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  1. 3 home defeats in a row against is just not good enough. Are we training to score or just to keep games tight? Absolutely clueless, no creativitiy again against a team which comes to VP defend. Not only do they defend in numbers but we make it really easy for them. To chase the game and still not play 2 up front I'm sorry thats unforgiveable. 

    This is simply not good enough. Can anyone tell men why our best attacking and creative central midfielder plays in the 'Joyce' role, how Crookes keeps his place and why we keep persisting to play Cullen upfront on his own when we don't have midfielders running behind him to stretch the play?

    Absolutely abysmal that 2nd half. We looked more like a relegation team in that half rather than a side hoping for play offs. The team look completely devoid of ideas. 

    Sorry JA you're beginning to run out of time... more than 10 games in and we have not moved any further forward from last season.Our high press against a team which wants to play and attack us we look OK but any team who wants to just lump it forward and sit back we have no idea how to play. 

    Tick tock....


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  2. 14 minutes ago, Vale Fan In DGardens said:

    Time for Carol to have a chat with him the last two Saturdays have been as bad as under sinnott and Gannon .

    Are the players with him or not we will see ,ten pounds I pay every game that was the weakest we have looked defensively in all the games I've seen we lacked bottle to see the job through .


    Really? Did you not see how much effort the players out into that yesterday. Of course the players are with him. The workmate of the midfield and striker was immense from start to finish. Defensively we should have done better for sure, I don't think any if the back 5 covered themselves in glory.

    To suggest that is as bad as Sinnott and Gannon you must have a very short memory. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, TylerB said:


    I can see a loss against Scunny coming a mile off. Our players won't pick themselves up, and since when do we ever do well on a Tuesday evening? Win on Tuesday and I'll ask for my username be changed to 'Numpty', that's how sure I am we're getting beat.

    I'm looking forward to the 3 points Numpty😀

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  4. 5 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    With regards to the 10 men thing. 

    At 2-0 up you still win the game surely.

    We were 1-0 down at Northampton with 10 men and won. Going down to 10 men isn't an acceptance of automatically losing a 2 goal lead. 

    Of course it didn't help and contributed massively but we ought to of seen it out.

    The referee was truly appalling for both sides, a disgrace of a performance

    You're right you should see the game out still however when the referee has blantatly missed a foul leading to the 1st goal, which is early doors in the 2nd half, it is a different game. Had that not happened it would't have given Tranmere the encouragement to go and win the game. Not too mention the dubious penalty against Legge which give us a mountain to climb... oh and don't forget the 6 minutes added on from where??  

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  5. That ref should be struck from the official register. Absolutely disgusting performance from start to finish.Conlon penalty never, where was the foul for our 3rd goal?  sending off your having a laugh, clear foul on Pope for the 1st goal and where do you find 6 added minutes from?

    Cheated out of 3 points today.

    On a positive note if we show that fight ,desire and quality for the remainder of the season we will be in the top3. Heroic performance from the Vale lads.

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  6. Expect a really tight game tomorrow. Think we will need to be at our best to get a win. We should revert back to our tried and trusted system rather than 2 upfront but hopefully JA has a bit more confidence in 442  to change it if needed and before the 80th minute!!!

    I would go -: Brown,Clarke,Legge,Smith,Monty,Joyce,Conlon,Burges,Wozza,Cullen,Amoo

    Subs Visser,Pope,Robinson,McKirdy,Manny,Crookes,Rodney

  7. With the rearrange fixtures the next 2 weeks look likely to be pivotal...At home to Tranmere & Scunny followed by a trip to Newport. At least we should have a near enough full squad to choose from with Manny,Monty & Cullen coming back to fitness and the covid restricted players back in the mix too.

    Hopefully the players will use disappointment of the cup to kick into gear and make a statement of real intent over the next two weeks rather than slip back to mid table mediocrity.

  8. 42 minutes ago, valefan16 said:

    The attitude after the goal was absolutely diabolical though, lost all what we’d been doing to open them up and just poor.

    Our reaction each time we have gone a goal down in games, except Cambridge game is the biggest thing which concerns me about our squad. We look beaten each time we concede a goal and don't know how to get back in a game - its a very worrying trend.

  9. 4 minutes ago, boslemportvale91 said:

    I just can't understand why he would bring Mckirdy on for Conlon and even more surprised he left Pope on 90 minutes.

    To be fair McKirdy gave us some energy and looked lively - we where just crap in midfield and didn't get the ball out to him enough. Colon was awful today and deserved to come off. I was surprised about Pope too. He looked like he was running on fumes at 70 minutes.

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  10. Well if you don't take your chances your always going to be vulnerable to a counter when you play against pace.  To be fair I don't think we did enough to win the game either, although 2nd half was slightly better.

    A very disappointing reaction to the goal though from the team. We basically played 10 mins plus injury without creating even one half chance. We looked like a beaten team as soon as the goal went in.

    Some extremely poor performances out there today....

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  11. Another 3 points in the bag. 2nd half we pushed much higher and passed the ball to work it out wide to cross rather than just hit long balls into Pope all the time.  Nice finishes from Pope for both goals he made it look so easy. Still the best player in the air at this level. I also thought Joyce and Wozza where absolutely superb yesterday with Crookes coming in and playing very well too. We look so much more threatening with Amoo back in the team and Wozza on the left.

    Southend are the worst team I have seen in L2 for a few seasons and look doomed. I think we could have played all week and still don't think they would have created a chance to score.

  12. Lets hope we pick up where we left of the last away game. I would love Vale approach this game like we are the home side and really attack, gamble getting players in the box.If we score the early goal then I can only see one winner in this.

    My only concern is we think we just turn up and they will roll over.. not going to happen in this league!!  If we are at it then I could see 3 or 4 goals from us tomorrow. 

    Same team again for me pending injuries now we have our 12th man Mo Mentum 

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  13. I must admit other than a very dodgy picture on and off for about 5 minutes I didn't have too many issues Tuesday so the gesture to provide a free game for Newport is much appreciated.

    Having said that I had loads of problems with the stream constantly stopping during the home game against Carlisle which is probably why I was really irritated by the game.

    Anyway onwards and upwards fingers crossed the stream works well tomorrow.

  14. Good gritty performance after going a goal down. I think we have played better in other games with the ball but we where superb without it.  Its great to see Burgess and Wozza beginning rediscover their form. Also credit to JA for making a sub before 80 mins (excluding injury) which was defo needed... it wasn't Theo's day today.

    3 points against the best team we have played so far this season by some distance.  Great nights work

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  15. I know its still really early in the season but I think tonights game is massive for us. Its one of those games that could define our season. If we can win the momentum and confidence starts to build in the squad.

    Looking forward to it, I think it will be probably our hardest game of the season so far. Just wish I could be there to support and encourage the players.

    Same team again for me pending Monty's fitness. 

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  16. Some need to realise 2 halves of football will never be the same, you can't dominate a game for 90 mins. We just need to find a way to be more clinical when we are on top creating chances.

    We did a job 2nd half in difficult conditions. Defend well and didn't allow them create anything 2nd half , only dangerous from corners.

    Oldham may have only won 1 but they have scored lots of goals so far.

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