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  1. Davebrad


    I had a hospital appointment yesterday Wed. rang Monday to see if it was still ok to go, it was, still a few people about and docs had masks and scrubs on, some nurses had masks on, I was speaking to one and she said they wer'nt really any good but it made her feel better. Also a doctor came to speak to a man waiting and said the consultant would be about 20mins late as she was being fitted for a mask... Was speaking to a mate who works on the patients transport ambulances they hav'nt got any protective gear, and they carry 5-6 people on journeys...
  2. Davebrad


    I agree Sage, the only thing I can criticise Boris on is he has not been firm on his "advisories", escpecially shopping, I was told this weekend in a local supermarket a young woman was in the checkout queue with a trolley piled high, and another woman behind with 4 items in her basket, and she asked if she could go first with only the 4 things, and she was answered with a mouthful... ending with if you ask again I will cough on you... un bloody believable... anyway stay safe everyone, we need you when the footie starts again...
  3. Davebrad


    He's gone with tech. and medical advisers, they must be capable to achieve that status, if your going to chop and change mid stream we would be in a worse situation, we've got to stay on course and see it through...
  4. Davebrad


    grow up and stop being bitter, this selfishness and "I/ME" attitude started when H&S and Human rights, came in years ago, teachers couldn't punish, nor could parents so the kids grew out of control, now they have kids and they do what the parents do...no thoughts of others just self self self....and I think the govt. is doing all it can to fight this virus, and help the people all it can, the corbyn chicken has kept his head down ,their front bench quiet as church mice, only red mac's said anything and that was "not enough",
  5. Davebrad


    I don't do food shopping, mrs does that, but went with her on Thursday, the number of youngish women late 20's early 30's struggling to carry 4-5 carrier bags out of the shop, was ridiculous, they will cause a shortage of orthopaedic beds in a few years time...
  6. Davebrad


    I can just remember rationing after the war, we don't want it back, but if that's what it takes... plus we will be fitter and you don't get fat on rationing. When my daughter does tea and butters bread, I tell her shes just used a weeks butter ration on 4 rounds... anyway hope everything goes well with you all, stay safe...
  7. if we had not have had those years, where would we be today?... also where would the country's finances be with the cost of extra support due to this virus?...
  8. but with having austerity, to lower the debt of labours spending, and its a fact that the Office of Budget Responsibility, was set up combat some of these issues, the country is better placed to borrow now to honour pledges and fight this virus,
  9. as corbyn in a skirt said when asked by Anrew Neil why they had lost the 2019 election so drastically " we did not explain our argument coherently enough, and spoke in quiet intellectually terms which were quiet alien, to many of our communities, " this from a leader-ship contender, so the voters who lacked intellect still voted for the nasty tories who you say are destroying the NHS...
  10. or a cull on pensioners,
  11. Ok, to be pedantic the coalition, and that coalition killed off the Lib-Dems, but everything else was true... and my point was he promised investment in infrastructure etc and he's spent money on them, the virus was unexpected but he's given money to off-set the problems that as and is causing, but with the austerity years, the country is better placed to cope moneywise. If labour had still been in power over the last decade with all their borrowing history, plus now extra money to deal with this virus the country would has I said be in deep deep SH*T. regarding Boris and his personel life, years ago it would have been frowned on, now I think the only people to raise a eyebrow would be the older generation, the young ones don't bother, whether that's good I've my doubts, but morals have changed...
  12. why the ??, the govt. have helped the country because of this virus, plus the promised investment in projects, and all that and more can be done now because of those austerity years have put the country in a lot better position... and think what or even how much we would be borrowing if we hadn't had those years, thank God the tories won in 2010...or we would be deep deep in the SH*T.
  13. Also the green paper on grooming gangs which is strongly suggested to be why the home sec. was pushing the civil servants including rutnam to get it published...
  14. Jacko51 comeon credit where its due, for a tory budget that was bloody good, even the labour frount bench could only nit pick, and regarding the social care if he says hes a plan, give him a chance to sort all the details out before announcing it to the world, if he fails then we can pull him down...also there's more important things for them to be doing eg trade deals, transition dealings, this bloody virus, green papers will come when the toilet rolls finally disappear.
  15. Only the dead, have seen the end of war...
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