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  1. SVA.....240 hardy souls ...well done folks !!
  2. Going to nip over to watch the Rochdale game !!
  3. Well done lads, we go again on Tuesday against Net Zero !!
  4. Can anybody see the light at the end of the tunnel ??
  5. Nevermind keep on trusting the process !!...[emoji848]
  6. Is Conlon on his way then !!...[emoji849]
  7. These should bring quiet a few tonight with it being a pleasant evening !!
  8. Is that Jimmy Case ??.....not sure.[emoji848]
  9. Pressure building on the manager now....second half of the season should be interesting !!
  10. Everytime the new lad scores a cracking goal we end up losing !!..[emoji23]
  11. Why does Clarke keep picking the clown that's what mystifies me !!..[emoji848]
  12. We are bloody dire today, it's going to take a stupendous 2nd half now !!
  13. Hard luck Vale good game today. Onwards and upwards for the top three !!
  14. Hussey signed from Cheltenham !!Good signing that.
  15. We've signed Hussey from Cheltenham !! Good signing that.
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