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  1. Good luck to Manny - really nice lad and very good player on his day. Realistically he would have been very very lucky to have had a one year deal with us let alone 2 years from Chesterfield so fair play to him.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see  1 or 2 more movements from our squad players in to the national league if there are other teams prepared to dish out contracts like that.

  2. 54 minutes ago, stupers said:

    When Burgess and Taylor play together, there is a noticeable improvement in both players. However, how you do that when you have Conlon playing like he is, is anyone's guess. Conlon could also attract interest from higher up clubs, aside from the first 3/4 games under Clarke, he's been excellent. 

    Joyce's contract is up at the end of the season, and he'll be 34 on opening day. Is he a guy you have sticking about? 

    Centre midfield is going to be a very interesting area of change in the summer. 6 here today, possibly only one (Taylor) of these could be on the books come the first game.

    Both players bring a real good energy to the midfield but I think Conlon has brought that to his game over the last 12 months and has much better quality then either of them. The problem is when Burgess and Taylor do play together the midfield is really too lightweight, hence can only play in a midfield 3.

    The manage is very clear he wants to play 2 up front so I expect Conlon plus A.N.Other in a 442 and a defensive minded player for a 3 man midfield. I think Taylor ( needs to prove it) as the option for 10 and with the potential to grow into the Conlon type of role.

    Personally I wouldn't even think about retaining Joyce. I feel we need a bigger physical and more mobile presence to play in a 442.

    I would be thinking 4x centre mid next season. Conlon (if we can keep him) and Taylor plus 2 new recruits.

  3. 2 minutes ago, stupers said:

    Do you reckon? I thought Flitcroft might be keen on him. He mentioned him when Flitcroft joined the club.

    I didn't read anything into that. I thought he just threw a few names around of people involved at the club he already knew like Burgress, Pope and Garlick.

    The fact Burgess has been poor all season, has barely feature in match day squads says it all really.Another one I think we will try and move on.

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  4. Interesting this one. The link is the Chesterfield manager who worked with Manny at Aldershot. Non league transfer news are reporting a 10k fee has already been agreed to take him before 22nd April.If Manny is not in DC's future plans going forward why not.

    Probably more a rumour.


  5. On 11/04/2021 at 19:31, dishydave said:

    I think we all want to see Pope at the club in some way or another but I think hes got another good season left in him where he can earn a good wage especially in the national league

    He's been a fantastic servant (minus the past 2 years) but I think its time he moved on. I'm sure he could get one last payday for a team with ambitions to get out of National League.

    I would be very happy to see him back with the youth team, its always good to have someone who has been there and done it. I just hope we don't have a clamour for him to become the manager like we have had for previous legends.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, philmpv said:

    That's rubbish, with all due respect. There's no parliamentary law that dictates that there has to be a certain amount of time to leave a contract offer open. That's why I think it must be a PFA thing that is written into the laws of the game

    Phil, there is a cooling off period for any contract.

  7. 9 hours ago, Playa Amodores said:

    Firstly I must admit that I’m not a fan of agents, even though there are some that are good and then there are the others. Personally I see it as some are too influential, greedy and don’t perhaps always act in their clients best interest. They also hold clubs to ransom, with a view of getting clubs to sign their clients.

    I know that De Bruyne is an exceptional talent but he has negotiated his own contract with MCFC.The contract is huge but if the club are prepared to pay him that salary because it’s his market value, then that, is their choice. I’m not sure that he’s set a precedent as I’m sure the odd player has done this before, but has he created a blue print for others to follow.? I hope that this could be an indication of the times changing, by giving the player extra money and cutting out the middle man.

    I think that works at the top end where salaries are widely reported. You see this more and more in the NFL where long established players negotiate there own deals and look for clubs themselves. 

    There is lees money involved but the agent really works better for players outside of the mega deals at the lower end of the spectrum. Clubs will try to take advantage of younger players who don't know any better if they show any potential and I think impartial advice to review the contract put before them is a really positive thing. Clubs can often work in a clandestine way with players so I think agents have a better idea of what's going on and can keep the player well informed about interest in him, the going rate at lower league clubs plus understand what positions other clubs are looking for if they need a move.

