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  1. yes the full spectrum of the opposition front bench, Emily saying too much, to Diane not knowing what shes talking about... God help us.
  2. hi, I know what your saying, but our offer/commitment seems good but the eu turned it down why? was it to punish the uk for leaving and hence using the ex-pats situation as a lever to make us change our minds...
  3. I mentioned this a few posts ago the uk government said they would let people who have lived in the uk for 5yrs and their families the same full recognition also any eu citizen who came in within 2yrs after brexit, and we asked if the eu would do the same... they declined. At least the uk government tried to look after all ex-pats...
  4. If parliament had got its act together ie recognising the result, showed a joint response this could have been over in 6months and we would have left with a decent agreement to both sides...
  5. i'm sorry for you having to do that, May made the offer to the eu in june 2017 that the 3million eu citizens in this country and their families who had lived here for 5yrs could have full citizenship, plus anyone coming here for 2yrs after brexit the same, would the eu match the offer, apparently with your experience, they did not accept
  6. but didn't May say that all eu nationals in the uk upto brexit would be able to stay, plus any coming here for 2yrs after we left, so did not the eu reciprocate...
  7. I agree, if we have a 2nd referendum it will set a precedent, all you have to do is cause a fuss and you get another...with a general election you vote for the party you want first past the post wins, if your party lost then you know in at the most 5yrs you will have another chance...
  8. we have not got a withdraw bill yet, due to parliamentary fractions pursuing their own agendas. forcing a no deal out of the equation so we have no pressure to bare, and trade deals so far the uk signed 13 "continuity" deals covering 38 countries or territories. South Korea (signed 22 August) Central America (18 July) Andean countries (15 May) Norway and Iceland (2 April) Caribbean countries (22 March) Pacific Islands (14 March) Liechtenstein (28 February) Israel (18 February) Palestinian Authority (18 February) Switzerland (11 February) The Faroe Islands (1 February) Eastern and Southern Africa (31 January) Chile (30 January) In addition, the government announced on 11 September that it had secured "an agreement in principle" with six African nations - South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and Mozambique. The deal is expected to be formally signed off "shortly". Admitted not earth shattering but ...
  9. we don't know how many want it now, but does that matter, when we were asked in 2016 17.4 million knew what they wanted...
  10. Its going back a good way to 2016, but the general feeling was that the people needed to be more involved in politics, so Cameron gave us the referendum and "we will implement their decision", not thinking the leave vote would win, as quiet a few remain voters did hence they did not make the effort to vote. Has as been said people can change their minds, but labour did not take the tories to court after they lost the 2017 election, a democratic country does not do that, parliament as stifled the govenments effort to deliver on the result. Come the election this parliament will suffer to the will of the people, and rue its behaviour to them... Now its parliament wringing its hands saying how BJ is being undemocratic conveniently forgetting what it has done. i must admit I do wonder how a lot of these mp's would take a second leave vote? the Thames would be full. Ironic that most in parliament are shouting and protesting as undemocratic, BJ's recent moves, yet will not deliver on the result of a democratic vote... Finally, Cameron is back on the scene to promote his book, and blair the war criminal is butting in as well (wonder how much he is charging for his opinion).
  11. I said it a few times in this topic, and its still valid, you have to have the no deal option, in any negotiation... if your selling anything without the no deal or walk away option you have to accept whats offered. ie selling a car you want 500 the buyer offers 300 without the no deal your 200 down, and the cars gone. The eu have said without something positive they wont offer a extention, also said no matter who the pm is, or the government the deal may was told is it. So if we ask to revoke article 50 there're going to say sure welcome back all's forgiven and don't give it a thought, get your feet back under the table... yea dream on.
  12. I saw Aspins leg bend sideways and when he got up and walked on it I thought he was superman... and Swanny was laughing all the time with his clearance.
  13. we voted on the question on the ballot paper...
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