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  1. I have the Aldershot video from my first match when we won 4-2. I keep meaning to get in touch when I am in England but keep forgetting. Next time I will send it to you Robf to upload.
  2. I never met OS, I saw him a few times, never had the pleasure of a chat. RIP owd fella, thanks giving your all for our club over the years.
  3. I got 8, should have been 7. I went for Griffith/s for a pot luck shot....was surprised it was a Montserrat player. Cheating at its finest.
  4. A great opportunity to put to bed the once idea of a summer football season in the UK. I love summer football (World Cup/Pubs/atmosphere), but footy is needed in the dark winters in the UK to get you through. No matter what, I would finish this season first, whenever it resumes, and carry on with the new season whenever possible. The circumstances are truly bizaare I admit and it isn't as simple as it seems. There will be players out there who should be retiring this week.....what about them?
  5. How are 5,000 people a day still being diagnosed each day if everyone is in lockdown? Just two cases in Victoria yesterday. No deaths for a few days.
  6. Why behind closed doors? It should return when it is safe for everybody. Didums that Wembley may be unavailable for the play-offs, here's an idea, why not play the final at the grounds of those taking part like it used to be when football was football and not a sell out money making excercise.
  7. I hope Swanny isn't on the sauce. How long until kick off?
  8. Our company is importing 500,000 kits a week into Australia which tells you if you have it, are still infectious, and have had had it but not infectious due to antibodies IgG and IgM. I work on other other products so do not know the full implications of the tests. We hope that people that are infectious that haven't yet developed symptoms will isolate.
  9. Not seen every game, but form what I have seen for every gaol saved my Scott Brown would need to be scored by a striker to equalise if he let them in. So again Browny for me. He is worth 20 goals a season. Most improved player would be David Worrall, limited ops in the past, amazing that he has taken his chance wit both feet, for the outfield players he would be my first name down on the sheet closely followed by Nathan Smith. Goals form a centre half are always welcome. So many players have improved it is unreal, even Askey has improved and proved me well wrong.
  10. I hope this sees the end of the cringworthy halleluja handshake.
  11. Ridiculous over reaction to this virus in my eyes. Grand Prix cancelled, Robbie gig cancelled. No need.
  12. The save by Brown on the line was breathtaking. Amazing.
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