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  1. as daft as it seems I think they might be, the uk has 125 active warheads and 215 in total, we have 4 subs but only 2 out on patrol with 8 missiles each carrying 8 warheads, so although vlad would be alright, a possible 200+ targets wouldn't be...
  2. just a thought here, what if his eyes were not good enough to drive, would not his wife have been there to get them back home?
  3. if only quality not quantity was enough, succesive govenments have cut aqnd slashed our forces, but i feared and dreaded how they would have been under a labour govenments escpecially with you all know who at its head... see i've not mentioned him.
  4. tt, your doing what you and other corbynites on here do, and that's kick out at anything that's against your beloved ex leader... ie as all the trolls and worse that attacked this reporter, just for doing his job. ie owen jones a surposedly journalist should know that, but when it comes to corbyn you can't shut him up. Also the report is out now, and it appears to proves that your idol Jeremy and his so called front bench were kidded into believing the "leaked NHS document", I remember it well he strutted to the stage with the folder under his arm, then dramatically pulled the papers out, waving them at his adoring party faithful, who gave him a rapturous welcome... and now the egg on their faces because they were duped so easily.
  5. so there are, I wonder though if that reporter thinks that, with the corbynites hounding him?
  6. Agreed. My point being how the lone reporter as/is been treated.for in the eyes of corbyns followers daring to question there messiah.. Really. 1 question asked 4 times. And he is behind abused.and threatened.
  7. A news article in the Evening Standard... it appears that a ITN news reporter asking Jeremy as he came home from no doubt a hard days work, about the report that his famous wave of papers containing details of an involvement by the russians in last years election. I watched this on the news and I only heard and saw one reporter present, he asked 3-4 times, Jeremy replied twice with goodbye... the reporter was identified by social media, and has been abused, sworn at, and threatened on line... ms corbyn showed a video of it and asked *why this journalists are harassing us, and not asking the government about suppressed Russia report*... then low and behold jeremys love child/rottwilier owen jones says *this isn't journalism, its someone heckling an opposition politician with government attack lines* Now I finally get to my point, how many reporters did cummings have to get thru outside his house, a few weeks ago.?
  8. the civil service is known to be overloaded, very select, jobs for the boys, and always looking to increase itself, and very protective... ie the well known documentary Yes minister/prime minister...
  9. limey yes, brit I don't think so,and there's pom, yank, cannuk, polac, and don't forget murphy, they are all caricatures of nations etc, and people were good with them because they were not used to deride the person, belittle them, but then pc arrived, and now everyones walking on egg shells...
  10. they should have been firm on the first one, not frightened of been called racist, now the protesters know they have the upper hand...
  11. 1, that would be suicidal, but if wlm upsets the blm, then its not inconceivable that blm upsets wlm!!! perhaps they both should use alm... 2, going on other protests so I don't see any difference with this one, you've got the professional protesters, the trouble makers, the idiots walking around surpporting unrelated issues, those thinking it cool to march, those who want to abolish the police, and lastly the ones who want justice for the inequality... 3, its a derogatory term, such as paddy, jock, taffy, pongo, jap, honky, no offence with these names i'm using them as a example with no ill intent...
  12. so its Friday, weekend in front of us, pubs open legally in 8days, and with the mind wandering as at my age it does, the thought struck me, when we do get back up the Vale, and we get the usual idiot refing what do we shout at him "whos the barsteward in the opposite to white"...? also what a wasted opportunity if during the last 3 months, the FA have not had all the refs in and grilled the rules of the noble game into their thick heads...(err can I say that in these pc times.?).
  13. no i'm fine, just wishing you a good coffee experience, as to the post, just addressing WV's post, but still can't understand how the lardies got into the conversation...
  14. you have a coffee, and enjoy it...
  15. we could say why are the blm supporters so offended by a banner? we could also say why support a protest that doesn't involve them? and isn't calling some people knuckle draggers, derogatory and therefore not acceptable in a modern society ie racist?
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