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  1. With TOM TOM in the midfield we are certainly heading in the right direction
  2. You can say what you want about this squad, but will they be up to the celebration in Boslem come May??😎😉
  3. I’m in there Phil. Looked like it was aimed at the box above. There is an older numpty who sits right at the front with a big gob which spouts drivel loudly. Probably him. Clarke looked angry to someone ‘up above’ but was celebrating with the rank and file of the paddock. I’ve had my fair share of ‘discussions’ for daring to suggest that occasionally we might have actually committed a foul (Brisko being sent off for taking a guy out 2 footed on the half way line springs to mind) or god forbid the opposition may have actually scored a good goal!
  4. To be fair Covalan always keen to push on, so just being accommodated a little higher up the pitch😉👍
  5. You can say what you want about this squad, but they’ll be no good in Burslem when we are celebrating in May 😉👍
  6. Looks like DC has managed to pull the wool over the committee's eyes as well as Carol and Kevin’s then😂😂😂 nothing to do with turning us into a thoroughly competitive outfit within 8 months, topped off by the current good run of form! Congrats to DC / AC / DF all 5he back room staff & players as well as our excellent owners. Some recognition for the work so far - let the good times roll
  7. To be fair to the lad had a good first half, but was really struggling as he came off at half time. Soldiered on and visibly winced when taking the kick off after their equaliser. Still actively looked for the ball and played some nice touches before eventually making way for Amoo. Quality player, and hopefully he now feels at home with a couple of goals under his belt, and can then only go from strength to strength.
  8. Agreed. A valuable acquisition and a great team player.
  9. One thing for sure he wasn’t 6ft 4’’ at the end leaving the tunnel sheepishly, and not keen to ‘engage’ with Lorne Street when he was quite keen to do so 20 minutes earlier 😉👍
  10. I would add how ridiculous for all those subs to continue working hard day after day, week after week even though they weren’t getting game time. Ready just in case they get a brief opportunity to prove their worth and make a positive impact to help the team. Who could reasonably expect professionals to do this, working hard for their wages and keeping a positive, harmonious mood around the club rather than going Scrimmys mid week because they weren’t expecting to start at the weekend!
  11. That’s the problem with this squad. No leaders, no goalscorers, no character, and definitely they’d be no good on a night out in Boslem ☺️😏😉👍
  12. Agreed. In summary, he has cut adrift the deadwood/dross whether you like the term or not! UTV
  13. As an addendum to this - if he can remember who they are then why can he not remember how bad they were!
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