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  1. 2. Not really, but you don't know the full story. 4. That's why you don't wait until the last minute to sort out your signings. The value of our chairwoman and Director of Football swanning off to Spain for 9 days in prime transfer season begins to look ill thought out with a result like that.
  2. The match day experience is getting better all the time. It's no wonder our home crowds are at levels not seen for decades. It's a more enjoyable experience than before. It was a relief to experience no issues getting into the ground (although my season ticket didn't work).
  3. Lads? Don't be sexist. Two of those in the paper were girls. Fans going on the pitch is part of the game. It's gone on since spectators first started watching football in the 19th C. It's the fans game and we'll do what we want. The FA need to wind their necks in. Nothing much happened.
  4. Might seem like a stupid question, but is it still 7 subs listed now the number that can be used is up to 5?
  5. It's going to be an 8,000 crowd I reckon judging by the fact that around 1,750 have been sold in addition to the season tickets thus far. Some season ticket orders will be missing of course but I expect that Railway Stand and Paddock might come close to "selling out" with the new capacities. 4,500 tickets sold across those stands including season tickets.
  6. Looking at my points, you get 125 for just having a ST, then 5 for every league home game as they are released. I'm on 280 as the 1st 3 home games are listed on my current tickets (140 for me and 140 for my 2 year old who's got a £30 season ticket because it's cheaper than buying him a kit (£34).
  7. All sorted. I take it all back. Great system. Suits my needs perfectly. Keep up the good work.
  8. Does anyone think "I wonder if" when implementing these systems? Come on! It's basic stuff. I wouldn't care if it wasn't MY CLUB.
  9. Do they test anything before going live? It's time to have a clear out at the ticket office and get some competent people in. Looking forward to seeing how people get on buying tickets for themselves and kids on the same account. I bet that won't work, and I doubt anyone has even considered that.
  10. Getting McDermott on a 5 year contract needs to he the priority right now! Clearly a wonderkid.
  11. I really like the away keeper top too. I'm not a fan of the yellow home effort though. It's not a goalkeeper top for me. It's what the away shirt would have been if we couldn't be arsed. Thankfully we could. 3 hits, 1 miss for me.
  12. I suppose it's about taste. We've had lots of different styles of away top in recent years. The all black was ace and completely different to the latest effort. For me this seasons is a proper football top, with a design like no other in this country. Other fans will be jealous. It's another modern classic. Absolutely brilliant.
  13. That would be a good use for the family stand corner of the ground. I'd like to think that it'd be designed to be future proof to easily allow improvements to the Railway Stand and Bycars in the more distant future.
  14. My worry is that we'll get relegated to league 2 again, which is a concern because it's a terrible division to be in. Whether you can "do anything about it" isn't the point. That's like someone saying that a mother of a boxer is an idiot to worry about the welfare of their son in the ring "because she can't do anything about it"
  15. I question a recruitment policy which leaves us with 2 empty seats on the bench, just over a week before the start of the season. I also question the need for the owner and Director of Football to go on a training expedition to Spain when it could be easier to recruit players by staying in the UK. Asking questions and scrutinising processes is what I'll do as a supporter covering 5 decades. You can't be blinded by the positives (like the new membership scheme) in recognising concerns. My concern is that we're underrepresented on the playing side for a tough campaign, where EVERY GAME MATTERS
  16. There are plenty on here who post or just read who are "in the know". Ask yourself, when was the last time a rumour about a player being injured not turn out to be true?
  17. I can see where you're coming from. It'll only really come into play if we end up playing someone massive away in the cup to stop glory hunting hangers on getting hold of tickets ahead of real fans. Man C springs to mind. I can't see Derby away going beyond season ticket holders. Might come into play at the likes of Burton and Shrewsbury. I can see us selling thousands of these memberships.
  18. I would suggest that we didn't offer him a decent wage, otherwise he wouldn't have upped sticks and moved his family down to Bristol. Gibbo stated in his interview that he had to move in order to to the best for his family. That suggests to me that the Vale offer was no where near good enough for "one of our own".
  19. That sounds to me like we're holding out for players who don't exist within our budget. I hope I'm wrong.
  20. I think this is the major danger. If we pick up a few injuries in the next week in key positions as pre-season continues to ramp up then it leaves us very vulnerable. Very vulnerable indeed. The "process" goes out of the window if we have to panic sign with a week to go because we've left ourselves vulnerable to eventualities that almost always happen... If we had players "lined up" then they'd have signed by now. I'm concerned that we're sleepwalking into the season with a crisis waiting to happen because we're understaffed on the playing side.
  21. The club could definitely recoup some cash by auctioning off the old turnstiles. Must be eight or nine just dumped in the corner of the Synetics car park looking unloved...
  22. Sneaked I to the concourse of the Hamil when I nipped down the club shop this morning. Lots of work going on to alter the kiosks and install TVs. Had a full walk around the ground. It's going to be a busy two weeks to get everything ready/tidied up for the Fleetwood game!
  23. Don't patronise me. I'm a season ticket holder, been watching Vale for 33 years and class myself as a student of the game. I often study individual players during matches, especially when things aren't quite going to plan. Pett is slow, susceptible to a high press, and too often was a passenger when things weren't going to plan. Things "won't go to plan" more often in league 1. Will he step up? Pett was most effective in those last 2 matches because Gibbo was playing in the back 3. He had more freedom through Gibbos ball carrying. Unfortunately we wouldn't pay him a man's wages so the chemistry to get the most out of Pett has been demolished. I'm looking forward to seeing which ball carrying, hard tackling, maximum commitment centreback we get in to replace him for less than 2k a week...
  24. 31 year old Tom Pett ahead of 23 year old Jake Taylor? That's an absolute no brained to me. Pett, like Taylor had his best two games of the season in the second playoff match and the final. He did a job at times for us this season, but I'm concerned he'll get mugged in league 1. It happened enough in league 2, except teams didn't have the ability to punish us. I hope Brad Walker continues to improve, as he was getting better every week until his injury at Hartlepool. Still not entirely convinced by him though.
  25. You need 6 central midfielders for every match if we play with wingbacks again now it's 5 subs. Taylor would/should have been told that he'd be playing a huge amount of minutes next season, either off the bench with 30 to go or starting. I'd have been happier seeing Walker or Pett moved on before Taylor, but league 1 clubs wouldn't be going in for them boys.
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