely? 2 - We have a person who is widely experienced and respected at our level as an addition to what is already at the club, with a promise of a manager who won't be Danny Pugh. Danny will probably get to coach and learn more about management, whilst working with the DOF and new manager. As long as they get the division of responsibilities right, that has to be good doesn't it? As Jacko said above, if Rudgie thought management was often too much for one person, we should take that one board. Rudgie worked his sack off scouting for the Vale as well as managing and coaching because were skint back in the 80s, so he should know. Two wise heads with a keen coach who wants to be a manager one day should give us the much requested leadership, and a think tank. 3 - A fresh pair of eyes looking at everything in the club is great. Let him be critical of existing practices if it makes things better. Let him ask why we seem to sign lots of players who are constantly injured and unavailable. Let him look at the academy's success rate in producing players fit and technically capable of playing for the club. Let him form an opinion of who is actually robbing a wage from the club with little return. He can be the non emotional, rational decision maker new to the club, with no agenda other than to improve it. I suspect he might save us a lot of money in the long term. 4 - I think the best person to be a DOF is a manager who has been in the position of asking himself "what would I change if I could to get more out of my club?". If you asked most intelligent managers this, they would talk about getting quality players and the right pyramid at the club, and more time spent on long term planning - not starting from where we are now. Crewe have shown how to do this. The best DOF will be thinking "I know what the manager needs" not because they speak to them regularly, but because they have walked in their shoes. I'm not worried that he hasn't been a DOF elsewhere, he is an experienced, well connected football man who has worked at clubs better run than we presently are. So welcome David, and good luck. I hope this is the beginning of some real progress, and a farewell to the years of reactionary appointments, usually taken when the team was doing badly, and gambling on managers with fingers crossed. The team won't change overnight, but we should stay up this season (a few dazzling displays and wins would be nice though, just to encourage the fans). Then a summer ridout and let's go again, as a former manager used to say.
  2. Agreed on the intelligence of what was said. This is a major restructuring of how we do things, proves once again that Carol and Kevin are prepared to invest to get it right, and brings experience in from outside the club in a way we haven't had for a while. Good luck David, if you can deliver on those aims, you will have our absolute backing.
  3. Not really - just some very frustrated fans. A lot of what Joe B said rings true.
  4. All quite true, Mr L. But where does the accountability for this lie? And how is it going to improve? Many of the posters you say are having a needless pop at the players saw the wheels coming off in November, yet here we are in February still searching for the Holy Grail. Something has to change and change soon or next season the club will not have the revenue to do very much at all. We need leadership and hope. Thank you for your reply Mr. C - how formal we are! The accountability is too easy to nail on to one person. We are coming out of a period where we had an awful owner, with a poor demotivated team that struggled against relegation with managers who couldn't fix it. The owners at least are now better, and investing in the team at a difficult time during a pandemic with no fans able to bring in money to the club. They are sending all the right messages. The players? Yes, they are accountable, but I think they are doing heir best, it just isn't good enough. Leadership and hope off the field might be incoming with the new manager. Leadership and hope on the field normally comes with players performing well and gaining confidence. Every player should be a leader, not just the biggest, oldest, fiercest. I sometimes think leadership is overrated to be honest, if you have intelligent individuals who can work it out for themselves. But that's just my opinion.
  5. I accept most of your points, but I’d like to point out Guthrie is 27 so he’s hardly learning the game. Should be in his prime. He was poor today but every other game so far I think he’s done alright, certainly offered more than Robinson and Cullen have. Agreed he is no spring chicken, but I see him as a target man to replace Pope while he is injured. We need someone to hold up the ball and take the pressure off our defence. He can be coached to do that at the vale I would hope, even if he can't be pinging them in to the net from all angles.
