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  1. You're right 18th on the list but at the lowest rate per game on the list provided. He was a good servant to the club the first time around but I would think for him to come up here to Chorley they must have paid him a bit for a club their size. Given he hasn't started a game and they're close to the bottom he obviously hasn't had the effect they'd hope for. I suppose he could have been injured.
  2. I see the one and only LOUIS DODDS still hasn't found his level. No starts 6 sub appearances and no goals.
  3. I got the impression he didn’t like Carol announcing that the squad would be smaller so more Wonga per player. I suspect he wouldn’t want agents to know that when negotiating.
  4. NS when you came you promised we would be in a better position when you left. TBH you were right we are better off when you left or because you left. May Karma come to you and may every deal you do in the future fail. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  5. Has anybody found a solution to this ?
  6. I don’t hate Stoke but I don’t want them to be successful. The team I do hate is Liverpool the reason being is when Vale played them in the league cup I couldn’t get a ticket for the home match from Vale as I was living in Southport. I was in the Hamil end. And the Liverpool supporters were so vile to the Vale with no reason. Best supporters in the world my arse. Funny thing is the other half is a Liverpool fan. She knows I hate them so I bought a Everton shirt to **** her off.
  7. I’m optimistic too and I hope the new manager is too busy signing good players
  8. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brabin came back. It’s since he left we went backwards.
  9. A joke I know but the amount of **** played on their every other week we should have the best pitch in the country. If this man destroys my club I will never forgive him but I’ll refrain from saying what I really think. Norman if you have one small bone that has any love for this club let us go now please
  10. Spot on but it could have looked as bad as it was had the 2 that hit the post had gone in. After 50+ years of watching the Vale it’s awful watching it’s demise
  11. The mystery is how come we have had so many bookings when we’ve not been near them. Norman just do one and give us our club back
  12. First time seen this season and will be the last. At least we have players that will not look out of place in non league. Clueless
  13. That’s the first thing that came into my head when I heard the name. Lol
  14. OMG not this old chestnut again he's had his time here please Neil we want steel and quality in this division not someone who scores 8 goals a season against 4 teams and who's season starts 2 months before his contract is up. He tried his hand somewhere else and got found out because there wasn't the old boys network. I'd rather have a hot water bottle as a bench warmer.
  15. I'll be going to this one and hoping the small ground will suit our direct play and help our ageing midfield. Get Wilson or Whitfield buzzing around Pope and with our support push the lads onto victory. Fingers crossed.
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