    I know agents get a bad name but there are some good ones out there. Like it or not they will be here to stay.

  8. I didn't think that was a great performance today but we found a way to win it which is the sign of a good team.

    6 wins on the bounce bloody brilliant.

    Tom Conlon motm he epitomised the display from the team today with hie workrate. A captain's performance.

    How odd was the referee today? Some of the decisions for fouls and throw ins were bizarre, not too mention having the whole pitch cleared of snow after 20 mins. Very very very strange.

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  9. I do think 20 man squads won't work with the current fixtures however something has to give and the players union need to concede some ground somewhere . They won the case against salary caps but if they carry on I think there will a considerable number of clubs who are going to be in a very very tight financial position, either give players significant reduce terms and/or squads will be filled with kids after a strong 14/15 players. 

    The bottom line generally speaking is the EFL is unsustainable with wages post covid - it was on life support pre covid. The economy Is going to take time to recover, club owners will not be able to support the club as much (unless you're owner is in tech), plus lots of fans will be in a very different financial situation than pre covid to support the club too.

    PFA need to step in to the real world and understand the real issues putting forward solutions to help clubs rather than create blocking points. 

    Personally I think a mix of squad limits, income vs squad wage ratios limits and reduced fixtures are the way forward before there are more cases like Bury.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Fosse69 said:

    But he has given them a clean slate. Only the games since he arrived count to him.

    Thats what he needs to says to keep them motivated until the end of the season and not about making long term decisions on players. Both DC and DOF will be bringing in their own players.


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  11. 23 minutes ago, Fosse69 said:

    Clarke has not been the Vale manager for 40 games.

    No but the players have, who have quite frankly being embarrassing for most of this season and a disgrace to the badge.

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  12. 18 hours ago, tommytunstall said:

    We have gone 5 straight wins and some people still want a major clear out, Clarke obviously has the knack of getting the best out of players. This was not the case with the previous management. There was obviously a major problem within the squad/management last year, looks like we are over that. With how the squad is performing now there does not need to be to big a turnover of players. Let’s leave it to the “Tinkerman” to sort out.

    Thats 5 out of 40! 

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  13. Horrible pitch , horrible weather conditions but the players stood up to the arial bombardment brilliantly. Bris and Legge were superb and Brown made a great save when needed. Delighted to see Guthrie finally score and what a ball from a Theo to play in Wozza for a cracking finish.

    Nice to see us to win a horrible game lack that - I certainly won't be watching the highlights!

    A very very good professional tireless away performance.

    Is it just me or all of a sudden do we look like we have a favourable end to the season with very winnable games to continue this run of form?

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  14. 16 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    Let’s be honest the questions they get asked are mostly terrible. I love that he has a bit of spikiness about him because why would any manager want to reveal plans or squad updates before any game? So basically try and come up with better questions. 

    I think he has a touch of the Micky Adams about him in that regard. Lets hope he is a successful.

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  15. 57 minutes ago, Doha said:

    It isn't one question though is it, he's prickly in every interview. My gut feeling while listening to it is that there was no need to snap at the question like that, he's just won 4 in a row ffs. Deal with it. 

    I take it more of a sarcastic joke. If you watch his zoom interviews with Phil Bowers ,Mike Baggaley & George Andrews he does it a lot.

    It's like his response to Theo's goal saying he was more impressed with his strike of the ball from the cone! Its just the way he his and the lads are clearly responding to it. Linesy said he was like that at Bristol.

  16. The podcast interview with Sam Stockley was excellent. What really genuine nice guy. He almost made me feel bad for booing him😀

    Good to hear from him. Always interesting to hear the goings in at Vale around that horrific time post Foyle meltdown with Sinnott and Glover. What an absolute shambles the club was. Thank god for Micky Adams.

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  17. 2 hours ago, darren1810 said:

    Won't go down well with some. I maintain he's never had a proper chance. 13 minutes here, 18 minutes there doesn't constitute a chance.

    Loads couldn't wait to slate him at Stevenage away in a rare ( only ? ) start, yet conveniently forgot that every single player apart from Rodney was abject that night.

    Just another highlight of Askey's mismanagement of the squad this season.

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