  6. It seems to me that we just have to accept that this season we are a poor side in transition that is going to finish low down in this division. I don't think we will go down, but that is probably more due to other teams below us being worse. I saddens me to see fans on here week after week slagging off and scapegoating players who aren't up to it, though I understand their frustration. Players are probably doing their best, but their best isn't good enough to push us to where the fans expect us to be. So we have a choice - we can either continue to get off on continuing to slag our team off and state the obvious, venting our anger and making ourselves feel better about our superb analytical skills from a distance compared to a caretaker manager, or we can accept that this season we have gone backwards (perhaps we overperformed last season?). It is clear that some older players need moving on, as do some of our second string players, particularly in defence. But we are trying to build a team for the future on younger players who are more promising - Rodney, Taylor, Conlon, Gibbons, Guthrie, Swan etc. That is surely the sensible option? It seems to make sense to me - the younger players compensate for lack of experience with energy around the pitch, and are learning all the time, probably more from matches than the coaching they are receiving. Recruiting from Championship sides, as we did in part of the window, makes sense. We do tend to lionise players when we win and trash them a week later when we lost though. Last week Guthrie "put in a shift and lead the line well". This week "he is <ovf censored> and not a goal scorer", and the only reason he looked good last week was because it was Southend. How is that supposed to help his confidence? He's a young lad learning the game, and Popey, I am sure, will be giving him lots of advice on how to make the most of having the ball lumped up to you by a defence struggling to clear their lines. Give him a break - he is one of our team trying to help us get up the league. Perhaps we expected too much this season after last? But our older experienced players (Brown, Legge, Joyce and Pope) have struggled to maintain their form or been injured, and those around them haven't been able to fill their shoes. Should we be surprised? I know there is the "how come other teams manage to do it better" argument, and we need to keep looking at why that is. A new manager and better coaching might be an answer. Tranmere today had better players than us in key positions. They just signed Nugent, 35 years old, bags of experience, and had Spearing and Vaughan - we are taking a different route. I just don't see any point in running down our team and stating the obvious every week (ie we are not very good, particularly in defence). Look at the bigger picture, longer term - once this wretched season is over, we should be in a better position, hopefully. I still think we suffer too many injuries to key players - maybe we need to look at that too? I just can't find it in myself to run down my own team when they are clearly having a Jarvis this season.
  7. Aye, we did, but that wasn't what I was asking - we are surely looking to move on at least one striker?
  8. Welcome to the Vale Will and good luck. Does anyone have any news about who might be moving out of the club now we have 6 strikers?
  9. Welcome to the Vale Mustapha, and I wish you every success as you look to build a career in football. Give it everything on the pitch and the fans will warm to you.
  10. Just come in from the garden and found a website that says we are 4 - 0 up at half time, and I haven't had a drink yet. Amazing what you can find on the internet. Ooh, hang on - it appears to be for real! Blimey!
  11. Was there any text attached to the text, or just a picture of Batman? Still not sure what he is saying.
  12. What is Legge's tweet about, or implying? What am I missing here?
  13. Would we even be having all this finger pointing if we were 7th in the league and Askey was in still charge? Probably not - Garlick would then be the steady Eddie behind the scenes helping us to stabilise a push for the playoffs or better, the manager would be doing a great job, the owners would still be getting plaudits for their good work, and the players (who are the only ones who affect our league position on the pitch when push comes to shove) would be "legends". But we aren't 7th are we? Why? Well, the players have been beaten quite a lot lately, so we ditched Askey, and have players saying they might have done more for him, (thanks lads) and are now in chaos? Er - I don't subscribe to that point of view. Too simple, too easy. We have managed to get Jake Taylor permanently, (we all agree that getting Taylor back was a good thing, yeah?), signed a mobile young striker to fill in for the absent Pope, and today acquired a young Man City goalie to cover for Visser's injury. If we could get a swift young centre half, I would say we will have had a decent window, even with a caretaker manager. We all agree that getting Taylor back was a good thing, yeah? But in the end, it is the players on the pitch that determine our league position. Blaming coaches, tactics, whatever, makes for entertaining comment on here, but we are 16th because we haven't won as many games as we wanted to since early November. Even If Sinclair was a tactical genius and respected as a great motivator, if the players can't do it on the park, he may as well not be around. If the players are not up to it, and clearly several are not, or partly fit and being injected with painkillers to get them on the pitch, or played out of position and getting caught out by better opponents, we will lose games. For me, it is all about getting the right new manager. He will inherit a squad with some promise, but some players past their best, and if he has anything about him, he will sort out the latter and build on the former. Finances are clearly key in getting the right person, as is our reputation on the circuit, and that is improving after Smurthwaite dragging us through the brown stuff. Word gets round on the manager and coaches circuit as to where the Richard Head owners are. A new manager will have heard how supportive our new owners are. Danny Pugh already knows it, but I'm not sure about him, and he hasn't had all the best players available. What worries me more is how many of our players are getting and staying injured. I am weary of the comments about "if we had Montano/Manny/insert name here back from injury, we would be a stronger team". Do we have more injuries than other clubs? Are we just unlucky? Shall we blame the fitness regime and physio as well? Like most on here, I am concerned that we are going to get dragged into yet another relegation dogfight, because we rarely seem able to field our best team. Even with our best 11, (still not sure what that is, we never seem to have a settled team), I suspect we are not good enough to get to the playoffs anyway. But with the right manager, and a good summer, we might be there next season. Time for calm heads, not blaming Garlick "because he has presided over us going from league 1 to league 2" - that's a cheap shot given the rubbish he was working with under the last owner, in my humble opinion.
