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  1. To think this looked like a crunch game 2 or 3 weeks ago!
  2. Really struggle to see what he is hoping will come from Cullen. Injury record / salary must surely see him out of the door
  3. Sheridan sacked / resigned now. It’s really unfair when they let other teams have a similar or better budget than him poor lamb
  4. Monty back in the starting 11. Clarke clearly not too narked about his late withdrawal from the team last week - indicates he is also firmly in his plans
  5. Good offer for player received - put it to Manny (I expect with the honest response that we wouldn’t be putting a comparable contract in from of him) Player opts to leave for greater security. Good deal for Vale and Manny. Onwards and upwards with wage saved + transfer fee added to the kitty for next season.
  6. If true alongside the transfer fee there will also be a wage saving (we would have paid him till end July if not extending his contract) so possibly another £15k+ saving there also
  7. Bet he’s tucking into a nice mixed grill to get his own back
  8. I take it you are not his agent or helping him with his CV then Phil?🤔🤔😉😀
  9. Page 1 of Ceefax threatening- we might just finish 8th yet
  10. No, we were on about different people, one called Monty, and one called Manny
  11. Interesting how standards vary depending on the individual concerned. Monty involved in 30+ games in each of the last 6 seasons. Gibbo only done that in 2 of the last 4 seasons. One is local and apparently always rushed back too early, maybe Monty has been rushed back also, or has been too eager to try and help the team only to have to come off when he breaks down again. With the better monitoring / data maybe this will be resolved, where we have managed to get consecutive appearances from Manny of late.
  12. Until we mathematically can’t reach the playoffs😉
  13. If DC wants any of them then fine by me.
  14. Yes, bonkers changes to the corner kick over recent years - inside / touching/ overhanging the arc. If you need to move the ball 3 inches close4 to reach you shouldn’t be taking them! Would be clearer for all if they just made it a bit bigger and went back to it must be inside. Clearer for fans and officials, who could see this from a distance. If they take them from the side opposite the liners then no one checks that closely
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