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  1. Yet is more experienced than a Crookes on whom it is often open season on here
  2. Mourinho looking a better Manager by the week! Olly’s at the wheel............crash!
  3. We all dream of a team of Ryan Lloyd’s, a team of Ryan Lloyd’s, a team of Ryan Lloyd’s
  4. He can’t be - remember he used to be at Macc
  5. England’s number one????? He’s not even the best keeper in the Potteries!
  6. Hope not. Like him, seems a decent bloke as well as Manager.
  7. In fairness I do not see why an extra National League club should be promoted - unless it is Notts County who lost out through Bury cheating financially
  8. 5 in 16 at Morecombe, and 3 in 8 already this season is a good indicator that he can get to 15+ if he is playing all season. This also excludes free kicks and penalties. Add to this his assists and his general all round play and the way he fits the system he will certainly do for me!
  9. Bennett fits the system, has three already, and I am sure more goals will come. Ultimately it is how the players gel together - Burton got promoted with no individual reaching double figures. I would take that any day of the week.
  10. If we signed Messi he would be one footed, too lightweight, weak in the air and not up for the battle with some on here!
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