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  1. He was and JA was going to make a call this morning
  2. It was a good header but world class?! Come on! I just wish he'd try to get to a cross like that as he did (obv desperately wanted to score) every time rather than stand still and then moan when the ball isn't delivered directly onto his bonce, like he does more often than not. He has a bit part to play this season but he does have a role.
  3. I don't think that's entirely fair. How many times was aspin berated for setting up to stop the oppo rather than concentrating on what we can do? I'm sure JA and co take into account oppo threats but his first thought always seems to be our game, in credit to him. From memory, I don't think JA has actually played 442 for us as a matter of design until the Carlisle game, which was understandable given the wigan win and general performance. Problem was, for me, that the players utterly failed to execute it. If we'd had the same level of performance as against wigan, I've little doubt we would pr
  4. Playing devil's advocate, those 2 midfielders that you refer to created absolutely nothing in their previous game against harrogate, and their replacements in the wigan game played very well. Out of interest, if JA had played Joyce and conlon in the Carlisle match, with the same result and performance, what would have been your reaction then?
  5. Ok TB, you're clearly not going to let this go, so what's your solution, aside from 'play better'?
  6. Ok TB, you're clearly not going to let this go, so what's your solution, aside from 'play better'?
  7. I'd be more than happy with 'not pretty' football that results in promotion and a few 6-2 away wins!
  8. What a ridiculous statement. You cannot be as successful in business as carol has if you're unable to make difficult decisions.
  9. Let's hope Scholes is of the Gary neville school of management
  10. Did I say that? I'm as disappointed as anybody with the last couple of league performances, but I'm not so shortsighted as to forget at a stroke the progress that has been made under the very same manager that you are lambasting and am willing to give him more than 5 league games before I start to question whether him. I dread to think what would have happened to John rudge had social media been around to allow people like yourself a platform in his early years as manager. Get a grip, calm down, and come back in 10 league games time.
  11. Whilst we're at it, let's pretend that John askey didn't take us to the brink of the playoffs last season following 2 successive seasons of nearly dropping out of the FL altogether, let's pretend that we haven't beaten Exeter away and wigan away, let's pretend that the progress that the club has made over the past year and a half hasn't happened, let's pretend that Rome was built in a day......
  12. You know how bad it's been when Carl is on RS twice in 45 mins!
  13. I think askey needs to have a long hard talk with all of our midfielders and defenders. Why can we not just keep the ball rather than lumping it time and time again, which only results in possession being lost and never winning the second ball. If that means we don't score in some games, so be it, but surely it's preferable to conceding possession time and time again. After all, if the oppo doesn't have the ball, they can't score and we play on our terms. At times today we looked a proper schoolboy team, with all players running towards the ball rather than anticipating where it will end up. E
  14. So this is the third or fourth time already this season that people have said how toothless up top. All with different strikers, including one whom most of you cry is the best striker in the league and another who seems to be able to score for any other team he plays for. Can we now agree that the issue is not the strikers, but the service. All hoofball again today. When will we learn?
  15. What's ifollows policy on refunds? I seem to have got the Dog and Ducks game this afternoon?
  16. Ifollow stats are interesting. 2 of our 11 crosses have been completed as opposed to 3 of their 6. I've said for a few seasons that our crossing is shocking and this is a worrying trend yet again.
  17. I'm doubting myself now. Surely he didn't say quickest? Maybe he said fittest. Surely not quickest?
  18. Has Phil sproson really just claimed that Adam crookes is the quickest player at the club or did I mishear that?!
  19. He's in a no win situation really. Win well today and people will get on his back saying he should have done this all along. Lose and people will scream about him changing it.
  20. Joyce I'm not surprised about but certainly am re conlon.
  21. Didn't we used to have a betting tax, or have I imagined that?
  22. Oh for the days of short term loans that suited all parties perfectly
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