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  1. I would imagine that they're dealing with that many refund requests at the moment that they simply can't cope. Of course, that doesn't apply when it comes to taking your money
  2. So far as the EFL are concerned he paid the bills and wages on time. That's really all they care about.
  3. Why not? Source? How would it be fair for any team to be promoted or relegated after 2 games play?!
  4. After 2 games I think it inherently more likely that the season would be declared null and void!
  5. Out of interest does anybody have any idea of the vale paying viewing figures for our games so far? Be nice to know how much the club are making from it as opposed to a normal match day.
  6. Exactly. The day the sentinel wrote an article about our unbeaten run we lost to Fleetwood [emoji16]
  7. One thing I'm certain of is that the ref last Tuesday would have given it against us. They were both holding each other so they can't argue that much
  8. We used to do the same at times when we had naylor up top! A lot of the time it's a lack of confidence. Manny star man for me so far. Joyce having a poor game imho. His passing is way off the standard
  9. That's what manny offers that nobody else can. Superb vision and pass to feed Rodney
  10. It doesn't take much for a vale fan to boycott games.....
  11. All working now Rob. Cheers for that
  12. Anybody else having problems with the app now? It's not loading for me at all and can't sign in. Have reinstalled with no effect. Web version seems fine.
  13. Would you, as a ST holder, stand for that?
  14. Was quite impressed overall tonight. Positives for me were manny (we went backwards when Joyce came on), Hurst, Visser and mckirdy (second half). Negatives were crookes (his distribution is still worful) and Robinson. With regard to Robinson, he seemed to suffer the same fate as pope does in that for whatever reason our back line seems to take the easy option of just lumping it up to the big no 9. Do wish they'd stop that and have a bit more confidence. Manny must start for me on Saturday.
  15. The ref must have £50 on a Fleetwood win. He's so obviously favouring them on all 50 50 challenges
  16. Harsh. He set up Robinson with a great little cross which should have been put away
  17. Visser manny and Hurst our best players so far. All the others are not really looking like creating anything. Mills looking very shaky tonight. Robinson not doing anything so far. We're playing 12 men tonight so need to be a bit calmer second half
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