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  1. No worries Rob. Wasn’t a criticism, merely my views, where occasional highlights from these 2 poor players puts them slightly above the other dross listed.
  2. As bad as they were, Hooper and Kelly actually contributed occasional positive impact performances from the Bench, so must surely be excluded for that reason?
  3. 14. Chuffed with that. McGivern an International, yet a good shout for our worst ever 11!
  4. The dressing room has been far more inspiring without Michael Brown in it!
  5. Tommy Fraser! Back in the day my lad won a days coaching at Chelsea. Was chatting to one of the coaches, and when I said where we were from / who we supported he asked what I thought of a Tommy. My explanation was along the lines of any enthusiastic pub player’ - turned out it was his brother I was talking to and he was in full agreement!
  6. He was very versatile - equally inept in both positions!
  7. In addition to those already mentioned, in no particular order: Chris Slater / Richard Walker / Anthony Kay (decent when played centre mid) / Joe Davis (how did we get a fee) / Callum Howe (why did we pay a fee?) / Big Ex / Peter Billing / Jermaine Holwyn (as it was said unfair to assess him as a right back) / Artell (for being a snake)
  8. Always love the 20 goal plus comment. Despite the myth Pope has only done this once in his career,. As a goals threat little between them nowadays, but agree Bennett is not the long term solution. Would have preferred to keep him for the run in, but sure the deal makes good financial sense.
  9. Plus wages saving till end of season / over summer will double this number. Short term would have preferred him in the squad for the rest of the season, but where he has not stood out consistently as Popey’s long term replacement then an understandable decision in the medium term planning of the club
  10. Played the footy mad nice guy Major Karl Von Steiner in Escape to Victory
  11. Is there an away fan friendly boozer near to?
  12. I rest my case. Congratulations to JA for giving the club a playing identity that 1) the players understand 2) is bringing success. All players have the incentive that if they come in and play well they will keep their place. Another great performance from Monty - he IS a PROPER left back, he just plays it in a different way to others, but plays it well. Enjoy the week, on to the Saddlers we go full of confidence
  13. 433 has worked well all season. Players who will come in have all played an important role. Don’t understand why we would change a successful formula for a system we have not played under Askey.
  14. Do you announce the attendance figures at the Bet 365 as well
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