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  1. I thought this a while ago but Covid hit, he doesn't deserve for his last appearance in a Vale shirt to be in an empty stadium. He deserves the chance to thank the fans and say goodbye.
  2. Technically it should be for ten years straight service, but this is a rare exception. Post war record scorer, home grown player, a Vale fan, part of a promotion winning team, the list is endless. If not a testimonial then at least a ten minute cameo in a pre-season friendly. He deserves a fitting send off and a chance to say goodbye to the fans and the fans deserve to belt out 'Feed the Pope' one last time.
  3. Stockport - Rancid place Wrexham - See above Notts Co - Signed up for the Premier League inauguration season, were promptly relegated and missed out, so stuff them, they can wallow a while longer Chesterfield - Meh, not a fan Sutton - A great non league cup team. Would be sad to lose that persona like Yeovil. Torquay then, they have never posed any threat to Vale.
  4. What about those don't and couldn't give a flying fudge?
  5. You can never miss what you never had. We never had a fit Manny who we could rely on for a good run. Great deal for both parties. Such a shame as potential was there but we cannot carry another Lee, Mathews, Michael Walsh etc.
  6. Perhaps the last good full back I saw at Vale before I left Stoke. Great player. Wish he stayed with us longer. RIP.
  7. Why stop here, why not have females playing in the men's game next? I have had three female referees reffing my games in the past they were crap. One cried off when the ball hit her in the head. Had plenty of crap male refs too. Quality shines through, I hope she does well.
  8. GK Mark Grew, those two saves v Watford in the cup, outstanding. He did this regularly in the league. Darren Hughes - Scored on loan V Brighton, while on loan Brighton, now that's commitment. Alan Tankard - Best left back, just ahead of Hughes. Neil Aspin - Solid, played with a bent leg v Stoke for ten minutes before admitting he may be a bit knackered. Over ten years solid service. Dean Glover - Classy centre half, could fill in at full back or defensive midfield. Scored a few too. Robbie Earle - Anyone who scores in the high teens from midfield is a good player. Goin
  9. I would only keep those that could break into a squad in League 1. Worrall, Monty, Hurst maybe, Brown maybe too old and performance have started to creek a bit this season, although he set an exceptionally high standard previously.
  10. Anyone remember Spoey's Testimonial held mid season which is pretty strange? Adrian Heath scored for us in a 1-0 win, a young Jonathon Wilkes was mascot.
  11. Am I the only person who thinks that John Askey looks like a broken exhausted man on the verge of crying?🤔
  12. From what I saw we knocked it around the defense with no idea what to do. We worked it to the edge of their area on occasions and were then scared to cross it in. When we did cross it was straight to the keeper. Poor performance. No excitement. I still think we will be in around the play offs. Morcambe were diabolical and they are above us. Poor league by the looks of it so far.
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