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  1. hi, sorry couldn't post any earlier, so if any traveling Valiants read this just stay safe, and a good trip there and back, and bring a win home...
  2. well to me this is blatant racism, lets see who calls it out as such... Black Lives Matter has called on Christmas shoppers to boycott white companies as part of "Black Xmas". The Black Lives Matter Global Network announced on social media there should be no spending at companies owned by white people between Black Friday on November 26 and New Year's Day. It encouraged people to "buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses", adding "we're dreaming of a #Blackxmas". Black Xmas began in 2014 after John Crawford, a black man, was fatally shot in an Ohio Walmart store. The group also posted on its website: "Black Friday sales are being rolled out weeks in advance of Thanksgiving and, at every turn, white-supremacist-capitalism is telling us to spend our money on things that we don't need, to reap profits for corporations. "Let's harness our economic power to disrupt white-supremacist-capitalism and build Black community." The move prompted criticism from some social media users, who said it was racist and segregating. Others praised the move and asked for recommendations of black-owned firms to support.
  3. from the same article i quoted to Jacko51 earlier... With the outbreak of war, Connolly became increasingly committed to fomenting an insurrection against British rule in Ireland; he had gradually changed from labour organiser and agitator into military commandant and theorist. In mid-January 1916 he reached agreement with the Irish Republican Brotherhood Military Council to co-operate in an insurrection the following Easter. He joined the Council, and on the day before the Rising its members appointed him vice-president of the Irish Republic and Commandant-General, Dublin Division, Irish Army.
  4. progress in the main, brings benefits...on a personal point, my father worked all his life from 14yrs old, heavy dirty work, with materials now banned as dangerous, which eventually killed him 3 months before he was due to retire...but in my case as i said those materials are not there now, unions and H&S have benefited me. India now into building space craft. Australia buggering the french, all progress comes at a price, but we can now see how much of a price, with hindsight
  5. when i said easier, my meaning was products making life easy, ie steam- for farming, industrial macjnerey, ships, railways... i'm sorry i didn't think of the workers in my statement, but the ease of making products to export.
  6. NO... i don't, the item i saw/read was from history, Wars & Conflicts 1916 Easter Rising. the rubbish we get on the news daily is biased and the reporting is the reporters feelings, not the facts...
  7. no a google search gave a bbc historical info site, my words would not have been so calm and informative , with him being a ira <EdIt>
  8. the report i saw said this had come up and the council said it would have to be voted on by the residents, but its noted on namesakes association with slavery... so its on the hit list. i listed the Times article as it might be more acceptable.
  9. At noon on Saturday 29th April, Connolly supported the majority view of the leaders that they should surrender as he ‘could not bear to see his brave boys burnt to death’. His expectation was that the Rising`s organisers would be shot and the rest set free. Under military escort, Connolly was carried to the Red Cross hospital at Dublin Castle where hours later he signed Pearse`s surrender order on behalf of the Irish Citizen Army. He was court-martialled there, propped up in his bed, on 9th May. At his trial he read a brief hand-written statement which stated that: ‘The cause of Irish freedom is safe … as long as … Irishmen are ready to die endeavouring to win [it]’. His execution took place at Kilmainham Gaol after dawn on 12th May – he was the last of the rebel leaders to face the firing squad
  10. i mentioned this because it was reported in the Times... according to the namesake’s association with slavery A Welsh village that shares its name with Lord Nelson has been listed in a dossier of “problematic” places because of association with the slave trade. As part of a national audit commissioned by the Welsh parliament, councils were asked to compile lists of streets, monuments and buildings named after figures linked to slavery. The data was reviewed and graded according to the namesake’s association with slavery. Nelson, or Ffos y Gerddinen, in Caerphilly, ten miles north of Cardiff, was evaluated as two out of three, meaning the committee thought Lord Nelson’s “culpability” for the slavery trade remained uncertain. Lord Nelson is listed in the dossier as he is viewed as a figure who “opposed abolition of the slave trade or slavery”.
  11. fair points, but and i'm not arguing , but isn't this with modern day hindsight... i mentioned the industrial revolution and then the Victorians who invented things to make things easier and cheaper, to make life easier, and admittedly a fortune for themselves, It was a way of life to them "to make brass", and so becoming the Golden Era of the Empire. Then the missionaries to go out into the world etc... You say a land grab maybe so, but the benefits must be recognised aswell.
  12. most of the people who benefited from our involvement, are doing a lot better than those supported by a knee...
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