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  1. God that was like a cup final not felt this happy for ages. Its actually great to have a manager who can make changes to have an affect on the pitch long may he reign. UPV
  2. Guthrie has a tolberone head and feet 😖😖
  3. Firstly the good bit we gained a point and it was nice to see one of the coaching giving Rodney some practical advice on the side lines. The thing that worries me is professional footballers pushing the ball too far ahead when running with the ball. It happened a few times tonight and ended up letting them break away or a lunge which could end with a booking or worse. I think in all the years supporting the Vale we had our worst forward line finishing the game. Is Theo a gonna or probably not fit. How long before we get Pope back. The Pontiff might just be our saviour yet again. [emoji1696][em
  4. An absolute pub team game on a pub team pitch. Can Guthrie shot with his left foot or even both feet. Can't win a defensive header either. Hope Tom's back soon. I know a lot of people like a Oaleke but he's not a ball winning midfielder. Ref was shocking. Tge good news were a point better off.
  5. I'd guess McGreal - northerner knows Sinclair willing to work with a DOF. Now ready start again knows the 3rd division. The positive is we have the Simon Mills chant to adapt. Not sure what they'll say just hope it's not a carry on till the end of season. UTV
  6. I've been loads of times can't really remember us doing well there. As I recall we lost there and won at Vale Park. In fact the last time I went there got away quite quick but came across a youth swinging a machete. Glad to get out that day.
  7. When we need to create chances we knock it about on the halfway line.
  8. They will waste 15 mins of this 2nd half with this ref
  9. Bloody hell Vale I'm 68 and still could give Zak Mills a run for his money
  10. It will be with the worst full back partnership ever seen at the Vale. I have 2 dustbins outside that would be more use than Mills & Cullen. Sorry but you'll never win a match with only 8 players trying. Carol wonderful as you are you should be paying us to watch this.[emoji20][emoji20]
  11. We can't make our own cows/goats but I'm pretty sure you can't get milk from donkeys [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Talking about bins I thought the bins did quite well only lose 2.0 we hit our own bar/post twice. We had 8 players plus the keeper in our box on one occasion and they were still keeping possession. 5 of our weren't marking anybody. We need a strong manager not a mate in charge.
  13. Well Cullen is useless and manny hasn't git a clue how to unlock a defence. McKirdy should stop shoving everybody in front of him. He even tried to stop Clarke crossing the ball in. We need an attack its costing us dear. Sorry very disappointed
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