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  1. Agreed. He could have expressed disappointment but shown his ‘gratitude’ to the fans, yet he can’t even pay lip service to those who have helped swell his sizeable pay packet. It’s taken him 3 months to come out with this bitter rant without a word of thanks. if many of his performances over the last 2 years had been delivered by Barnett, Quigley, Bennett, Guthrie, Robinson there would have been page after page of dogs abuse, but it was largely forgiven because it was Tom. He was a regular during the bad run that led to Askeys sacking, and if this was his attitude no doubt a big part of any dressing room disruption that was part and parcel of this. Leaves a very sour taste from a bitter player who was way past his sell by date. Norm left us saddled with a contract a year too long, Carol could have sacked him for his Twitter antics, and yet he has had no loyalty! Delusional and self centred. And yet some still believe the club could have progressed with him involved with his very jaundiced views!
  2. Even if they ‘expressed an interest’ for whatever reason they never came to fruition, so don’t see how that helps strengthen his argument. Similar to ‘had a trial with…’ means they opted not to sign you, normally because you didn’t fit the bill, occasionally because of your demands
  3. There are some deluded ones who will be out in force no doubt. Yet there are one helluva lot of managers at both our level and the several layers between us and Congleton who have opted not to enlist his services!
  4. And to think some actually thought he would be a good character in the dressing room as 3rd/4th choice striker! Would have done wonders for team morale/bonding (not) with his poisoned/distorted reality that everything should still be ‘All about Tom Pope’ when his contribution has been negligible at best, and woefully inadequate in reality if it wasn’t been delivered by Tom Pope, but by another striker. What ‘job’ did he think he was delivering? Fancy being expected to train all week as a professional footballer? Fancy squad players being expected to stay fit to keep the tempo in training up / influence matches when called upon / put pressure on others to perform to their best, but support and pass on knowledge for the greater good of the club? What does he think all his teammates have done for all these years? And to think they are expected to do this for a miserly £100k per annum! Over his 9 years at the Vale alone I assume he has taken away well in excess of £1m, as the Wilde’s contract was far more remunerative. On this occasion he cannot even put it down to a heat of the moment tweet, as this has no doubt been simmering for a long time. If it was that bad under Askey then you could have moved on. Tremendous parting shot Tom - really shown your true class there, unlike Monty / Brown / Joyce and Cullen, who have less of a tie to the club but parting statements were quality. Hit yourself in the pocket there pal - testimonial numbers will be down, and rightly so as you still haven’t thanked the fans for their support (and in turn paying your sizeable wages).
  5. DC I would expect 😉. He will let us know when he’s good and ready - the way it should be with no leaks👍
  6. Go back and listen to that interview again he mentions Pope and his legendary status Yep. And saying letting him go because of his injury would have worked wonders for his chances of future employment!
  7. If it’s not going well it won’t last till Christmas. Whoever is funding this will expect results. As I’ve said on another thread let’s hope they go on a great run in the FA Cup, and we can welcome them back at Vale Park in the First Round Proper!
  8. Great post. I don’t believe people have ‘stuck the boot in’ on Tom, but are venting their views to posters who could see no other way forward than with Tom. They are now feeling vindicated following today’s announcement that their opinion that Tom is no longer a viable option as a League 2 striker have been confirmed. let’s hope Congleton have a great FA Cup run and we get them at Vale Park in the First Round proper to give him a deserved send off.
  9. As I said confirming DC’s decision to release him based on working with Tom on a daily basis, rather than re-hashing historic wiki stats as ‘compelling evidence’ that he could still ‘do a job’
  10. Fuller definitions of compelling include ‘not able to be refuted, inspiring conviction’, and ‘not able to be resisted, overwhelming’. For whatever reason the ‘evidence’ has not been compelling enough for a deal to be secured elsewhere in the pro game, and has seen Tom signing at level 9 / Step 5 of the football pyramid. For the record I wish him well, but this confirms DC’s assessment of the evidence Is in tune with that of others in the pro game.
  11. Saw Monty came on at the weekend as a 55th minutes sub, and went off injured in the 84th minute.
  12. Interesting listen. Actually makes us sound like a professional club!
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