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  1. They can't sack him for not taking it, whatever peoples reasons for and against, there's no legality in it so we could be sued if he's dismissed. That's not to mention all the negative press that will come in with it.... let the authorities decide how best to deal with this situation.
  2. We've been here before with Eldershaw and Turner. If I recall correctly, other than Brian Mills years ago, only Paynter has hit the ground running from the youth team as a centre forward. Let's not pressure Bailey too much and develop him, we need someone in with a bit more experience.
  3. Probably Stockport or back to Wrexham, his twitter posts were quite sour towards us when he scored against us, and the responses weren't much sweeter. I'd be shocked if we were in for him
  4. All the garbage I've seen them dishing over our signings and then they bring in Mills 😄 Without a shadow of a doubt, his best two games for walsall if any next season will be against us. I'm surprised as he was all set for Grimsby
  5. Someone would only have moaned anyway because his dad played for Stoke in the 90's
  6. Sorry yeah. thats who I meant but he does look a bit like him
  7. Could be Luke Hunter from Gateshead with a shave and new haircut
  8. I'd like to see us go for Paul Mullin now he's officially left Cambridge
  9. or Mbamba, Shalaj, Cicilia and Saleiro
  10. Because he apparently turned down League 1 offers, so he's banking on us going up
  11. Good to see one of the old boys fixed up too, Luke Joyce has signed a 1 year deal at AFC Fylde
  12. I'm off dancing in the streets if it's Paul Mullin
  13. I've seen Rampant Zebra post on it, but Ryan Boot could push Covolan. He's won player of the year for 3 seasons at Solihull since leaving us, and they're in the same league as Torquay
  14. A coach at Pro Football Academy has said we've signed one of their youngsters, John Clarke who was at Stockport Town last season. Literally only played about 6 games so I'd imagine he's some kind of development player. I've not seen anything about it other than from this coach on Twitter
  15. I will take anything over the old "Sweetie Jar" analogy, the most awkward feeling....
  16. That's more like it, fingers crossed for someone of his calibre
  17. I wasn't all that wowed by him, and I don't particularly think the Walsall fans were distraught he's gone either
  18. A guy called Concept_Kits on twitter made these a few weeks ago, anything like this would be delightful IMO
  19. That was what we did well under Rudge, and to some degree Horton. Look at 2004/2005 as an example which was enjoyable as a spectator, you'd be getting goals from Brooker, McPhee, Paynter, Cummins, Littlejohn and even Sam Collins weighed in with his fair share. Goals from all over the pitch is the way forward but that's what everyone wants, so it's hard to sign a group that will give you that consisently without paying serious money.
  20. So many great ones mentioned. Few I remember fondly; Tony Naylor with his back to goal against Birmingham with a swivelled half volley that curved into the far corner. Allen Tankard's swerving long ranger at home to Tranmere Ady Littlejohn's home and away to Sheff Wed in 2004, both storming strikes McPhee's 2nd against Swindon at home, it's frightening how good he was.
  21. I can't believe anyone took them seriously
  22. COVID makes this all seem a world away but we've had some good tours and games down the years. Trips to USA, Republic of Ireland, Isle Of Man tournament to name but a few Sprinkle in some games against Genoa, Real Oviedo and Racing Santander too What's everyone's favourite pre-season games/memories?
  23. Hopefully a GK to model the keeper kit, unless Speedy fancies gegging in on the Photoshoot
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