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  1. "Careful, you're not allowed to say that round here. You're not allowed to be more than content with 3 points but not over the moon with the performance from everybody this afternoon and rate the entire team as anything else other than 10/10." There is such a thing as a reasoned middle ground Beech. That's all - it's fine to criticise, without going to extremes.
  2. Not sure this was Darrell's first big test at the club, as some on here are saying. His first major task was to stop us getting relegated out of the league. Job done. Then he had to rebuild the squad from a pretty low base. Job done. Then he had to get us playing attractive football and pushing for promotion. Job done. We lost tonight after a complete manure show from the sound of it. Move on, knowing that Darrell will hate what just happened, and hopefully learn from it. We are still 5th, but in a trough with our most effective strike force injured. That will change. No need to starting throwing the dummies out just yet, even though it was Walsall - flipping Walsall - again. Disappointing - roll on Saturday.
  3. Still time. Let's hope they can turn it around. Frustrating when it's a key game, but as others have said on here, it's only November.
  4. I think both sides are looking for issues to be honest Quebec. Sproson loves talking about his players, it's his job. Journalists loves to stir it when nothing much else is going on, so they lob in a leading question knowing exactly what headline making quote they are fishing for. Not helpful to the to the club to be honest. But I accept it's all part of the game. Bit predictable though.
  5. It's a detritus stirring question though isn't it? "I know, I'll ask his agent how he feels about not playing". Wonder what he'll say......
  6. Yes, it would be nice if he could rise above his personal financial interests and just tell us what is happening on the pitch, without recourse to statements about "his" players. Not helpful.
  7. Is that the "absolutely no agenda here" Phil Sproson the player agent? Or the brick outhouse of a centre half who would lay down and die for the cause back in the day. I keep mixing them up....
  8. I hope Politic is ready to step up more regularly now, though I can't work out whether it is fitness or formation that means he hasn't played that much. He's a really exciting player on the few occasions I have seen him. Quick feet and packs a shot. Fingers crossed we can see more of him. Rotten luck to have lost both top scorers to long term injuries.
  9. Proper cup tie, with both teams going at it. Fair play to Stockport, they just didn't give up, and overwhelmed Bolton.
  10. ...and whilst I understand and respect your opinion, I disagree with you. This isn't me leaping on negativity as a "happy clapper" or a member of the rose tinted specs brigade, but I think the best is yet to come with Benning. He was a sought after player, and has come to us with a good reputation, albeit, as you say, for a club who haven't exactly been pulling up trees in this league. I'm not sure he's fully fit yet, though I may be wrong. I also think he is a step up from the players we got rid of in the summer - I'm not part of the brigade think last year's team could "still do a job at this level". Many of them patently couldn't, which is why the season was such a struggle. I watched the Crawley game a couple of weeks back and he put himself in some great positions on the overlap, but just wasn't being given the ball. I couldn't understand why - we often took a couple of passes to ship the ball out to him, by which time he was up against two players. Maybe it's a confidence thing, or maybe the players getting used to that particular system? Whilst we're all lauding the depth of the squad as being a great thing for maintaining a strong team for the whole game, the rotation of players means that Benning hasn't had much match time, and I don't think that has helped his confidence either. It might that injuries to players or suspensions later this season gives him an extended run in the side, and only then will we see his true quality. Whether I'm right or wrong, my instinct is to give him the benefit of the doubt and be supportive of him. We may need him when the chips are down, and suggesting he is national League and just not good enough isn't particularly helpful in my view. But like I said, I respect your view, and can see why you have come to the conclusion you have.
  11. Yes, I has that ad pinned on my wall for a while at college. All good things to those who wait.....40 years....!
  12. Oh, and I hope "enjoy it while it lasts" means the next 6 decades, so my unborn grandchildren can see us play in the Bernabau....
