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  1. The World Cup was 3 years,Croatia were a decent side but they are very much on the decline and their better players all the wrong side of 30. That world cup they beat Denmark, Russia and England in the knock out stages, don't think anyone had such an easy run to get to a final. As i posted earier happy to be proved wrong but we have to be far better.
  2. A win is a win but saw nothing to convince me that we would beat Portugal, France or Germany in the last 16, happy to be proved wrong, find it criminal that Grealish can't get on even with 5 subs.
  3. If Grealish was at a big 6 club, he would be one of the first names in the team.
  4. Maybe but why not Shaw who is a natural left back and had a good season.
  5. Utter joke, no Grealish and then Trippier at left back when Shaw and Chilwell are in the squad. Also no room for Sancho on the bench but his favourite Sterling in the team despite being woefully out of form.
  6. Posted earlier about the medical teams seemed to be slow and jogging across the pitch, I take it back, wonderful job they have done and thankfully he makes a full recovery, some things more important than football.
  7. Maybe just me but seemed the medical team were slow getting to him, they seemed to be jogging instead of sprinting like mad like when it was clear something seriously wrong.
  8. Awful news, pray that he recovers, great player, puts everything into perspective, we all have differences of opinion and moan about players but when something like this happens, it brings home it's only a game. After watching this, puts a big doubt on what will happen to the tournament, Denmark and Finland won't have much appetite to play with what has gone on.
  9. If ever you are going to get a decent premier league team at home its this year, no one will be touring to Asia or America like normal.
  10. Not sure if missed any other matches arranged, knew we got Kidsgrove, unfortunately can't make that game, looking to get to a game before the season starts.
  11. That United team had Rob Robert Zieler in goal who won 8 caps for Germany, Shawcross, Kieran Lee, Rossi and Fraiser Campbell in it. Also coming off the bench they had Oli Norwood, Danny Drinkwater, Corry Evans, James Chester and Craig Cathcart, a fair amount of premier league games from those.
  12. Spot on, agree with everything you say there, I have no doubt that come the first game of the group stages, we will see a massively out of form Rashford and Sterling alongside Kane. We have massive talents in Grealish, Foden, Mount and Sancho who if he was playing in England, supporters would have seen what a quality player he is, however I reckon we will stick to the safety first approach yet again.
  13. Massive Alexander-Arnold fan, for me along with Kane and Foden, the 3 world class players that England have. Despite the loss, could end up been a good thing though as harsh as it sounds sooner Tripper had got injured. The squad made no sense to me, there were 26 players and we had only 5 central midfielders, Henderson who hasn't kicked a ball since February, Rice who missed all of April, Phillips just recovered from an injury and a 17 year old with next to no international experience. Striker wise, we have Kane and Calvert-Lewin, Rashford who like Sterling has been really out of form is more of a wide player, so 2 out and out strikers. I can't believe that there was no room for eith Bamford or Watkins.
  14. I don't get this obsession with Vale fans and because of teams having small grounds, small fan base not deserving success that has come their way. They had the second lowest budget in League 2, they play a way that is not great on the eye but with that budget and players available is what was needed. I would sooner someone like Morecambe succedd than the likes of Salford and Mansfield who have chucked endless amounts of money without success. On what basis do you think they will be in National League in three years, they have succeeded for the last 13 years by remaining in the league. I really hope that they can hold their own in League 1 like Accrington have.
  15. Can't stand them, hate everything to do with them but they seem to be bringing some better players through. In the last 18 months, they had Collins who they have turned down 10 million for, Tyrese Campbell and Souttar all come through and first choice. Souttar and Campbell all had successful loan spells before getting into the first team.
  16. I was speaking to a couple of people in their 70's, one who has been regular for 60+ years and hardly misses a game and seriously considering whether to go again. They have had 2 letters back from the Vale saying that they will not be getting any money back. I honestly think that even if there was a gesture of say £30 - £50 for some of those who have not witnessed any matches, I am sure there must be a way to check. It would be so sad for people who have been going for so many years to walk away which is what a number of people are considering doing.
  17. Spoken to a couple of elderly people who will sadly not be renewing after being told that they will not be able to get any money back despite no possible access to watch the games this season. A few have been season ticket holders for so many years. I understand the clubs stance especially with limited money they had throughout the season. I honestly don't know what we should have done, maybe this is right but I can't help but think there will be a number of people, especially elderly folk who will choose not to renew because of this.
  18. 1st choice for me would be the 3rd goal at Brighton, we had endured an awful journey down there, our coach had broke down around 2 hours into the journey, waited an absolute age for the replacement. Listening to Radio 5 on the way there as we did not get there until 55 minutes into the game. I still remember the coach journey and saying there had been goals at Brighton and complete silence until we knew we had scored and then lots of singing. The Police then would not let us into the packed away end as they said there was no room, but thankfully allowed us to go into the home end opposite. The Brighton fans were great and did not mind us having a big mental when Foyle scored that goal. 2nd choice again Foyle against Stoke to beat them for the 1st time in the FA Cup, great night and enjoyed going to school the next day. 3rd choce and it would be the equalizer by Slaven at Exeter to send us to Wembley.
  19. Obviously 2 keepers needed, one of the best I have seen at this last few years was McKeown at Grimsby, had a great game in the game at their place when they scored late on to equalise after we battered them. He made some decent saves the other week, think he is possibly out of contract having signed a 3 year deal in 2018, 31 years old and over 400 games, still young for a keeper.
  20. Give it a rest with the constant moaning, how many clubs have got managers with multiple promotions on their CV, Cambridge and Cheltenham have gone up with young managers without success before this season, Derek Adams had 1 promotion in the football league.
  21. It won't be plain sailing but this is what the club has needed for a long time. For 4 years the majority of these players have failed apart from a 2 month spell January - early March 2020 and the recent 9 match unbeaten run. I very much doubt many of these players will get fixed up with other league clubs, I might be surprised but if we want to move forward and challenge we had to do it. It might mean a tricky start to next season with so many new faces but look at Bolton who signed 18 plus players, they still went up, Morecambe finished one place above the drop zone and signed 12 players in the pre season and have a chance of going up. We will have stick together but I have faith that we finally have a manager and with Flitcroft there as well a scouting network to sign the players needed to get us back challenging, it won't happen overnight but I believe this is a step in the right direction.
  22. Tom is a legend and for me the best player we have had at the club in the last 15 years, however now is the time for him to be moved on. It is hard when he is one of our own but we can't be sentmental. If we had another striker who had scored 6 goals in 50 league games (last 2 seasons), 9 if you include the penalties, there would be no debate. I have faith in Clarke that the same mistakes that Askey, Aspin and other managers before will not happen again.
  23. Well its one from Torquay, Sutton, Stockport and Hartlepool for top spot with only 4 games left, 5 for Sutton, Torquay 4 points clear so in their hands. I am hoping they come up, if we were to play away there at a favourable time of year, its a great place to visit. In the play offs, for me happy with any that are challenging apart from Hartlepool. Stockport, Chesterfield, Wrexham and Notts County all local and easily accessible on train for a good day out, Sutton, Bromley and Halifax would be new grounds to add to my list that I have visited.
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