  14. Yeah, I remember Connaughton diving over that long shot - I was standing on the Bycars and watched him go down in instalments and the ball go under his body. Painful.
  15. Well, so far so good in terms of the January transfer window, so thank you to Carol and whoever else at the club is involved in bringing in players. Jake Taylor's return brings some energy and goal scoring (hopefully) to midfield, and Kurtis Guthrie looks a decent signing as someone who can give us a target man like Popey. I still think we need a young centre half who is quick and good in the air - there must be a player we have been looking at given Leon's advancing years. If we could then wave a magic wand and get Manny fit for every game remaining, that would be like a new signing too. Hope we really go for it at Forest Green.
  16. Bloody Tin Pot Cup has robbed us of a very important player. Again......😔
  17. "If any of the above then shut up." We are all entitled to our opinions - just saying shut up isn't exactly helpful! You are frustrated like we all are. I understand all the frustrated comments above who you want to shut up, but it has been a grim couple of months watching this side, and realising they are just not good enough. We all want Vale to win, but going out of this trophy IF it helps us get up the league is fine by me - and one less chance to have players injured, given our injury record in it. Other teams just seem to have a bit of bite in them when the chips are down - it's sad watching us surrender at present.
  18. Agree with the comments about getting the game played today - kudos to the ground staff when other games were frozen off. It was crucial not to get this game pushed on to later in the year in my opinion - it would have frustrated us when we wanted to impress DP, left us champing at the bit to make good the Mansfield debacle, and maybe even given Grimsby time to improve ahead of playing us. As it is, we get three points, a clean sheet, stop the rot, get everyone feeling better about the club, and climb the league a bit (and yes, I know other teams have games in hand). Playing 442 was also interesting to hear about - so let's enjoy this while we can and look forward to a better second half of season.
  19. In terms of liking a manager and respecting them - I would very much favour the latter over the former. It may be that the present squad "like" and "respect" Danny Pugh, but the "liking" bit may be to do with the fact that he is known to them, and they feel they may already have some influence with him - especially the senior pros, as someone say on here earlier. I would much prefer a manager that players respect fro the way they go about things, their honestly, and their man management. I remember watching a documentary on Brian Clough a while ago where they interviewed John McGovern, who followed Clough from club to club and was his skipper at Forest. He said how much her respected Cloughie, but he wouldn't want to go for a drink with him, or socialise with him. We need someone who can come in afresh, be sufficiently remote from the players not to get emotional about dropping them when they are gash, and handle the fallout when they spit their dummy out of the pram on being dropped. A strong character who can rebuild this squad and make it competitive again is what we need. Not sure an internal appointment fits that spec if I'm honest.
  20. "Received a very interesting DM about who 'nofinikea' actually is. And Guitar Ray." Is it Vic and Bob? Bet I'm right....
  21. "He had 1 job at Fleetwood because he was golfing buddies with the owner. Can you really see him getting along with Carol and the whole cuddly, family values, community sandwich delivery ethos of the club? I can’t." Can't understand why the club community efforts keep getting mentioned by fans. It's not a weakness, it's a strength, and the right thing to do. Our present owners will attract managers to apply because they are solid sensible business people. And Joey Barton shouldn't be allowed near the Vale for reasons beyond our being "cuddly family values" - he's a thug, as his record shows. Can dish it, but doesn't like taking it, and players soon see through that.
  22. "Askey ruined my Christmas with a series of dire performances." Sorry to hear that TJH, but you might find that the players were responsible too. Askey may have picked them and given them the tactics, but I'm pretty sure conceding within a minute wasn't part of his team talk. Like many on here, I feel the players have to take some responsibility too. Hopefully, the new boss will root out the crud and lower the average age of the squad with some exciting young players.
  23. I wouldn't include Rodney in that - there is some potential there, and I wouldn't want him to become one of those players stigmatised by a failing team. In a better side, he would score more goals, and might do yet for us. Not his fault he is in an ageing team that can't defend, with seasoned pros that keep getting sent off. Visser has also done well when called upon, and can't really be blamed for any of the present shambles. Can't work McKirdy out - suspect temperament? - but the rest were brought in to offer replacements when injuries struck, not to propel us in to League 1. It was a "safety net" window to try to stabilise the club and avoid relegation scares. Now look where that has got us....
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