  13. From what I've seen on this thread: 1 - RZ keeps doubling down on his comments re Clarke, knowing that at some stage our winning streak will stop, and he can then say "told you so". I have no beef with his difference in opinion, but there has to come a stage when you look at what is in front of you and admit "yeah, may have been wrong". I look forward to that day, because it will mean we are still winning. 2 - Smithy needs to watch himself - we are all talking about the dark arts as if it is payback time, because we have been victim of other teams using them a lot in recent years, but if he keeps being the player involved in red cards incidents, it will be noted. 3 - Clarke being curt with interviewers is understandable given the bilge that most interviewers offer him - if I was asked the same 2 minute questions by journalists who had no idea about what was going on behind the scenes, my patience would be tested,. But he clearly loves football and wants to be a winner, and we should enjoy that his methods are working. 4 - It's only November. 5 - Great that we are pulling in younger fans, and that the marketing department is getting in gear. That is the future of the club. I'm 60, and I will be the going for another 20 years God willing, but long term success is based on getting the youngsters in. 6- These are good times. Enjoy them. I'm really excited to see who we get in the cup, knowing that even it is a league 1 team away, they will know they have been in a game.
  14. Mine arrived too - good stuff.
  15. Is that 15 different goal scorers this season? And when was the last time that happened before Christmas?
  16. Fair play, I had managed to expunge that from the memory. 😁
  17. To the tune of Mr. Blue Sky by the magnificent ELO, to represent the dawn of a new day at the Vale. Vale are climbing up the league, Sun is shining in the sky We've learned to scrap and fight, There ain't a cloud in sight and we're winning, It's stopped raining We've got Conlon and he's ace Everybody's in the place And don't you know, we are Super Vale away, hey hey hey, And don't you know, it's a beautiful new day, Proctor, Wilson, Wozza too Running down the avenue See Covolan, and Smithy, See how the sun shines brightly, Pett and Gibbo, with Dan Jones, and Ben Garrity. In the city, on the streets where once was pity Cass and Rodney are blowing them away, hey hey hey. Mr. Blue Sky is living here today, hey hey hey. We are the Vale, we're super Vale, Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why, etc. And we'll see you all at Vale Park, Vale Park, where we sing our song, We are the Vale, we're super Vale, And we will see you all at Vale Park, Vale Park, where we sing our song.
  18. As stated above, Tom has added a bit more steel and muscle to his game and become a real force in midfield. His free kicks are wonderful, but in the early days he was often bounced off the ball by the opposition players who liked to get their challenges in early. Crawley were similar on Saturday - they tried to disrupt our rhythm with nudges and pushes before the ball arrived, or lean in heavily as our player received the ball. Tom has learned to resist this and shape his body to shield the ball so he can play the pass he wants to. I really enjoyed watching him on Saturday - he was determined to get on the ball and stay on the ball, and the only way they could deal with him was to foul him. Great asset to have in our team. Would love to see him lead us in to League 1.
  19. Yeah, they announced 389 Vale fans, plus some extras in the stand where I was sitting. Without our fans, they would be getting 1800 - 1900 for a home game. It's tough for teams in that position, and I'm not sure Yems is going to be there for too much longer if he keeps blaming officials for very obvious assaults on opposition players. I'd be having a word with the defender who thought he could get away with an elbow to the head.
  20. Just back in after watching it from the East Stand with the locals. Fans around us pretty complimentary about our quality, and oddly enough, they seemed to think Trevor Kettle had a stinker....😄 My last Vale away game was also at Crawley 2 seasons ago, and the difference between then and now is another level. Some things don't change though - Gibbo still gives Amoo a rollicking when he doesn't track his man! A good time to be a Vale fan - we played some nice football, albeit a bit slowly in the first half, and the quality in midfield was evident. Now where's that beer?
  21. As long as Kettle is garbage in an even handed way, we needn't worry - as previous posters have said, he's given us the odd dodgy one as well. My only concern is that he plays the "homer", and his decisions become heavily biased against us, because that is what riles players and fans the most, when it is clear the ref has lost the plot. That said, both sides will know his record, and what a plank he is, and will factor that in to what they do on the field. Looking forward to this one despite him - hopefully he won't have a bearing on the game. (and if we have 6 yellow cards, 2 red cards, and a 22 man man brawl at full time, I'll revisit this thread at 5pm......)
  22. "Thank God I haven't lost my sense of taste and smell, as the beers are going to taste so good tonight! UTV!" Oh yes. Oh definitely yes they will. Already on the first one. Thank you Vale, you just made my weekend.
  23. Play nicely guys - we won! Fair enough to be fed up when they went 2-1 up, but what a fightback. Really chuffed for the team, the manager, the owners and the fans. Get in!
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