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  1. then they will have to lump it, if they cannot show or want to show respect for a vet's service, we are heading to a very bad place...
  2. no, he did'nt want a fuss, the old vets never do, but it gives people wo want to pay their respects, a chance to...
  3. although i've never been Artell fan, he's just jumped in my estimation of him, the only one on the staff side, to recognise crwho had a problem, and never delt with it, and are still deniging any responsibility. Also are affraid to say "sorry", in case everyman and his dog will think badly of them...and instead release a "leagal" reply. Well done Artell, for having the balls to say that word sorry, and mean it.
  4. could compensation by the club/directors have any bearing?...
  5. rumours of dario were well known from when he arrived at crewe, back in the eighties...
  6. from what i remember about it, the board when questioned over this just said words to the effect of "no comment, " and when pushed said "no comment theres a police investigation". Whereas Man. City accepted a degree of responsibility, and there was some compensation mentioned, which i thought was descent of them as they did,nt do as Crwho did and shut up shop and stay quiet, hoping it would go away...
  7. hows the pope doing, any word on when he will return?, we are crying out for him in the box... plus with him in the team, it will buck the others up, a goal or more will bring the confidence back... I HOPE.
  8. there are some things that should'nt be forgotten, and some people who must'nt be forgotten... RIP Capt. TOM...
  9. credit due they played very well first half, took their foot off the peddle second, unfortuentley let a goal in, i'm waiting see how they do in the next 2 matches Tranmere and Newport...
  10. a pint of what your drinking please Eddie... oh and what colour is your sky?
  11. I've said before n another topic, Kings Lynn was the pivitol match, pre that we were on a 4 game winning run with the best defence in the league, so did Askey give them a deserved bo**king and our prima donors were upset. Everything went after that we shipped goals could'nt score, They beat Bolton was it to show Askey what they could do? anyway he went, they played well against Grimsby, a creditable point at FGR, then were back to rubbish, its basic schoolboy stuff, a good defence and you've a point, then start scoring goals, but thats not our style... Could Legge have been pi**ed off
  12. to Leon and the team... from last seasons good form, we had the same team, the first 10 games or so we were in or close to the play off places, one of if not the best defence in the league, a run of 4 wins going for 5 which was the Kings Lynn match when it started. Did JA give them a deserved rollicking, cause that was the pivotall match, then we went downbank, Bolton, was that the team showing JA what they could be doing for him... if the crowd had been in it would have finished well before this. we are not that gullible. Our team has a lot to answer for, not just for getting ri
  13. Were not those"10 regulars" the ones who got us to one place of the play-offs when the season ended 2020? Also we were going for the 5th consecutive win, now we've been 5 consecutive losses, and the pivotal game was Kings Lynn, so could Askey have upset the team with his post match chat, and they are now repaying him...
  14. I listened to the first half and we had no plan to get the ball into their half and score... as has been said the majority of our players are from the winning side when the season ended, till these last 4 games we were good, even pushing for 5 straight wins. So whats happened? is there unrest in the squad?, and wheres Pope he hasn't even been on the bench these last 2 games, ok he could not play a full match but a half time sub to either hold the lead or to get something out of a game... Since the Kings Lynn match i haven't the buzz, not looking forward to sats match either.
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