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  1. Lloyd controls a diagonal ball on the edge of the area and is pulled back by Rawson who is booked, only getting a yellow because the Vale striker still had a defender to beat. 33 mins. Sentinel
  2. On the other hand when they get a corner that's a concern surely UTV A smaller player won't make any difference defending a corner if he's left on the halfway line.
  3. I hope Stone is, or becomes good enough to seriously challenge Covolan for the no.1 slot - a good young keeper of that age would be a considerable asset.
  4. hmmm...not great when you choose to deny the truth! There's at least 2 examples on this thread alone. Scott Brown did a great job when he first joined us. By the end of last season his performances had clearly deteriorated.
  5. Most of the post about Stone was hypothetical...
  6. Shocker! Conveniently forgotten by the St Scott Brigade, and you will find a good few more examples over the last 2 seasons...more so from last because his form dipped so dramatically it was poretty bloody obvious he wouldn't be retained on his performances.
  7. No - I'm right! hahaha If you think he fecked up it's no wonder you're an ex-GK!!! I would be much more critical of the players in the wall, than of Cov...and, yes - it's his job to set the wall right. But I don't see DC changing it around, just to teach him a lesson?
  8. I've watched it several times and I'm right - his arms are not by his side or in front of his head/chest! He is late seeing it come through the wall, and there is the chance it took a deflection? There are better-paid keepers who have let in similar goals in higher Leagues.
  9. All of us have different opinions and are free to express them. Nobody has knocked you for that. It's your insistence on pushing your original opinion despite all of the evidence to the contrary that people give you stick for "Happy clappers" - the last, desperate resort of those who have no real substance to their opinion!
  10. He has dived with his arms outstretched and the ball went between his hands...how TF is that "straight at him"?
  11. I understand that he, and a number of other posters, are currently offline convalescing from knee replacement surgery Hopefully they might find a backbone, too?
  12. Also - do we want "!likeable" or "successful"? I never liked Adams at press conferences!
  13. I think you're right - and they won't all have the stones to admit it! So - well done Andy Jones!
  14. Yep - Politic's first touch was great...as was the ball out to the wing, and the cross in for the third goal. Wouldn't be too harsh on Covolan, either - the ball came through a bunch of legs, and low down, and he was fractionally late seeing it so getting down to it a little late. You'll see that from better keepers than ours!
  15. It was a very good goal...and, as you say, his first touch...for how long he'd been involved in the game??? Pressing for a place, that's for sure!
  16. Great man management, in fact - share the credit!
  17. Covolan is an easy target, and has been since the 2 unfortunate red cards! The first, in the friendly, never should have been and I'm not convinced about the second one, either? But people are forgetting the number of clean sheets we had; nor the good - and crucial - saves he has made - he's just an easy target especially for the Saint Scott brigade!
  18. As good as Proctor is, we can afford to let him recover properly, as we finally have decent backup, now the deadwood has been chopped!
  19. Great result Vale! Well done DC for the changes in personnel and tactics and well done to the subs for their contribution, and to Wilson for his first full stint! Onwards and upwards!
  20. It's so pleasing to have a manager that can analyse a problem, and take steps to deal with it during the game!
  21. Gosh - this site's gone quiet since the whingers went home!
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