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  1. I don't think you should be criticising Vale fans for non-attending! Many people have had a <ovf censored> couple of years, financially; and many people are suffering illnesses due to Covid, or to not getting treated for other conditions. Still others are having to work odd shifts / longer hours to make sure they still have jobs. And there are family events that often take precedence. It's rarely a simple "going...not going" decision. It also might be easier for young and single people to go than those have commitments. and - as I've said before - there is still some hesitance and lack of faith in some supporters due to previous mismanagement. I've no doubt that if we continue this revival and promotion push our gates will increase - but let's not disrespect fans who can't / won't go?
  2. We seem to have the calmness that stems from confidence in our abilities, tactics and faith in each other. We seem to expect to score, even if we go behind...which is an enormous asset!
  3. A goal would give him a massive boost...but his contribution is still positive!
  4. Sorry...i don't fink you'd a prevented 3 of dem goals!!
  5. I meant - he's a bloody nuisance to the opposition! From what I've seen of him, there's a lot of potential, there, and i've supported him more than once when he's been scapegoated! As for ex-legend Pope - he is at his level, now,
  6. He does have some influence in the game, even if he's not scoring. He's a bloody nuisance, tbh!!
  7. Wow! Conlon's goal was...exactly what we've come to expect of Captain Tom! Tom Pett's goal was the sweetest stroked shot to just pass the ball into the net. 3rd goal shows the wisdom of firing crosses hard into an area, and Amoo took his goal so well. A great result! UTV
  8. DC's man management means that, if you're not playing, you have to show that you should be when you get the chance. Politic was held back until his fitness was good, then he was given little cameos to prove himself. Amoo is doing the same now, as is Taylor. At some time, they will be a first choice and it will be another player's time to wait...keep fit...show some quality in training and friendlies.
  9. I don't read what's on here very often - fortunately! Some people are going to have to eat a lot of stupid words at the end of the season! I'm surprised that "...we've been found out a little bit..."? Not sure how, when most posters can't decide what formation we'll be playing even after the team is announced? Nor when we've scored 14 goals in 6 games, with 4 wins and a draw - I'm not seeing the "...being found out..." bit? Admittedly, Mansfield outplayed us but they're a decent team, with a good manager and in a false position - maybe they should have been given more credit for their performance? And, yes - we imploded against Sutton (the only loss in 6)...but we also suffered some appalling luck against a team that's pretty much matching us in terms of current form, and that away from home and a little more concentration / good luck would have seen at least a point?
  10. That sounded like a really positive meeting? No surprise Rudgie doesn't believe he should have a statue - personally I think it ought to be of Rudgie "hijacking" Robbie Earle!!! Cass and Gibbons sound like good, level-headed young men, and there's plenty of praise for the Vale's backroom staff. As there is for the owners, Carol and Kevin, and the community work the club is undertaking - everything sounds great...I hope we continue this push and become the Potteries' top community club - what a difference new brooms make! We can be proud of our club, and the professionalism shown by its management team - on and off the pitch. Long may this continue, and Vale get the success everybody is working so hard for!!!
  11. Adopting the "wise old manager" approach - we're halfway to safety (our first target) after fewer than a third of our games.
  12. Agree! And the professionalism comes from the very top - Carol and Kevin! Those delusionals on here who suggested Carol had had her head turned by a chancer, and been overly-impressed by techno-babble and a snake oil salesman really ought to be coming on here and issuing grovelling apologies for doubting her knowledge, experience and integrity!
  13. I'd normally agree with you - but you have to remember the dross and false promises / positions we've had and been in, over recent seasons. There will be some confidence rebuilding to do. It's pretty obvious from some of the comments on here that Vale fans have had their noses rubbed in it, for quite a while - it will need consistently good performances, and maintaining our position in the top 3...or, at least, challenging to restore some of this lost faith. We will get there - I'm sure of that!
  14. For the first time since Sir John, I would feel confident that if any of our players were sold - for the proper money - that money would be reinvested in the squad, and on good quality replacements!
  15. Great result Vale. That seemed to be as easy as we could hope for? Table will look good tonight.
  16. If Rodders is suffering from long covid he may well need a lot more time to get back to his best? We have enough bodies to fill those attacking places - let's keep switching it around so the opposition doesn't know what to expect?...except when Proctor is fit, as he has to play when he's fit?
  17. Never! Certainly not in 58 years of being a Vale fan!!!
  18. I like his interviews - very honest, no BS! Refreshing with good analysis!
  19. You're really clinging to this! I didn't say there were only 2 examples - just that there were 2 I knew of!! Google the formula???hahahahaha
  20. I beg your pardon - I hadn't seen that post! I think I would have put it in quotation marks, and used Harvard referencing? haha!
  21. Trouble is, Mr H, you only referenced them in your head!
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