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  1. thanks for your reply, but isn't black a no-no word when talking about someone, i would have thought black is a more harsh a discription word than coloured...
  2. also thank you to all who replied and provided the name etc i asked for...
  3. yes as you say it was a case of not knowing how else to phrase my question, and not being argumentative, but how else should i have phrased it...not to cause offence.
  4. hi, sorry if i've offended anyone by my discription of the goalie, but he was, anyway it was within the last 20/25yrs, and even being big he could get down fast, i've got a feeling he was named Williams but i could be wrong, and how old was he? Admin Note: title now changed
  5. Tony Naylors could have been Blackdogs 2nd choice, but from what i remember he picked it up near the half way line dodged a couple of defenders then scored, he was something else Tony was... and Keith Houchen lobbed the goalie from the half way line, but what makes me remember it was as soon has he kicked it he put his arm up, he knew it was going in... Bogie's against i think sjoke at Vale, most of the lardies were still at the food bar... ilived off that at work for weeks...
  6. both fined £22,500 for the brawl after Chelsea's 2-1 win over the Foxes...the brawl involving players and coaching staff on the touchline, this is Chelsea's 7th time in 7yrs in trouble with indiscipline of their staff. They were warned in July 2016 that they could face a points deduction after appealing against a £375,000 fine for the mass bust up against Spurs, so £22,500!!! really...the £ucking FA daren't touch the premier teams, had it been 1st/2nd division team they would have been put through the wringer...
  7. YES... no Vale fan would denigh his service to the club, and would want to show it, also it would be, the Vales thanks for that service... Thanks Tom, good luck, and thanks for the memories.
  8. then they will have to lump it, if they cannot show or want to show respect for a vet's service, we are heading to a very bad place...
  9. no, he did'nt want a fuss, the old vets never do, but it gives people wo want to pay their respects, a chance to...
  10. although i've never been Artell fan, he's just jumped in my estimation of him, the only one on the staff side, to recognise crwho had a problem, and never delt with it, and are still deniging any responsibility. Also are affraid to say "sorry", in case everyman and his dog will think badly of them...and instead release a "leagal" reply. Well done Artell, for having the balls to say that word sorry, and mean it.
  11. could compensation by the club/directors have any bearing?...
  12. rumours of dario were well known from when he arrived at crewe, back in the eighties...
  13. from what i remember about it, the board when questioned over this just said words to the effect of "no comment, " and when pushed said "no comment theres a police investigation". Whereas Man. City accepted a degree of responsibility, and there was some compensation mentioned, which i thought was descent of them as they did,nt do as Crwho did and shut up shop and stay quiet, hoping it would go away...
  14. hows the pope doing, any word on when he will return?, we are crying out for him in the box... plus with him in the team, it will buck the others up, a goal or more will bring the confidence back... I HOPE.
  15. there are some things that should'nt be forgotten, and some people who must'nt be forgotten... RIP Capt. TOM...
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