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  1. Contract ideally would have been addressed last summer, but understandably there was plenty of other things to sort first. We need to make him the best offer we possibly can without disrupting the clear harmony in the dressing room / stable financial footing we are now on. if Smudger then decides to go elsewhere, then he would go with my best wishes for the future - unless he pitches up at Sjoke of course.
  2. It’s been a long day! You should have suggested a 5 year contract extension / stand naming and I might have twigged! With Max now leaving we could also throw in the Head of Social Media Role for good measure
  3. that Is the Managers job, but ironically Tom is nowhere near that figuredespite taking the penalties.
  4. As I said, neither will be a mainstay of a promotion chasing team.
  5. No one disputes it was a great goal at the Etihad, but as they say one swallow does not make a summer. I am not saying he has no part to play, but with his strike rate from open play over the last 2 years+ It makes you18-20 goal forecast frankly ridiculous, unless we win a penalty every other game!
  6. Respect is not a concern - misplaced sentiment is. Tom’s powers are on the wane and we need to move forward
  7. You argue my point Old Fort. Others are referring to the old Tom Pope, not our current No9. I am looking at it objectively, not through rose tinted spectacles. i mean no disrespect to Tom and what he has achieved - that was the last decade and we need to move forward in the new one.
  8. Many thanks. Would have been surprised if he had bypassed your radar
  9. We would struggle to find one scoring less from open play currently!
  10. Disagree. I was not comparing them as players, I was pointing out that many are happy to overlook Tom’s tangible contribution (games in which he has scored) because he is Tom. we have had good and bad spells with both leading the line - neither will be the mainstay of a promotion chasing team.
  11. Problem is separating past glories from current reality.
  12. I am more than happy with my comments Okd Sage. yes I did cheer at Man City, yes I am thankful for all Tom has done in the past, both in terms of promotion and also preserving our league status. i also see the goal threat he now offers as the odd flame from the dying embers. Last year our upturn in form after Askeys appointment coincided with Ricky Miller leading the line. knock off penalties and Tom has had a goal scoring contribution in just 3 other games out of 29 appearances. if you think such a record will see us become genuine promotion contenders then we will have to agree to disagree. nothing is forever, and we need a new talisman to take us forwards and build on the foundations Askey has laid. And yes, I do think Tom’s no doubt sizeable wage, could be better utilised in finding the individual to fill his sizeable shoes.
  13. I would say no, as given his Newcastle United pedigree would ordinarily have been flagged on here by our North East scout, Mrs Jackson if he was worth a punt
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