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  1. Indeed. It seems that we have some who know the exact extent of the original injury, and having earned an online medical degree by reading a hernia article, feel confident to pronounce without question that he's been rushed back. They also know without doubt that the new injury is inextricably linked to the old injury. I feel safer than I ever have at VP now, in the event of a medical emergency They were my thoughts exactly!!!
  2. Catering-sized teapots / leaf tea / strainer = better cup of tea than teabags!!
  3. I never realised how many medical experts were Vale fans?
  4. Also a different injury - so could have happened at any time?
  5. It's a funny old game, Saint...the defence that nobody approved of kept a clean sheet!!! Well done, Tom Pett and the Heartbreakers (courtesy of Jeff Stelling!)
  6. I'm amazed at the number of Smallsall fans supposed to be coming to this match, to give abuse to a manager they didn't want and don't rate? I'm also amazed / disappointed at the number of alleged fans who haven't posted since we last lost, crawling out of the woodwork, again, following another - unmerited - defeat? How can you call yourself a fan when you only celebrate us losing?
  7. Totally agree Doha - there must be local caterers prepared to quote for tray bakes and home-made individual pies? Let's have a bit of imagination!!
  8. Dear God - those look awful!!! Better quality food must sell better than that <ovf censored>?
  9. That would be poor recruitment in the forward line, and midfield!
  10. Great article! If that doesn't create new interest in the Vale nothing will!
  11. It's a winnable one - they've W6 D4 L6 GD-5 so they're not great! Guess they might put out a slightly weakened team, as they're only 7 points off the relegation places?
  12. 3 really good, down to earth, balanced and lavish with praise interviews on YouTube - Captain Tom before the game, DC's post-match...honest...appraisal and Smiling James Wilson on his hat-trick...but also praising the management, the squad and the tactics. We have a very together group of people!
  13. Yes - there were plenty of cheap jokes and snide remarks about how many coaches we were signing - but, it seems that they are doing the job they were supposed to do? Fitness levels seem good...we're tactically aware and flexible. Not many criticisms now, Surely?
  14. I was thinking that - his confidence will now be sky-high! But - nobody expected a lot from him, so this would be a fantastic bonus...and well done to the management for getting a player out of him!
  15. Remind me again how we needed to sign a 20 goals per season striker. and we would be struggling to score? hahaha
  16. And there it is - just the confidence boost the lad deserves!
  17. I too have faith that Captain Tom would like to get success and promotion with us...but you never know? However - unless he has an absurdly low release clause - we ought to get good money for him. If he goes, I'd hope that money would be offered to Bolton for Politic...with a high sell-on percentage? Similarly, if Smudge or Gibbo go (Gibbo after he's signed a new deal to help us get that cash?) we could offer Newcastle a fee for Cass? I don't remember us being in this situation before? And, even if we didn't get the replacements already with us, I'm confident the Matrix would have alternatives? UTV
  18. You may have done on here...but for many on OVF, it was a poor performance from us, rather than a good performance from Mansfield.
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