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  1. Excellent result Smithy MOTM for me, absolute beast at the moment and impressive throughout. Special mention for Burgess too, who in the last 2 games has lived up to the exceptionally high work rate / influence of last year, rather than him being a Macc cast off in the eyes of the ‘experts’ once more. Wozza 2nd half - Wow! Popey did well when joining the action, but think Robinson would have been judged more harshly on here if he had side footed that gilt edged chance from Burgesses cross against the post . Excellent 2nd half and result, quality keeping and resilience first half.
  2. Agree. Thought he led the line well and was bringing others into the play. Missed chances - another week will score chances. That’s football, especially in the lower leagues. only 3 points off Automatic places
  3. And yet they created far more down our right against Clark than they did against Monty. Usual ‘not a proper full back’ lazy drivel
  4. I thought Lainton dropped out due to injury?😀
  5. When assessing the season so far need to take into account 5 of 7 opponents feature in the Top 7, and the other 2 are 9th and 12th. Amoo especially has been a big loss as our main creator, as well as Wozza being below last years form. I’m not a happy clapper, but likewise not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. Askey has been more good than bad, and deserves more time and a bit of patience. Start is in line with last year, just 2 points off the play offs, we look like qualifying the the next stage of the FLT and on the whole solid defensively. keep calm and
  6. Cullen back on bench alongside Rodney and Pope giving us plenty of attacking options if needed
  7. Thats how I saw it - minor contact if that. Would still take him off though - having another shocker
  8. Assessing them objectively / without bias will never catch on though. Far better to continue to use Man City as an every day example
  9. Just love how every ‘Pope is not God any more’ has to be classed as a dig. Everyone has a shelf life, and Pope is close to his Best Before, but not beyond his Use By. He was top notch when fresh. P.S it was not a dig but an honest assessment
  10. Well if you take last season as the most recent evidence then out of 37 appearances (where we were often on top in games) they ‘managed to contain’ his goal threat in 31 of these, or 33 if you include the 2 games when his goal contribution was from the penalty spot. As you are asking this question in 2020 I would go for Worrall, Rodney, Conlon and Cullen as the first person they would look to contain. If it was 2013 I would have given Pope and JMW as the answer. I repeat it does not mean Tom has nothing to offer, but that his impact is now more limited and needs to be recognised as such
  11. Agree with this. For me some seem unable to separate the 2020 version vs the all conquering 2013 version. Agree still has something to offer, but doesn’t suit the high press game Askey has had most success with. For me now Tom is a sub when we perhaps go 2 up top. This does not mean I undervalue his past achievements, but i do see that his powers are much diminished, and for me other starting options suit us / Askeys preferred style better
  12. I wouldn’t bet too much
  13. Tom’s having a bad few days - now the Sneyd Arms is closed permanently!
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