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  1. Excellent idea. Replace the pacy / tricky Monty with the totally immobile Popey. Who needs a vibrant energetic front 3? Everyone knows we will get nowhere with this 4-3-3 crap and that Arthur’s signings will never score. We all know that 4-4-2 is the only way to play, that’s why all the big clubs do it. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Ernie, highlighting exactly how much you know about the game.
  2. Don’t disagree with the only away fans bit. To smuggle anything in I will just utilise my 73 year old mother in law who attends all home games, that will get me nicely round the rules proposed on here for effective stewarding.
  3. That is then discrimination against younger men. What is the definition of youngish? Interestingly the few fans who got over the railings when we scored at Salford I would class as late middle aged. I assume they would be excluded from your search criteria? The young lady doing the checks on Lorne Street was polite and only checking every 5 or so. I assume at random/their advised protocol? i think this was made worse by the turnstile operator who has a little chat with everyone as they enter, using their name off the card. This allowed quite a queue to build up, and therefore they had more time to search people. As others have said, the other queue moved far quicker. I am 50 by the way, so I assume I would not fall into your younger bracket?
  4. Thought Crookes was excellent at Salford and again last night. I trust the manager to mould the squad - I expect he sees Campbell-Gordon as having the potential to play there as well as other options, and therefore he would prefer to spend his budget elsewhere.
  5. To clarify your point , the punters should be happier with technical players who are ineffective, rather than less gifted players who are more effective? From my perspective none of the five names you list are worth crying over
  6. Luke Waterfall gone Grimsby. Good signing that
  7. Last night underlined how desperate we are for a strong centre midfielder - without the often injured Manny we are dominated far too easily. Joyce is anonymous when Manny doesn’t play, and Worrall achieves little in that role despite his work rate. Positives Brown, Gibbo, Smith, thought Monty was decent, and Bennett made a difference when he came on. Negatives - Crookes and midfield were poor, Cullen and Amoo struggled to get into the game. Another game passes without a goal from open play, and this is a trend that may soon become worrying.
  8. Maybe it won’t show on the I-phone prize we have all won?
  9. Anthony Grant out of favour at Shrewsbury
  10. Surprised the revenue agreed to the CVA in the first place. Thought they would want to make an example of someone by now, and the 25p in the £ they will receive is negligible in the great scheme of things.
  11. Any news on what’s happened to Ricky Miller?
  12. Duffy still without a club and local.........
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