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  1. He’ll certainly moan that it’s another consecutive away game to contend with, after having to play the 2nd leg away as well!
  2. 35 points from the last 18 games = 1.944 points a game. If they had maintained that over the entire season = 89 points and would have been champions with that point take. Thankfully looks like they prefer another summer of turmoil rather than stability - obviously easier to sell the documentary on that basis!
  3. Nothing to be sorry for. I also will not attend, nor will any others of my 7 strong family group of season ticket holders. As he himself revealed in his podcast his standards of professionalism once it wasn’t ‘all about him’ dropped significantly in terms of mid week drinking / general lifestyle and poor preparation because there was ‘no point’ as he knew he wasn’t guaranteed 90 minutes on a Saturday. Compare this to Mel Benning - bit part player first half of the season, bombed out after the signing of Hussey in January, and yet has come back in and played superbly in the last 2 months by keeping himself in shape ready to take any glimmer of opportunity. Decent overall career goals record, but if you exclude the magnificent promotion return pretty average overall - and his tally on his return included penalties. This with a team structure built all around him. Since his understandable release (higher wage earner/ vastly diminishing goal return / poor attitude around the club as unable to accept Old Father Time had reduced his effectiveness / inability to run to play the pressing game DC wants / and that’s before you get to his injury!) he has happily talked down players from that era and the current squad. I assume he has not set foot in the club since, and I take it all his ‘hangers on’ have stopped attending also now freebies not on offer. In summary a sad end to his relationship with PVFC - local lad done well, but could not accept his time was up, and not got the good grace to express his disappointment whilst still showing his affection for ‘his club’. For me I would not want him around the club as any sort of ambassador.
  4. I take it plenty of the ‘experts’ on here won a small fortune betting on McKirdy getting 20+ goals this season as it was so obvious he would based on what we all saw on the pitch, and no doubt in what we didn’t see in training and around the ground.
  5. We were lucky then when we went up under Adams with 78 points, and Gills topped it with 83
  6. Says something about the player upgrade when some trying to make Wilson the new Whipping Boy!
  7. The Paul Beesley one is hilarious at times Billy Whitehurst / Vinny Jones / Harry Bassett / hates Horton. Quality listen.
  8. Agreed. Would be good ones for Dermot Gallagher to comment on in ref watch on Sky - what feeble excuses he could come up with to defend his colleague
  9. Any footage of that tackle on Garrity in front of our bench?
  10. A disappointing day. If we had researched then we must have surely known that midfield trio would be too lightweight. I know our hands were forced given Walker / Pett injuries, but Jones or Hall in there with Hussey / Jones on the left of a back 3 would have given us a presence in the middle of the park which we were sadly lacking today. Yes I know Taylor had a decent cameo on Friday, but we were the dominant side that day before he entered the fray, so he could play on the front foot. Today he looked a little boy lost, and gave away possession when under no pressure for the critical equaliser. I am no doom and gloom merchant - I was one of those pointing out still plenty of points to play for as we stuttered through Feb / March. We first need to win the battle before winning the football match - I do not see Taylor in the holding role from the off as a way to do that. Use him from the bench if we are chasing the game. A week now to rest up and work on a game plan before the Yam Yams on Saturday with different midfield 3 - assuming no other players are returning to fitness.
  11. Pett - what he brings amplified today!
  12. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve- nervous excitement and tomorrow can’t come quickly enough
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