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  1. Unbelievable. For the first time ever, I feel sorry for the away fans. No team should have to go through a penalty shoot out like that. Its awful. As foor the idiots attacking players, only prison is good for them.
  2. Clarke was in the wrong, Worrall wasnt taken out. What Clarke was doing was idiotic.
  3. Perspective-The last Play off semi final second leg only had 12.5k, 2,500k from Stockport, it was not on TV and was in the division above with an unrestricted capacity and we were pretty much on form going into that game. Cant complain.
  4. Was this about 2017? I may have been at that very game. I think Perth won 3-1 or something.
  5. I am all for banter, I find the Porn Star comment amusing, the rest it though as much I as admire certain things in football from yesteryear this guy belongs in jail. It is outrageous. A sly comment hear and there is only a short way away from physical abuse. He should never work in football again.
  6. If you need to ask if now is a good time then it would be an out and out gamble. With stocks there are ways to trade, research can be done. With Crypto nobody knows if it will go up or a down a lot or a little. Just 'invest' what you can afford to lose.
  7. For the last thirty years or so one thing has been proved to me, terracing was far less complicated. Even 'Safe' standing will have the same issues as seated tickets. Proper terracing needs to be brought back with a crush barrier every two or three steps and not every 10-20 steps like Hillsborough. That was the problem there along with the fencing and poor organizing. I live in hope that we return to that. That those who wish to sit for the entire game can do so in dedicated seating areas.
  8. Vale Park has plenty of potential, we should everything possible to stay. Once we limit ourselves to a small stadium we will be tinpot forever. Look at Northampton, Shrewsbury, crappy little places, Shrewbury's is in the middle if nowhere. Although we sold out on Monday, it would be better and not to sell out and dream of 20,000 gates as I have seen quite a few times at Vale since 1987.
  9. Awful, woeful, there are not enough words to describe that. Its been an exciting season though, far better than expected at the start. Well done on the whole.
  10. Awful, woeful, there are not enough words to describe that. Its been an exciting season though, far better than expected at the start. Well done on the whole.
  11. Hussey is putting in the worst performance I have seen since we had crap like Rae Ingram. How is he a professional? Perhaps the worst performance I have seen this season, and I have stayed up and watched some tripe. The Micky Adams Vale promotion squad was light years ahead of this. Forget the play offs, we are out. Aboslutely embarrassing so far.
  12. If the screen is front of the Hamil, can the sun direction affect the picture in any way?
  13. Get in, back in our owns hands. Lets hope a sell out capacity crowd of 7,500 in the 20k seater stadium can roar us on v Newport on Monday.
  14. Amazing, Northampton goal disallowed then Exeter equalised. Just a few minutes away from it all being back in our own hands. How close is this? Northampton commentators would settle for a point now. Clowns.
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