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  1. Always love the 20 goal plus comment. Despite the myth Pope has only done this once in his career,. As a goals threat little between them nowadays, but agree Bennett is not the long term solution. Would have preferred to keep him for the run in, but sure the deal makes good financial sense.
  2. Plus wages saving till end of season / over summer will double this number. Short term would have preferred him in the squad for the rest of the season, but where he has not stood out consistently as Popey’s long term replacement then an understandable decision in the medium term planning of the club
  3. Played the footy mad nice guy Major Karl Von Steiner in Escape to Victory
  4. Is there an away fan friendly boozer near to?
  5. I rest my case. Congratulations to JA for giving the club a playing identity that 1) the players understand 2) is bringing success. All players have the incentive that if they come in and play well they will keep their place. Another great performance from Monty - he IS a PROPER left back, he just plays it in a different way to others, but plays it well. Enjoy the week, on to the Saddlers we go full of confidence
  6. 433 has worked well all season. Players who will come in have all played an important role. Don’t understand why we would change a successful formula for a system we have not played under Askey.
  7. Do you announce the attendance figures at the Bet 365 as well
  8. I don’t blame the ref for that. Stupid foul when their player was always looking to go over for a free kick. Ridiculous reaction from a Pope, knowing he was already on a booking and with picky referee. yet again let’s the club down after his earlier positive contribution
  9. After the Kay / Tonge / Pugh trilogy I thought we’d had enough of immobile midfielders.
  10. I made this point on the Best striker thread. For me it is not who is best it who fits the system best. For me that is Bennett, with Pope adding quality from the bench - as yesterday. Only Port Vale fans can be disappointed with a tremendous away victory, because their favourite didn’t start! Both have had good games, both have had stinkers. Popes are always put down to playing the wrong system / the poor delivery / lack of support / opposition defenders getting away with murder. None of these excuses are afforded to Bennett. As I have said before if we build our game around a fading soon to be 35 year old who rarely looks like scoring (bar penalties or perfect crosses) we will not progress out of this league. for the record , Tom has been by far the better striker, but in 2020 and with the current 433 system that is reliant on mobility he does not offer enough. I also believe an upgrade on Bennett will be high on JA’s agenda in the summer.
  11. Must have something in his contract about the use of social media. As John James has said if he worked at Synetics in all likelihood he would now be looking for a new employer - where many now review Social Media history as part of their selection criteria!
  12. Didn’t Askey cite the reason for pulling out of the League as he didn’t like turning up for games only to be playing against a Youth team........
  13. Agree with this. The question should be who fits the system, not who is the best. Thought Bennett was giving them far more problems than Tom did when he joined the action. Tom is now such a static target that if he cannot win the physical battle (he has mentioned himself all the powerful meathead centre halves in Lge 2 who just want to beat you up) then he has little else to offer. Askey is clearly going to continue with 4-3-3, why not as it has served him well over the years. The key to this system working is mobility. On this basis Bennett For me of the current strikers, but someone with his mobility but greater physical strength would be the ideal. Tom has undoubtedly been the best of these 3, but in 2020 I do not believe this is now the case. what I do know is that if we pin our hopes on a fading soon to be 35 year old who is reliant on perfect crosses to have any meaningful impact on the game then we will not build on the significant progress of this season
  14. I hope you have not posted this a day too early!!
  15. Struggle to see why so many appear so keen to replace Monty. He’s having a great season
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