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  1. by "at what price" i just meant how many hoops etc, would Gib be involed, would we be a full member or associate, would we be welcomed or tolerated...
  2. a serious question to all remainers, and i'm not winding anyone up, if as you all want we turn and say sorry can we come back in, would we be able to rejoin , on what kind of terms, at what price? we'd loose our rebate for sure... Only serious answers please, and before anyone comments on my reasons, as maggie said "i'm not for turning"...
  3. Rank has its privileges, and at least cummings is getting a rest...
  4. just pointing out that clause 38 is in the Withdraw agreement and european union withdraw act 2020... or thats how i read it. but my eyes are failing and i'm getting long in the tooth...
  5. I was replying to this point Sage made- One of the basic laws of economics and trade is that it is far far better to trade with countries on your doorstep and not thousands of miles away. It's not rocket science but simple geography, involving costs and time. portmeriron is one of the largest pottery manufacturers locally and in the UK...
  6. – Parliamentary Sovereignty The Lords voted at Report Stage for Baroness Hayter’s amendment 20 by 239 votes to 235. It amends clause 38. Clause 38 is a declaratory provision to the effect that the UK Parliament is ‘sovereign’ despite the special status that the WAB will give the Withdrawal Agreement in domestic law. This amendment modifies the declaration of Parliamentary sovereignty, so that it explicitly takes into account the Sewel convention. It therefore provides additional constitutional context as to when and how the UK Parliament exercises its sovereign law-making powe
  7. i believe our own Bill Cash was the leading light in getting clause 38 included in the agreement... now thats a good enough reason to be weary...
  8. we are, and i kow you dont like the word but its true, a sovereign country, a ex eu member who has decided to go it alone, do you honestly think that they would forget that fact and negotiate a deal as if it was any other country ie Canada... they say we need to adhere to a level playing field, why we say, and they say because you are a seperate country just offshore of us, there could be no deal without guarantees of fair competiton, and agreements on fisheries...if fact measures to prevent the UK from undercutting eu products in the future. Little UK threatening the mighty 27. i go wit
  9. yes if the need arises, it will depend on the eu... but have they already The EU’s Withdrawal Treaty breaks the terms of the Good Friday Agreement BREXIT FACTS4EU.ORG SUMMARY US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi : “No chance” of UK-US trade deal Brexit Facts4EU.Org presents some facts which Ms Pelosi does not seem to be aware of The Government’s UK Internal Market Bill is needed to maintain the free flow of trade across the United Kingdom To prevent this would be contrary to the 1800 Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland and 1707 Articl
  10. could he be any worse than the one they've got now... but neither have much going for them
  11. just a thought, but we are one of the 9 countries who pay at least 2% GDP minimum to NATO, the other bigger eu countries don't. germany pissed trump off by having gas from russia,
  12. I watched the referendum results comming in, at about 0130 most of the results were to stay, so off up the wooden hill i went, when i switched on next morning there it was a win to leave. Having done my bit in voting i could only leave it to parliament to carry it thru, well we all know what happened remainers kicked off, and started playing games... I did think there would be a deal, because both the eu and uk set out the agreement and both signed it, at that time all intensions were good. Then when mays deal after a lot of mither failed 3 times because the different fractions in parliam
  13. because if the GFA fails, the murders will be free to do their shti again,
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