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  1. I thought he slowed down when he saw brown if anything Agreed - expecting him to clear easily
  2. Agreed. Yes Smith done for pace initially, but if Brown had stayed put would probably have got back goalside / making a difficult angle to score from. of course option 1 would have been better - Brown whacking it into row Z!
  3. I thank you for now explaining your comment and giving an opinion
  4. I would delighted if we have nothing left to play for with 3 games to go
  5. If Visser is de-registered then there will be a space in the 22 as Scott would not take up a place given his age. Unclear whether Visser injury likely to be season ending?
  6. Your post seemed to imply ‘everyone but me’ the lad has obviously improved / shown more than he did when he was here
  7. I take it you don’t remember the world beating Alex Nimely then? 😉
  8. I take it his performances in a Vale shirt impressed you then?
  9. But his squad has largely struggled in the lower reaches of this league. It’s just that Askey didn’t improve it, albeit he did get better performances out of them for a time. Lee Sinnott signed the majority of Adams promotion team - but he was a gash manager (albeit with knives in his back)
  10. Interesting that they also trawl Facebook / Twitter as ‘it says a lot about a players character’. Wonder what the assessment of our current No9’s character would be?
  11. Thought it was just me Tapper. Keep seeing various half comments. Would be useful if someone ‘in the know’ would provid3 a list of all the rumours / leaks. Maybe worth a separate thread
  12. Monty involved in 30+ games for the last 5 seasons. Is unfairly bracketed with Manny, and definitely one to keep for both his versatility and creativity - something we desperately need more of.
  13. If they get an 18 month offer then they would need to seriously consider it
  14. So out of a 22 man squad we have Pope long term injured, Manny made of glass, Amoo, Monty and Wozza who are picking up regular strains/knocks, Gibbo who is returning from long term injury and broke down quickly last time around, Legge and Joyce liable to suspension and a second keeper. Coupled with that we have Whitehead who should be nowhere near the team! Options are limited all of a sudden and that’s before any further COVID impact! Lets hope one or two young players either our own or on loan come through to bolster the numbers
  15. With Tom already out injured and Cullen’s injury record a bold move. I can only hope that a) Guthrie and Rodney stay fit b) a move is in the offing for Robinson to recover some of his wage c) we have another striker coming in d) they genuinely believe one of the youth strikers can make the step up to bolster the squad as they won’t count towards the 22 man squad
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