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  1. Am I the only person who thinks that John Askey looks like a broken exhausted man on the verge of crying?🤔
  2. From what I saw we knocked it around the defense with no idea what to do. We worked it to the edge of their area on occasions and were then scared to cross it in. When we did cross it was straight to the keeper. Poor performance. No excitement. I still think we will be in around the play offs. Morcambe were diabolical and they are above us. Poor league by the looks of it so far.
  3. If the season finishes now then surely we will be promoted in second place?
  4. I don't like the home kit, the black one is nice, the green one is horrid so I guess I am in the minority. Yellow would have been much more traditional. Fantastic launch for all kits though, the marketing is amazing. I would settle for playing in dog muck brown if it brings three points every week. Well done all.
  5. Why no away fans? Hypothetically, a Vale fan can't watch Vale away at Stoke but can travel to work in Manchester. An exiled fan in London can travel to Vale Park to watch a Home game. I am now thinking that virus restrictions are causing more damage than the virus itself.
  6. As I live abroad I have faced issues for the past 3 seasons for first several games. Ifollow had the worst customer service ever and refused to take any responsibility or offer any refund. This year I told them stuff it and bought a firestick which streams the games for 30 quid a year.
  7. Contrary to Seth rumours, none of Jones' goals were live on the BBC as the Boat Race TV camera chopper flew overhead.
  8. What were Vale's odds v Spurs? Greece was good in the Euro's, but how much would you have got if you placed a bet on Denmark in 1992 when they didn't even qualify before winning it?!?!?
  9. A paltry 10k for a win. If everyone stayed away and the competition went back to normal we would have 3k gates and receipts of 30k win or lose. I am against it but will go anyway......seems moronic to me.
  10. Why it isn't in the player's contract to stay off social media is beyond me.
  11. With Rugby and cricket you can expect high scoring games. You dont have the instantaneous mentals like at football which could ensue with a non drinker wearing a wet one on a cold day. I love a pint more than most, anyone who knows me can testify to that, but I think it would only work with people sitting in quieter areas. The idea sounds great, but you only have to see videos of crowds watching the cup. A goal is scored and beer goes everywhere.
  12. I have the Aldershot video from my first match when we won 4-2. I keep meaning to get in touch when I am in England but keep forgetting. Next time I will send it to you Robf to upload.
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