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  1. This is the Barton way of playing. Dirtiest side I’ve ever seen. I’d keep taking on 15 he has a defo 2nd booking in him. Vale must score next. Jake I’d too light for this type of match.
  2. Given we’re coming into the final 2 months of the season I thought I’d give my opinions on this season. I stress it’s my opinion and others will differ and I’m more than willing to read them. Overall I feel quite delighted with how Carol and Kevin have taken Port Vale. Never in my 60 years of supporting Vale can I remember a better owner doing all the right things for Port Vale. I would say everything they have done has been positive and forward thinking I can’t think of any negativity. Management - Revolutionary and I can remember early in the new ownership them going to other clubs to see how they did things. I’m certain in the future we’ll be the club visited to see how it’s done. Bringing management into the 21st century using modern technology to supplement decisions seems to have worked, certainly not having to worry about extinction for a change. Darrell Clarke is a supporters dream, shows he is as passionate as the fans and willing to tackle things head on. His own current welfare is of concern to all Vale fans and Carol and Kevin deserve all praise for how they have handled the situation. Back room staff have shown how much we’re together off and on the field. Andy Crosby I’ve said before is not a manger of Darrell’s level but he has done a stirling job it appears we are one club and all pulling in the same direction. Players - Goalkeepers - it looks like Covolan had made one stupid error to many and at the end of the season we may find he is surplus. I feel we are pretty strong in this area but Brown was a better keeper than any of the current squad, Defenders - Quite reliant on one or two players namely Hall and Smith. Hall definitely a great signing in January. Martin I’ve always felt was a accident waiting to happen but have to say he’s improved as the season has progressed. Brad Walker has filled in very well another who has improved. Midfield - Probably with all players fit the best we’ve had since the Rudge years. Pett, Conlan and Garrity are as good as I’ve seen as a group together. Special mention to Garrity the best box to box man since Ian Taylor. Nice to see Benning is stepping up to the plate. I have my fingers crossed we don’t get anymore injuries. Gibbons has been fantastic so getting him back on the bench would be good. Worrall has been outstanding and defo one I wouldn’t like to see get injured. Hussey back would give us experience but it’s a shame he got injured just when he started to show form. Attack - This is my main area of concern if either of Procter or Wilson got hurt I don’t think Harratt or Edmondson are up to their level and both can get bullied a bit. Amoo has disappointed me this season and Cooper and Hurst haven’t got it as yet. Finally I’ll just say of all the seasons I’ve seen the Vale this is the team I’d be confident of giving everything if we got to the playoffs. At the moment the current Port Vale package from top to bottom is at least equal to the Rudge era team if not better. I am so proud of everything they (Port Vale FC) have become since Carol and Kevin took over. I’m sure whatever happens this season has elevated Vale’s standing in the football world. All I will say is keep the faith this system is working and it’s a boost to hear Darrell’s back at the club and hopefully it will give him a boost to see the lads giving their all. Sorry I’ve gone on but I’m bursting with pride.UTV
  3. If Vale had played Politic more and he ended up being a super star Bolton would have recalled him anyway. Don't panic guys we were like this when we released all the players take a chill pill and lets see at the end of January/Season. Have faith its been ok so far.
  4. Well we used to have a Tartt and now we have a Hussey 😂
  5. Today DC got it wrong. Never seen us play such long ball as today under him. Very surprised the pressing game was lacking. When we went 1up should have brought on Legge. The more I see Rodney the more he reminds me off JJ Hooper he seems to have regressed
  6. Can't personally remember any but surely Stephen McPhee must have scored a few.
  7. James Plant is one of the 2 youth players Vale offered terms to. I would be grateful if anyone there could tell me how he played. Cheers UTV
  8. I'm sure most of us know the difference between wing back and fullback but what we don't know is how the manager wants him to play. Sounds like a half decent player and an improvement on recent left backs.
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